5 Eyelash extension cleansing brushes
Eyelash extension cleansing brush
Women holding 3 eyelash extension cleansing brushes near her face

Eyelash Extension Cleansing Brushes

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Remove natural oils, skin cells, dirt, and debris with our cleansing brushes designed for eyelash extensions! Soft and gentle yet effective, our eyelash extension cleansing brushes are designed to work perfectly with Prolong Lash Cleanser Concentrate for optimal results.

How to use

The Prolong Lash Cleansing Brush pairs beautifully with the Prolong Lash Cleanser and foaming bottle, giving your lashes a deep cleanse while removing natural oils, skin cells, dirt and debris. Perfect for removing eye make, this brush is the perfect alternative to cotton pads and cotton tips, products which should be kept far away from your eyelash extensions!


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Watch the Tutorial

This helpful step-by-step will guide you on how to use the Foaming Pump to clean your eyelash extensions using the Cleansing Brush.

Eyelash Extension Concentrate and shampoo

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