As a dedicated lash extension artist, have you ever worried about the reasons why lash clients are not coming back? While it's crucial to cultivate a loyal clientele to ensure the long-term success of your business, it's not uncommon for new lash clients to try your services once and never return. To enhance your client retention rate, it's essential to understand the reasons behind this phenomenon and implement effective strategies to address these issues.

In this blog, I will explore the various factors that may cause new lash clients not to return, along with solutions to help tackle these challenges.

8 Reasons Why New Lash Clients Ghost and How to Stop It

1. Inconsistent Communication

Effective communication is the cornerstone of any successful business. When a new client visits your lash extension salon or studio, they expect a clear consultation, where you discuss their preferences, lifestyle, and desired lash style. Failing to engage in a meaningful conversation can lead to misunderstandings, resulting in dissatisfaction and reluctance to return.


  • Solution: Formalise your lash consultation session so that you can provide your client with clear choices, and walk them through the selection process. Cover essential aspects such as style, thickness, and length, whether they are more suited to your standard lash package or need something more tailored to them. Find out what their motivation is for getting their eyelash extensions done. Walking them through a formal consultation exercise and understanding their motivation will help you direct them to a set of extensions that suits their purpose and desires and improve the overall client experience.


  • Let’s face it! As a Lash Artist when you’ve done your best work of the day the last thing that you need to hear from your client is OMG, I hate them! Not only does that make you want to cry but there’s a pretty good chance that they won’t be coming back.  

2. Inconsistent Work Quality

Inconsistent Work Quality

So, your new client is back for their second or third visit and their hopes are high that they’ll look as stunning when they leave as they did on their last visit right? Do you remember what you did, what you told them? How great their last set looked and how happy they were? You be having a bad or busy day, but remember every client is expecting consistency. If you feel the need to rush and cut corners with your clients' lashes that will result as a significant deterrent for new clients considering a return visit. If the lashes you apply don't maintain their look, if they vary in style from one visit to the next, or if the lash retention is not as expected, it's likely to destabilize the client and discourage repeat business.


  • Solution: Implement rigorous service quality control measures to ensure that each lash application meets the same high standards. Using your formalized lash consultation session, and saving extensive notes on what curl, lengths, and mapping you used will help you maintain a consistent quality result and help you manage client expectations.


  • Listen out for red flag statements like “last time you” or “this time I want” and acknowledge those comments. In my experience, clients will often raise issues and concerns that may require you to tweak your application for them. Demonstrate that you’re listening and engage in regular training and skill enhancement for you and your staff to help maintain a consistent level of quality.

3. Discomfort or Pain During the Eyelash Extension Process

The eyelash extension application process should be comfortable, completely pain-free, or even totally relaxing for your clients.  They can’t do anything except relax and enjoy “me time” that takes them away from the busy day-to-day of life outside of their lash appointment.

If a client has an uncomfortable experience with you, they are pretty likely to discontinue their visits. Discomforts like an uncomfortable lash bed, feeling too cold or hot, too much pressure on their forehead, gluing top and bottom lashes together, and extensions placed touching the skin which can lead to irritation and redness all make clients wary of returning.


  • Solution: Ensure your clients are comfortable throughout the lash application process, check in with them often so that they don’t feel like a burden telling you if something is making them uncomfortable.

4. Overwhelming Lash Extension Maintenance

Some clients get so excited about the stunning lashes you give them but don’t really consider the time commitment or cost of maintaining those babies. Some may feel overwhelmed by the maintenance required to keep their lash extensions looking their best. If your clients find it difficult to follow your recommended lash aftercare routine or feel that it's too time-consuming, they may choose not to return.


  • Solution: Simplify and formalize your aftercare instructions to make them more manageable for your clients. Provide them with tips and products that make maintaining their lashes easier and less time-consuming. Offer an aftercare cleanser that prolongs the lifespan and quality of their lash application between visits to keep them coming back such as Prolong Lash Cleanser.

5. Pricing and Value of your Lash Prices

Pricing and Value of your Lash Prices can be a reason why your clients are living you

Pricing is a significant factor in a client's decision to return. If your lash extension services are priced too high for the perceived value or if clients believe they can find better quality elsewhere for a similar or lower cost, they are less likely to come back.


  • Solution: Conduct market research to ensure your pricing is competitive and fair. Work toward getting as many 5-star reviews as possible to validate your work. Make your lash salon ambiance so attractive and comfortable that it just screams high-end salon and services. Emphasize the value of your services by highlighting the benefits of professionally applied lash extensions, such as saving time on daily makeup routines.

6. Lack of Personalization

Clients appreciate a personalized experience. If your lash extension services feel generic and one-size-fits-all, clients may not feel special or valued, leading to a lack of interest in returning. Like it or not we need to make our clients feel like they are the only person we think about.


  • Solution: Remember the small details about them and the people and things that are dear to them, if you don’t have the best memory, make notes about things you’ve learned about them on their file for reference. Tailor your services to each client's unique preferences and needs. Offer various lash styles, lengths, and materials to create their personalized look. Remember spending time at the start of the consultation enables a good exchange of personal information which makes your clients feel appreciated and important.

7. Neglecting Follow-Up

We’re so busy in Lash Artist application mode that sometimes we overlook the importance of a follow-up and post-appointment care. Failing to check in with your clients post-consultation or not offering touch-up appointments can result in a lack of retention.


  • Solution: Establish a follow-up system to ensure your clients are satisfied with their lash extensions and to schedule any necessary touch-ups or fills. This shows your commitment to their ongoing satisfaction and comfort.

8. Special event lashes

Some clients just want special event lash extensions

Some clients only ever intend to get extensions for a particular special event like a wedding, a milestone birthday party, a graduation, or similar.


  • Solution:  If we uncover their purpose for getting extensions in the consultation, we’ll have no need to include those clients in our “non-returning clients” list. 


Finally, understanding the reason some clients choose not to return is a key factor in continually improving how you, your team members, and your lash salon operate and your client retention. Formal and consistent communication is critical in creating a thriving lash extension business. Failing to engage in a comprehensive consultation where you discuss style preferences, thickness, and length can lead to misunderstandings and client dissatisfaction. To counter this, it's essential to formalize your consultation process and provide clients with clear choices, thereby enhancing their experience and ensuring they get precisely what they desire.

Additionally, maintaining consistent quality is critical to client retention. Clients expect the same level of excellence during every visit, and any lapses in quality can deter them from returning. By implementing stringent quality control measures and actively listening to client feedback, you can maintain a consistent level of quality and ensure clients are thrilled with each visit.