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Makeup Remover Cloths (eco friendly)

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The cleansing cloth technology that's taking the beauty industry by storm is here!

These non-snag facial cleansing cloth are eco-friendly, they gently remove makeup from your face without affecting the pH balance of your skin.  

The fabric used to make eyelash extensions is porous so some face cloth snag on the extensions increasing the chance of pulling out your natural lashes.

These face cloth allow you to work around the eyes, close to the base of the lashes without snagging and pulling on your extensions.

This cloth is designed to be used without cleanser but as eyelash artists we know that dead skin and natural oils can build up around the extensions, increasing the chance of developing infections and increasing lash mite colonies.

 - Re-usable

- Gentle on Eyelash Extensions

- Gently exfoliates

- Maintains skins natural pH balance

How to use

Pump 2-3 pumps of cleanser onto the damp face cloth. Gently wash the face in a circular motion working around the face and lash line to remove make-up, protein build-up and reduce lash mite infestations.


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About our Makeup Remover Cloths

Prolong Lash Makeup Remover Cloths allow you to work around the eyes, close to the base of the lashes without catching and pulling on your extensions.

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