Have you noticed that having a good skincare routine has become one of the biggest internet trends in recent years? People talk about their routines, acids, and go-to serums on Twitter, Instagram… it’s all over the place. Don’t get us wrong, taking care of the skin is a MUST, but today we want to discuss eyelash care routine.  

Yep, you read it right. Your lashes also need special attention. It is believed healthy eyelashes are a window to your overall health, but if you follow statistics, it is one of the most ignored beauty routines. 

Thank goodness for eyelash extensions; in recent times, those who have always aspired to have long, fluttering lashes are much more educated about the importance of lash aftercare and the repercussions of not taking care of your lashes. But this blog will go beyond extensions: we will share five general rules for taking good care of your lashes to keep them healthy and ever so coveted. Let’s start. 

How to keep your lashes healthy

1. Remove your makeup 

How to keep your lashes healthy: Remove your makeup

When you get your lashes done, we think you have nailed the best beauty hack, as you don’t need anything else to highlight your eyes. You can be that person who wakes up looking like a million dollars. However, if you are still addicted to some of your quintessential beauty products, we recommend taking them off before sleep. Sleeping with your makeup can mix with the day’s dirt and oil to build up, clog your pores, and cause breakouts. It can also lead to irritation, itchiness, and an increased risk of infection in the eye area.  

Prolong Lash understands the commitment an eyelash client must make to keep their lashes clean, healthy, and lasting, and a dog-tired day can tempt you to skip the tedious process of washing your lashes. That’s why our cleanser foaming pump  and makeup cloth  are a great duo to help you remove your makeup with ease so you can head right off to bed. Pump some cleanser onto the soft makeup cloth, and sweep it over your upper and lower lash lines to ensure the oil glands are clear of all the dust and build-up accumulated during the day. Formulated to gently take off your makeup without needing to rub or pull, rest assured your eyes will be thoroughly clean without causing any damage to lashes.

2. Nourish and comb your eyelashes

How to keep your lashes healthy: Comb your eyelashes

Our eyelashes are made of protein keratin, which is produced by our hair follicles. Like hair, irrespective of whether you have lash extensions or natural lashes, lash shedding is a natural process of your body. Therefore, keeping your eyelashes hydrated and conditioned is an essential routine you must adhere to. With eyelash extensions, you may feel restricted by the care products available to you. You can add Prolong Lash’s oil-free under-eye serum  to your lash growth serum to ensure you follow a holistic eye care routine. They are formulated for eyelash extensions and are approved by lash artists and their clients in over 85 countries to keep their skin soft, supple, and nourished. A regular comb also helps detangle lashes and loosen unwanted debris on the lash line.

3. Wellbeing and nutrition 

 How to keep your lashes healthy: Have a Healthy Diet

Like everything else, eating right is integral to ensuring you are healthy. So, it is essential to follow a healthy diet. Include food that contains Omega 3, iron, biotin, protein, zinc, vitamins, and folic acid, like salmon, mushrooms and eggs. Greek yogurt, nuts, lentils, and spinach are also excellent hair growth boosters. 

4. Wash your lashes

How to keep your lashes healthy: Wash your Lashes


Washing lashes is to eyelash extensions as oxygen is to life. Exaggeration? We think not. Washing your lashes is a crucial part of ensuring your lashes look fuller for longer and give you your money’s worth. In addition, it helps mitigate any allergies, irritation, or infestations of lash mites and bacteria. However, washing your lashes does not only apply to people with lash extensions. For example, if you have woken up some mornings with cream-colored mucous in the inner corner of your eyes or felt an uncontrollable itch, it is likely because there is a build-up of dust and oil around your eye area. Our eyelash cleanser concentrate is a vegan water-based cleanser that comes in a foaming pump pack and is easy to pop into your bag and carry around. It thoroughly cleans your eye area and face, smelling like pure roses and leaving your eyes feeling refreshed and gunk-free.   

5. Use purpose-formulated beauty products 

How to keep your lashes healthy: Use purpose-formulated beauty products

Choose natural products to look after your lashes. Do your research on brands and products claiming to be vegan or cruelty-free. It would be worth looking at the ingredients used in the formulation to ensure you are not using anything harmful that may affect your lash growth. Prolong Lash aftercare products are purposely formulated for eyelash extensions, but they are equally safe to use on your natural lashes. In fact, Prolong Lash Cleansers and Eyeliners are Ophthalmologically Tested and approved, as well as FDA approved. This means you can rest assured that not only do our products do what they say they will do; they do it in the safest way possible. Prolong Lash cleansers are also pH balanced and gentle on the skin. Need we say more?!


Your eyelashes do more than just beautify your face; they protect your eyes from dust and dirt, stop sweat from getting into them, and guard against allergens. They are essentially filters, and dirty filters are ineffective at keeping our nasties. We must look after our lashes and ensure they continue to serve us most optimally because “Confidence is 10% hard work and 90% lashes.” 

Discover the range of eyelash extension aftercare and lash cleansers from Prolong Lash and discover more about partnering with us for your lash business.