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5 Ways to be an Accessible Eyelash Salon

If you operate a lash salon or any type of business, chances are you've tried different ways to help attract new customers and increase your sales.  But have you wondered if you are making it easy and welcoming for clients from every walk of life to come to you? Or is your salon in need of some tweaks to make your client's experience more inclusive?  According to World Health Organization, approximately 15% of the world population has a disability. That's around 61 million adults in the US alone who experience physical impairment, intellectual disability, deafness, mental limitations, or other forms of disability. Despite how common disabilities are around the world, many businesses fail to accommodate the varying needs of these...

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Six things I wish I knew before starting my lash business

Not everything you need to know about starting your own business is taught during lash training. You may have learned to do the most amazing set of lashes and are confident you will kill it when you are out there offering your services but starting a successful eyelash business requires more than just ace lashing skills. When we embark on a journey, a little heads up on what's to come can help you move forward with confidence. If you wish you had a mentor who could share everything you need to know before stepping into your entrepreneurial venture as a lash artist? Well, your wish is our command; we have prepared a dossier of all the mistakes you can dodge...

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Working in a lash salon Vs. Starting your lash business

If you have completed your lash training and spent incredible hours practicing and perfecting your lashing skills, you know you are serious about your career. So, what is your next step? By now, you may have built a small but loyal list of clients, often including family and close friends, but are you wondering where to go from here? Have you been considering starting your own salon? Or are you aiming to work as an employee at an established salon?  These questions may sound a bit too daunting, especially when you aren't sure which direction to go. There is always a sense of hesitation to start your own business, which requires ticking off a long checklist, while working for someone...

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How To Make $100,000 A Year Doing Eyelash Extensions

  Not many people can claim this, but you are passionate about doing lashes and thoroughly love your job as a lash artist. As they say, ‘Do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.’ Every time you do a beautiful set of lashes, it brings both joy and pride; after all, your work is a labour of love. However, the time you spend and the sincere effort you put in completing each set should also be yielding you good profit. Are you making enough profit?  Remember, the rule of thumb should be to work smart, not hard. You are not doing it right if you are burning yourself out toiling away 80 hours a week....

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Eyelash Extensions Trends 2022

We can officially say adios to 2021. Most of us are more than happy that it is finally over, that's for sure. With the onset of the new year, there are many things we look forward to. As a lash artist, you most certainly want to know what will trend in the lash world. Looking at the way lash extensions are trailblazing a golden path, ATM, you can tell it is far from being 'just a fad.' Voted as one of the top beauty trends in 2021, we can be sure that 2022 won't be any different. We have compiled a few eyelash trends for 2022 that you may want to share with your client's. Let's go! A long story...

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