If you have completed your lash training and spent incredible hours practicing and perfecting your lashing skills, you know you are serious about your career. So, what is your next step? By now, you may have built a small but loyal list of clients, often including family and close friends, but are you wondering where to go from here? Have you been considering starting your own salon? Or are you aiming to work as an employee at an established salon? 

These questions may sound a bit too daunting, especially when you aren't sure which direction to go. There is always a sense of hesitation to start your own business, which requires ticking off a long checklist, while working for someone else may seem so much easier, but you risk losing the freedom to lash the way you want and work the way you'd like to. So, we have weighed in the options to help you make an informed decision of which direction you might like to go. 

Working in a lash salon 

Working In A Lash Salon


Working in a lash salon means you will be working with many other salon artists, managers, assistants, and clients. Having a positive workplace can make work fun and enjoyable, so it is paramount that you research before applying to a salon. Thank goodness for the internet; nowadays, its easy to find information simply by reading online reviews, and scanning through their social media pages, and their services. In addition, asking about the salon's culture at the interview will help you decide if you are a good fit and will have the opportunity to learn and grow as a lash artist. 

When joining a salon, you will be working within an established brand, so growing your client base wouldn't necessarily be your responsibility. You may get plenty of opportunities to understand the nitty-gritty of the business, from dealing with clients to conflict resolution to the general working of a salon environment. This provides you with a no-strings-attached opportunity to focus on gaining experience as a lash artist and learning how to run a business without worrying about the expenses involved. You are also entitled to benefits like paid holidays and sick leave, and you'll have support from your colleagues to manage clients and daily chores.

However, working in a salon comes with its own limitations. You may feel restricted by the salon policies. You may be limited to using only products and brands the salon endorses. Your potential of earning more profit may be thwarted because you have a fixed income. You have little control over who you work with, and it's possible to get mixed up in salon politics. Not every lash artist meshes well with every client; sometimes personalities don't click, occasionally, an artist finds a client difficult, if this situation arises when working for someone else, you often need to suck it up and continue to service the client regardless of your relationship.

Pros of working in a lash salon

  • No financial liability
  • Paid leave and holidays 
  • Opportunity to learn about business management
  • Opportunity to upskill free of charge
  • Support from colleagues
  • No pressure of client building
  • Guaranteed income

Cons of working in a lash salon

  • No share in profits
  • No freedom to choose products
  • Bound by salon policies
  • Limited incoming earning opportunities
  • You cannot choose your co-workers
  • You cannot choose your clients

Starting your lash salon

Starting your lash salon


Starting your own lash salon involves significant responsibilities, but comes with incredible rewards. So, if you are wondering, "Is starting a lash business worth it?" you are asking the right question. 

There is no greater feeling than being your own boss, and the right place to start is a well-thought-out business plan. If you are wondering if you can really earn enough working for yourself, check out our blog "How to make $100,000 a year as a lash artist", where we provide you some simple step-by-step tips on how to make the amount of money you want to make!

Starting your lash business from home is often a good start for testing the waters without splurging on your business. You may not have a large clientele, but you will have the leeway to choose your clients. You will have more freedom to select the products you want to work with or retail to your customers; you will have the unrestrained hold to build your brand and let it reflect your personality. Choosing your work hours and hitting the right work-life balance will be something you will absolutely enjoy practicing. The icing on the cake would be your profits will be your own to enjoy— lock, stock, and barrel.

Heading the entrepreneurial way can come with its set of risks and responsibilities. Be ready to invest a lot of your time to set things up. Starting a lash business requires capital, gaining licenses and insurance, and being wholly responsible for all bills and financial commitments related to the company. You will have to invest in the décor and fit-out. If you are a sole artist running the business, you will have limited support, no leave entitlements, and the onus of growing your clientele all by yourself. You will have to source products to retail to customers, keep a check on your inventory, make bookings and manage your social media presence. You are a true Jack of all trades.

Pros of starting your lash salon

  • Be your own boss
  • Sole profit owner
  • Build your brand
  • Work-life balance
  • Choose your clients
  • Choose products you wish to work with and sell

Cons of starting your lash salon

  • Requires capital
  • Seek licenses and insurance
  • Manage every aspect of the business
  • Limited support
  • No work, no pay
  • The sole responsibility of client building 


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Owning your business can be a roller coaster ride while working in a lash salon can be a learning curve; whichever path you choose, remember to celebrate your highs and learn from your lows. Because as Mark Twain said, "Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do tan by the ones you did do."