As a lash artist, you can't emphasize enough the importance of keeping eyelashes clean for your clients. Let's face it, an abiding client and an effective cleanser make all your hard work count. Not to disregard the fact that recommending an efficacious cleanser to your clients is also as crucial a part of your customer service as your reputation as a trusted authority in your field.  

Remember, you may have chosen to become a lash artist out of your love for the art, but now you are also an entrepreneur, and finding innovative and intelligent ways to grow your business should be part of your business growth strategy. Creating your own lash cleanser is one of the most creative ways to testify you are a successful business. In this article, we’re sharing our top tips for how to make your own eyelash cleanser and all the benefits of personalizing your services even more!

Create your own lash cleanser with Prolong Lash Cleanser Concentrate  

Create your own lash cleanser with Prolong Lash Cleanser Concentrate

"But how do I create a lash cleanser? Where should I start?" – You may ask. Well, as always, Prolong Lash has your back. As former lash artists themselves, the Prolong Lash team is dedicated to uplifting the lash community. That's why we provided lash artists worldwide with the opportunity to create their brand with Prolong's tried, tested, and loved Prolong Lash Cleanser Concentrate.  

Our Cleanser Concentrate bottles come in two sizes. With the 100ml Concentrate, you can create up to five 60ml bottles of lash cleansers. And it gets better: the Prolong Lash 1 Liter Concentrate can create 10x more bottles of lash cleansers. That means you can create FIFTY 60 ml bottles! This is the most sustainable option for creating your lash shampoo. Plus, this big bottle guarantees longer-lasting stock and a more cost-effective investment! 

Does it still make you nervous to think of the arduous journey you will have to endure to create a product to call your own? Here are a couple more reasons why you should make your own lash cleanser: 

1. Personalize your service

With Prolong Lash Cleanser you can personalize your lash shampoo

Good branding is essential to your business because you want it to stand out from the rest of the crowd. As a lash artist, providing your customers with excellent lashes and educating them about keeping them clean are great ways to serve them. However, providing them with a readymade solution will give them the confidence and satisfaction that they are getting the most value out of their purchase. Your branded lash bath should be able to represent your business for providing great lashes, customer service, and value for money. 

2. Earn more revenue 

Earn more revenue with Prolong Lash Cleanser Concentrate

At any given point, to gauge the success of a business is to tally your profits against your expenses. Breaking even may give you the confidence to strive harder, but earning recurring profit is the real intention. Having your own brand of lash baths can be a big and bold step in helping to further your revenue and give you a new way to market your business.

3. Think smart 

Prolong lash Cleanser can elevate your lash salon

Having your own brand of lash baths is every lash artist's dream, but it may seem cumbersome to create them when you think of research, formulation, operations, finances, and the legal side of things that go into one. Rather than going through the grueling process of creating a product from scratch, take a quantum leap with Prolong Lash's cleansers and reach the last stage of packaging the lash baths as your own and retailing them to your clients. 

Our highly effective products are loved by lash artists and their clients across 85 countries. You also mitigate the risk of having any side effects on your clients by using our cleansers, as they are pH-balanced, FDA approved, and safe to use on any skin type. They will boost your brand and business, and you will have clients raving about the product's usefulness.

4. Build trust 

Having your own lash cleanser builds trust

Eyelash extensions are an expensive beauty service, and your clients want to get the most out of their spending. Providing them with a superior quality cleanser that will help their lashes lash longer and gain their trust. You can demonstrate the effectiveness of your lash baths when you wash their lashes at the salon; first-hand experience will convince them to trust your recommendation. It will help you establish yourself as an expert. 

Educate them about myths surrounding the 'safety' of baby shampoos, makeup removers, or cleansers on eyelash extensions. Prolong Lash cleansers are vegan-friendly, oil-free, gentle on the skin, and empathetic to the environment; selling them as your own also helps you build your brand as a trusted and responsible business.

How to create your own lash cleanser from Prolong Lash Cleanser Concentrate 

Creating your own lash shampoo with Prolong's Concentrate is pretty simple. Simply mix 1 Part Concentrate to 2 Parts distilled water in an empty foaming pump bottle and shake well! You can watch a tutorial here. See our Dilution table below for exact measurements:  

How to package your lash bath?

While Prolong Lash allows you to start your brand of lash baths, choosing your product packaging and design is a crucial factor in influencing how your customers perceive your cleanser. You need to ensure it represents your brand image and personality. Suitable packaging will help you sell more. While designing your bottles, you need to bear in mind these aspects:

  1. Bottle:Would you prefer to sell your cleansers in plastic, metal, or glass bottles? Bear in mind the practicality of these bottles. However, glass bottles may not be a reasonable solution if you wish to start an online shop in the future; they may be more prone to breakage during transit and need more careful packaging, increasing your shipping costs. 
  2. Labeling: Ensure your labeling provides all the necessary details. The ingredients list, the volume, a concise version of your brand story, your logo, and disclaimers. Use fonts that are clear and easy to read. To personalize your brand, you can also use custom fonts for your logo, adding uniqueness to your brand. To save you some time, we sell our own ingredient labels that can be added to your packaging with ease.
  3. Packaging:Consider how you want your lash baths to be sold. Do you want an outer box or sell your bottles as is? If you're going to sell it in a box, you could add the lash aftercare guide or a complimentary thank you note to express your gratitude and make them feel special. You could also create a bifold/multi-fold leaflet advertising the other lash styles you do. Ensure you have professionally done lash images and go premium with the quality of paper used. Choose a color that resonates with your brand. It could have a feminine vibe, fun feels, or exude a sense of class. Keep it minimalistic and sophisticated. You can add cleaning brushes  and makeup cloths to make it a complete package for your clients to take home. Don't compromise with the look and feel of the packaging because that will play a big part in determining your customer's consideration. Watch our video on how to create an attractive aftercare kit to retail to your clients here.

Your brand of lash cleanser can boost your confidence and reputation as a lash artist. With Prolong Lash's Cleanser Concentrate, nothing is stopping you from taking that exciting turn in your entrepreneurial journey, and we would be happy to assist you in achieving that. Learn about the Prolong Lash Partner Program to start your journey as a brand now.