It's a generally known fact that it's easier to keep a customer than obtain a new one, and in the Eyelash Extensions Industry it isn't any different, especially if your clients want to keep their lashes always looking fabulous

So the big question is: how can you create a deep connection with your clients, to the point of making them loyal to your business? Well, we all know that talking about services details and pricing is essential, but without the care and genuine interest in the customer, you can miss out on long-term loyalty and revenue and so much more.

It is crucial to connect with clients personally, and this doesn't mean small talk; this adds little value to the conversation! Instead go above and beyond, learn about their outside interest on social media posts, follow their interests and find that way to spark a conversation where you both have common interests or can relate in some way. Be honest, keep your word, but most importantly, listen! 

When you create authentic relationships with your clients, all kinds of positive results follow. Here are some of the benefits of building customer relationships: 

Increase sales

create a true relationship with your clients and increase your lash sales

When you connect with your clients, they genuinely feel they're being seen as more than just a source of income. As time passes, they stop looking at you as an eyelash extension artist. They start to see you as THEIR eyelash extension artist. Then the magic is done: no more competition, these clients are loyal to you. This gives you the opportunity to focus on finding new customers (and create a relationship with them). 

Reduce customer attrition

Women talking and getting along

Let's be honest; nothing is worse than receiving a message from your customer blaming you for some problem with their extensions. This burns out the relationship, and even if it's not your fault, you need to take extra care when communicating this to the client. If not, you could lose the clientele. So, what's the solution? Cultivate a trusting relationship! In that way, you can communicate with respect and honesty. Your clients know they can trust you, and vice-versa. So if something happens, this should not be a problem, just an unforeseen event. 

Positive word of mouth

Positive word of mouth can increase your lash salon income

Let's say you ask two friends for a recommendation for a dentist. One of them recommended a good dentist. The other one recommended a fantastic dentist, super friendly and kind. Which one would you choose? The second one, for sure. The truth is: when clients are happy, they recommend your work AND become your brand advocates. We all know digital marketing is excellent, as well as traditional marketing. But the best marketing is word of mouth. 

Once you've built that amazing relationship with your client, remember to nurture it.

A good tip to continually nurture this relationship is to keep client notes. Is she engaged? Ask how the wedding preparations are going. Does she love The Bachelor? Ask about the new season. The secret is to always keep these notes up to date and always read them before their appointment. 

At Prolong Lash, we care so much about our customers, and we want you to build a successful and fulfilling business. Remember that you are important to us, and if you implement some of these tips into your business, you will be (even more) important to your clients!