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Our products are made with only premium ingredients, never tested on animals, and refined for our customers satisfaction every time.

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Girl with brown hair, wearing eyelash extensions with her eyes closed. Holding a lash cleansing brush up to her eye with a small amount of foaming lash cleanser on her left eyelid
An outstretched hand hovering below three bottles of Prolong Lash Cleanser Concentrate which are floating above. The three bottles are small 100ml sizes plastic bottles with silver lids and black labels.

The World’s Best Selling Eyelash Extension Cleanser

Prolong Lash™ was formulated in response to many clients with eyelash extensions presenting after 1, 2 or 3 weeks with clumped eyelashes, loss of eyelashes and inhibited natural eyelash growth.

Prolong Lash™ Cleanser eliminates protein build-up, debris, makeup and dead skin cells from the eyelash base, extending the life of your eyelash extensions.

Prolong Lash™ aids in preventing clumping of bonded eyelash extensions. Clumping inhibits your natural lash cycle. When dead hairs are held in the hair follicle, this increases the risk of infection and preventing new lashes from growing through.

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Quality products. Formulated for Better Retention. Australian made. Safe for Eyelash Extensions. Vegan Friendly. 100% Oil Free. Quality products. Formulated for Better Retention. Australian made. Safe for Eyelash Extensions. Vegan Friendly. 100% Oil Free. Quality products. Formulated for Better Retention. Australian made. Safe for Eyelash Extensions. Vegan Friendly. 100% Oil Free.

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Introduction about portal...Our products are made with only premium ingredients, never tested on animals, and refined for our customers satisfaction every time.

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People are Talking

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Lash Queen Studio is a PROUD reseller of Prolong Lash Concentrate. We absolutely adore this product and how well it works for our clients. We have been a reseller for approximately 2 years now and have enjoyed the partnership we've developed with Prolong Lash and can't wait to see what else the brand has in store!

Cameryn Love Lash Queen Studio - USA

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We have been looking for great products across the globe that would synergize with our lash extension method. And we got to know Prolong Lash for two years and then decided to become their official Reseller. Prolong Lash have reputable and reliable products that improve lash retention as well as feel great during application. Moreover, we had sincere support from Prolong Lash as a company.

Ardyan Yohan Everlash - Indonesia

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Locks Lash is really excited to be representing Victoria as a reseller for Prolong Lash. Their dedicated service and professionalism is second to none, and our clients absolutely love the products. We love that we can trust this fantastic brand, and are proud to be on board!

Jess Brown Locks Lash - Australia

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Kate as of Late is THRILLED to be part of the Prolong family. This cleanser is unmatched in our ever changing industry. Prolong has kept its standards high and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Kate Augustus Kate as of Late - USA

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We are so thrilled to be apart of such an amazing company! Prolong is the only brand we recommend to our clients for clean lashes. Their customer service goes above + beyond and their products are unmatched! We love Prolong!

Danielle Jones Lashed Out - USA

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We have been using Prolong in salon for years now and it is our go to tried and tested favourite! not just for us as professionals before a service but as a take home aftercare for all our clients. Hands down LOVE LOVE LOVE PROLONG!!

Luisa Andrews Lash Holic - Australia

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I absolutely love Prolong Cleanser, I wouldn’t use anything else on myself or my clients In the salon. It’s soft and gentle on the eyes but removes all buildup easily without stinging or irritation. It’s the only cleanser that I retail. Customer service is always perfect too!

Natalie Warde My Lash Wagga - Australia

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Beyoutiful Wandz LLC is so blessed to be part of such an amazing company like Prolong. Being a reseller for Prolong is one of the best decisions we have ever made. This exceptional product has helped to grow my business beyond my wildest dreams.

Katie Allen Beyoutiful Wandz LLC - USA

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The first time I tired the Prolong Lash Cleanser I fell in love! It smelt divine and made my lashes feel so clean. I always told myself that I didn’t want the stress of retail stock, but I knew as a lash tech I needed to get the word out to my clients and have Prolong on my shelf. All my clients love it and I enjoy being part of the Prolong Lash Family.

Jade Hudson The Townsville Lash Specialist - Australia

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I tried Prolong Lash, I loved it and I wanted to be a Reseller, so here I am!

Sanne Shlashes - Sweden

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Being an official distributor of Prolong Concentrate is an excellent decision, both as a supplier of the product and for our consumers since we provide them with products of excellent quality that guarantee their sales. In addition, our customers will be delighted and with their impeccable eyelash extensions! What a great company to deal with too.

Veronica Ramirez Dhara Lash - Costa Rica

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We were so excited to start working with Prolong Lash. Our customers have been so happy and the products have been flying off the shelves. Their customer service is amazing and we here at Paris Lash Academy couldn’t be more excited for what the future holds.

Michelle Sy Paris Lash Academy - USA

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I loved Prolong Lash so much that I decided to become an official reseller for them, so if you are a lash tech and aren’t sure if it’s worth the investment believe me when I say … it definitely is.

Jackeline Tavarez Kimmy Tatts Studio - USA

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