Have you ever applied a pristine set of eyelash extensions (we are talking crème de la crème) only to find your client walking into their next appointment with a set of spider legs attached to their eyelids? All that hard work making sure each eyelash extension has been precisely placed, secured to the base and separate from its fellow lash neighbours, ruined! What has your client done to cause such lash destruction? And now you’re looking at the time and freaking out…You’re back to back with lashes for the rest of the day and you know that the majority of the appointment is going to be cleaning up this clumpy mess. You know once you’re finished lashing, this client isn’t going to be happy as they won’t be as full as they wanted them. So much pressure, so little time, how to deal? Does this sound all too familiar?

Unfortunately, the reality is you only see your clients for 1-2 hours every 2-4 weeks. That leaves your clients in control of the fate of their lash line for up to 672 hours. So, with such limited time, how can you reduce the likelihood of the above scenario from happening to you? The answer is through coaching your clients and training them to be responsible for their new set of lashes. Think of yourself as a personal trainer. A personal trainer helps their clients to burn calories during their training session and recommends a healthy diet and home program to keep the fat off, then the rest is up to them – if they choose to eat a large Big Mac Meal and down a bottle of wine after their training session, they will not see results.

Same goes with lash extensions. You could gift them the most perfect set of lash extensions, only for them to go home and apply 5 coats of waterproof mascara straight afterwards. It’s time to educate your clients on the importance of lash hygiene, aftercare and how to get the most out of their eyelash extensions.

In fact, it’s a disservice to your clients and your salon to let them leave without an eyelash extension cleanser (sometimes referred to as a lash shampoo) in their hand. Why? Because if they don’t understand the importance of lash care, they will lose lash extensions more quickly, have clumpy lashes (disrupting and damaging the natural lash growth cycle) and run the risk of follicle infections. This in turn will make your job harder at lash refill appointments and clients will ultimately blame you for their lash misfortunes. Eekk! Remember, an eyelash extension cleanser is your insurance policy…make sure each of your clients’ signs up!

If you are wanting to experience a future of clean, wonderous lash extensions to work on at every refill, here’s our list of top 5 eyelash extension aftercare products every salon should stock.

 1) Prolong Lash Cleanser Concentrate

Every Salon Should Stock Prolong Lash Cleanser Concentrate

This is the first eyelash extension cleanser that graced the lash industry back in 2008. Don’t be fooled by its small exterior, this concentrate packs a punch! Originally used as an eyelash wash to dilute with water in your fingertips, it was reimagined. Nowadays it’s used by mixing 1-part concentrate and 2-parts distilled water into an empty foaming pump bottle. This is perfect for the savvy shopper client who doesn’t mind spending the extra time being a mixologist.

2) Prolong Lash Foaming Pump Bottle

Every Salon Should Stock Prolong Lash Foaming Pump Bottle

The same magic formula as the Prolong Lash Cleanser Concentrate, but premixed for your convenience - pump, foam and off you go! Say hello to clean, healthy lashes. This is perfect for the client who is time poor and likes the aesthetically pleasing bottle to display in their shower or bathroom shelf.

3) Empty Foaming Bottles 

Every Salon Should Stock Empty Foaming Bottles

The perfect companion to your clients Prolong Lash Cleanser Concentrate. This empty foam bottle makes a creamy textured lash shampoo and is reusable so your clients will only need to purchase it once. Available in 60ml and 100ml sizes.

4) Cleansing Brush 

Every Salon Should Stock Cleasing brushes for Eyelash extensions

Deep clean that lash line with the help of our cleansing brush. This brush has thousands of soft bristles fine enough to glide through eyelash extensions, reaching the very base of the lash line. When paired with Prolong Lash Cleanser this will clean clients lashes beautifully, removing all natural oils, skin cells, dirt and debris. Perfect for clients who wear makeup around the eye area.

5) Makeup Remover Face Cloth

Every Salon Should Stock Makeup Remover Face Cloth

Have you ever experienced the ultimate itchy eye whilst cleansing around your eyelash extensions with a cotton pad? That piece of stray fluff decides to attach itself onto the inner corner of your lash line, become undetectable to the human eye and irritate the life out of you? It’s not a fun time! That’s where Prolong Lash Makeup Remover Face Cloths come in. These face cloths are snag free and allow you to work around the eyes, close to the base of the lashes, without catching and pulling on the extensions.

The cloths are designed to remove makeup without cleanser but as eyelash technicians, we know that dead skin and natural oils can build-up around the extensions, increasing the chance of developing infections and increasing lash mite colonies so we use the cloth with cleanser to solve that problem…YAY! This is perfect for that eco-friendly client who wears makeup and is looking for an alternative facial cloth to use on both their lashes and their face. Also, you get 2 in a pack which means you can have them on rotation when the other is in the wash!

So what about that client that wants to purchase a few products and asks for a cheeky discount? That’s where our packs come in! We’ve conveniently packaged together a selection of our #1 sellers ready for you to retail to your lash clients.

  1.  Cleanser Concentrate Pack – contains 100ml Cleanser Concentrate, 60ml Foaming Pump Bottle with Ingredient Label, Cleansing Brush, Mascara Wand and Easy 3 Step Aftercare Guide
  2. Cleanser Foaming Pump Bottle Pack – contains 100ml Foaming Pump Cleanser, Cleansing Brush, Mascara Wand and Easy 3 Step Aftercare Guide
  3. Cleanser Foaming Pump Bottle Makeup Remover Pack – contains 100ml Foaming Pump Cleanser, 2 x Makeup Remover Face Cloths, Cleansing Brush, Mascara Wand and Easy 3 Step Guide Aftercare Card

With all this cleansing talk are we getting you excited about the future possibilities?

No more tackling clumped lashes, dealing with complaints or running behind schedule; Just a glorious vision of healthy, clean eyelash extensions that dreams are made of!