So, you have done a beautiful set of lashes on your client. A few days later, you get a call from them panicking over their lashes shedding. While you are aware that the seasonal change is causing the natural shedding of their lashes, your client may need to be educated on why it’s happening to them and how they can accept the changes without losing sleep over it. 

To begin with, let’s refresh our memory on the different stages of lashes, their effects on lash extensions, and how Prolong Lash can help ease this process for you and your clients.


What is Lash Cycle?

woman brushing her lashes


An average person has 90 to 150 lashes on the upper eyelid and about 70 to 80 on the lower eyelid. Just like hair, every eyelash undergoes a complete growth cycle over 60-90 days. The natural process consists of three stages- Anagen, Catagen, and Telogen.

Anagen is also called the growth phase. During this phase, about 35-40 % of our eyelashes on the upper eyelid and 15% on the lower eyelid push the old hair from the follicle to form a new one to ensure you don’t lose all your lashes at the same time. It lasts between 4 – 6 weeks. 

Catagen is the transition phase where the hair follicle shrinks and stops growing. This phase lasts for 2- 3 weeks, and only 3 % of the lashes undergo this period at one time.

Telogen is the phase where the lashes stay rested, waiting out to be pushed out by a new hair follicle. Half of your eyelashes at the same time will be undergoing this change over a period of 12- 16 weeks.


What is Lash Shedding?

Lash Shedding


The human body is as wondrous, and intriguing as can be. As we prepare for the change in weather, so do our lashes. Amazing right? Spring and autumn are primarily the seasons our lashes tend to shed more often than ever. Come spring, like animals, we shed our hair and lashes more as we gradually ready ourselves for the warmer weather, while in autumn, scarcity of sunlight causes hair to become brittle and break easily. Predictably it may alarm many; you need to ensure your clients that there is nothing to worry about lash shedding, aka seasonal malting, because there is nothing they can do to stop the natural process of their lash cycle. What they need to do during this period is to look after their eyelashes with caution and care.


How can you, as a lash technician, help?

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Like we mentioned, trying to find a solution to stop lash shedding is like going on a wild goose chase. So, the best way to help your client is to caution them about lash shedding and how it may become more apparent when they get their extensions done. You may have to make individual notes for each client, observe their lash shedding cycle (as it varies from individual to individual), and schedule their infill appointments accordingly. You will sometimes even need to squeeze in clients for emergency appointments if need be. Emphasizing the importance of keeping their lashes clean is the best advice you can give them.


How can Prolong Lash Cleanser help?

Prolong Lash Cleanser

As we speak on educating your clients as to the positive effects of keeping their eyelashes clean, you also need to tell them about the horrors of dirty lashes. In spring, as our bodies excrete more oil, it clogs our hair follicles with dirt and build up, resulting in higher levels of lash shedding and increases the risk of infections, while in autumn, due to decrease of sunlight, lashes become more brittle, and the rate of growth slows. In either case, maintaining lash hygiene is paramount. You may advise your clients to keep their lashes clean, but it is also essential to introduce them to a right and effective product.

This is where Prolong Lash Foaming Cleanser can help. Formulated especially for eyelash extensions, the foaming solution should be used to clean the entire face to remove makeup and keep lashes free from oil build-up. Being pH balanced and vegan friendly, it is gentle on the skin and lashes. It doesn’t interfere with the natural lash growth cycle, but it helps your lashes to stay clean and reach their maturity without any damage.

Retailing your clients the right product will help your customers build trust in you, accredit you as an expert, and grow your business. You can buy Prolong Lash Cleanser either as a premixed foam pump or create your own bottles by buying Prolong Lash Concentrate. You can order for yours today.