As an established lash artist, we are sure you know the importance of improving and idealising new strategies for your lash business. After all, the lash industry is booming, and the competition is big, so it's necessary to consider different ways to stand out from the crowd. 

There are several ways to get the attention of customers. You can provide the best aftercare kits, have a unique retail space, use only the best lash products, have a beautiful instagrammable place at your salon… But what if we told you there is another good (and profitable) measure you can take?

Have you ever considered adding more services to your lash studio? If not, you are reading the right blog. If you have considered but don't know where to start, you are also at the right place! We've got you. In this article, we will share different ideas for extra services and value-adds that will give your business a boost. Ps: we saved the best ideas for last! 

Lash Lift

Prolong Lash AUS I Lash Lift can be a great add-on service to boost your lash studio revenue

  • What is it: Lash lifting is a technique that makes the eyelashes more curved and appear longer. Unlike eyelash extensions, lash lift's aftercare is much more relaxed. So, this is an excellent option for clients who don't have time to commit to strict aftercare. 
  • Why should you offer it: Not all people like or adapt to eyelash extensions, so it's essential to have another option for these clients. In addition, this procedure lasts longer than lash extensions (between 40 to 90 days) and does not necessarily need maintenance. Therefore, it is an excellent option for people who want to upgrade their look (without all the glamour and complexity of extensions).

Lash Tint

Prolong Lash AUS I Lash Tint is a good add-on service to boost your lash studio revenue

  • What is it: with this treatment, your client will have the mascara effect 24/7 – but without actually wearing mascara (so no panda eyes after a shower)! The lash tinting treatment uses safe, semi-permanent dye on the natural eyelashes, making them look darker, longer, and fuller. The results typically last between three to five weeks.
  • Why should you offer it: Some professionals offer lash lift and tinting separately, but the ideal is that you offer them together, as a combo, because only then will you get really impactful results. In addition, lash tinting often works as a "sealant" for the lash lift. Trust us; your client will love having these two procedures together, as they have a striking and long-lasting look.

Brow Styling

Prolong Lash AUS I Brow Styling can be a good add-on service to boost your lash studio revenue

  • What is it: a technique used to draw the eyebrows and enhance the client's face and expression. The brow professional measures the proportions of the client's face before defining the design that will most value the customer's features and beauty.
  • Why should you offer it: they say the eyes are the window to the soul. So it can be said that eyebrows are the curtains! Your clients obviously care about enhancing their natural beauty, so they will consider this procedure to elevate the look of their extensions further. Besides, it would be very comfortable for them to leave your salon with their eyelashes and eyebrows done. There is only one thing clients like more than a well-done procedure... practicality. So you can be sure that this add-on will be a hit in your salon!

Brow Tint

Prolong Lash AUS I Brow Tint is a good add-on service to boost your lash studio revenue

  • What is it: This option is great for people with lightly coloured and/or fine hairs in the eyebrows. There are two main treatment types: Henna Brow Colour and Regular Brow Tint. The difference between the two is that henna leaves a longer-lasting stain on the skin beneath the hairs, giving a fuller appearance.
  • Why should you offer it: Both henna and brow tinting are popular salon services, so they are an excellent alternative to gain some extra money at a minimal additional cost to you. Also, they are a great deal for customers who want a low-maintenance look.


Prolong Lash AUS I Makeup can be an excellent add-on service to boost your lash studio revenue

  • What is it: We are sure you know what makeup is, but why not offer this service if you're already giving your clients unique new looks with lash extensions? Many customers want fabulous lashes for a special event, so offering makeup services may come in handy for them!
  • Why should you offer it: Makeup services are very popular throughout the year. After all, there are different reasons why people seek it: birthdays, weddings, and holiday parties. You can be sure that people will look for this service from January to December. In addition, when performing makeup on the client, you will undoubtedly use lash extension-safe products. This is an excellent opportunity to explain these products' importance for the extensions' durability. For example, Prolong Lash's oil-free eyeliner is free from damaging oils that break down the glue that bonds extensions to the natural lashes. Plus, it has an intense black pigment and a precise felt tip, outlining the perfect liquid line to highlight the eyes. When your client sees the result of lashes + makeup, they will be delighted! So, make sure to take the opportunity to resell our eyeliner and make some extra money! 

Skin Services

Prolong Lash AUS I Skin Services can be an amazing add-on service to boost your lash studio revenue

  • What is it: There are different types of skin services around. Facials, LED, Micro Needling… it's quite an extensive list. So, you must study the best options for your salon's reality.
  • Why should you offer it: Customers who receive facial services are interested in continued, lifelong skin care. They place high importance on having healthy skin and are likelier to be loyal clients. Plus, they will likely purchase products that you recommend. You can offer them lash extension-safe skincare products, like Prolong Lash Cleanser, which cleans the skin and lashes, and our Hydrating Under Eye Serum, which hydrates the skin and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It's a win-win for you!


Prolong Lash AUS I Waxing can be a good add-on service to boost your lash studio revenue

  • What is it: Waxing is the intentional hair extraction from different body regions. The most targeted body regions are the upper lip, eyebrows, underarms, legs, and genital areas.
  • Why should you offer it: Upper lip waxing is as convenient for your client as is brow styling and tinting. So, we recommend offering facial waxing as a starting point. You will need a specific private space for body waxing, while facial waxing can be done on the eyelash extension bed. Over time you will be able to evaluate if it's worth it for your business to offer the "complete service," and then you can invest in a larger space.

Makeup Training Class

Prolong Lash AUS I Makeup Training Class is a different add-on service to boost your lash studio revenue

  • What is it: No, this is not a service that competes with the makeup service you already offer. A makeup training class helps clients feel more confident in doing their everyday makeup.  
  • Why should you offer it: If you already provide makeup services, you certainly have good knowledge about makeup and will be qualified to teach the basics to your clients. Another option is to offer a makeup workshop a few times during the year!

Extra Add-Ons Ideas for Your Lash Salon:

Mini Facial

  • What is it: If you are unsure about the add-ons, you can start slowly. An idea is to begin the lash appointments a few minutes before and provide a mini-facial for your client. You can use collagen gel eye pads, face masks and even offer a face massage. Your clients will wake up from the lash sleep feeling glowing and fresh!
  • Why should you offer it: This service is very low-cost to you, and it's a good experiment to see if facials would work for your clientele. Plus, your clients will love using the lash appointment time to give their skin a boost!


  • What is it: We've given you many different options on this blog, so you can choose what suits your business best and start putting them into practice. However, some of these services are perfect to be sold together. For example, why not offer a pack of lash extensions with eyebrow design and upper lip waxing? Or offer lash lift and tint with brow styling and tint?
  • Why should you offer it: Packs work very well for sales since they reduce unit costs, raising the perceived value and ultimately producing a better margin. And let's be honest, from the customer's perspective, getting three services done "with a discount" is much more attractive than paying the full amount for each individual service, right?

Keep in mind that to grow in the beauty industry, it's necessary to expand. If you cannot grow your staff and expand your lash business on lash extensions alone, the place for growth can be your services, especially in times of crisis. And remember, if you need help with your lash business, Prolong Lash's Partner Program provides you with ongoing business support from our team. Don't hesitate to contact us; we are here to help the lash community!