Whether you're a wide-eyed newcomer taking your first steps in the eyelash extension world or a seasoned Lash Artist with years of experience, joining the Prolong Lash Partner program is a brilliant move for you and your business growth. From ongoing business support to partner-exclusive discounts, in this blog, we're here to unveil the fantastic opportunity of becoming part of the Prolong Lash family as a Partner, and we're confident that it's a decision you'll be thrilled about. If you're eager to elevate your business to new heights, this blog is a must-read guide for you.

What is the Prolong Lash Partner Program and why should I join?

The Prolong Lash Partner Program is designed to benefit lash businesses and lash artists who want to purchase Prolong Lash products at discounted prices for resale use. By participating in the Prolong Lash Partner Program, you have the opportunity to enhance your profitability and expand your clientele.

As a partner, you can keep the difference between the discounted rates you receive and the retail prices when you offer our exceptional products to your customers. This great arrangement ensures a win-win scenario, fostering a mutually beneficial relationship between Prolong Lash and our partners.

The Prolong Lash Partner Program offers a variety of advantages, including:

1. Ongoing Business Support

The prolong lash partner program provides Ongoing Business Support

In 2010, the Prolong Lash Partnership Program was founded by the entrepreneurial spirit of Kerry Wood, an industry visionary who embarked on her lash journey by establishing thriving salons. Prolong Lash isn't just another company; it's a nurturing community brimming with seasoned experts in both business and the art of lashes and aftercare. Our team is devoted to the industry's growth and is unwaveringly committed to supporting the growth of our partners on their path to entrepreneurial triumph.

When you join our partnership program, you're welcomed into a team that's eager to generously share their wealth of industry knowledge and expertise. Whether you're seeking guidance on business expansion, income diversification, marketing strategies, or simply a friendly chat, rest assured that Prolong Lash is your trusted partner, steadfastly supporting your growth as both a lash artist and a prosperous business owner.

2. Access to Different Marketing Assets

At Prolong Lash, our team of devoted marketing professionals invest significant effort in creating marketing materials and resources, which we openly share with our Partners to help simplify their marketing efforts. Our dedicated team of marketing professionals invest considerable time in creating marketing material and resources, we provide unwavering support to help you navigate the challenges and triumphs of your lash journey. As a partner, you'll have access to a goldmine of marketing materials and resources, including promotional materials, branding assets, and battle-tested marketing strategies that drive success in the lash industry.

3. Exclusive Wholesale Savings and Partner Perks

Prolong Lash Partner: Exclusive Wholesale Savings and Partner Perks

When you team up with Prolong Lash, you're in for a host of exclusive advantages. Picture this: wholesale discounts on superior aftercare products accessible through your very own Partner Log in on our website. These discounts aren't just about slashing your business costs; they're the secret to supercharging your overall profitability or taking your business to a new entrepreneurial level.

As lash artists, our days are devoted to enhancing our clients' lashes, but time is a precious commodity, right? So, the only way to increase our revenue is through retailing or wholesaling aftercare products. That's where becoming a Prolong Lash Partner comes in, as a Prolong Lash Partner, you'll tap into a range of exclusive benefits, including wholesale discounts on our top-tier aftercare products accessible through your own unique Partner Log-in on our website. Whether you're interested in reselling Prolong Lash Concentrate or creating your own salon-branded foaming pumps partner discounts are a game-changer. Whether you'd like to personalize your aftercare range with your own rebranded foaming pumps or potentially, open up the exciting possibility of establishing a reseller presence, much like our tier-one partners have achieved. The opportunity is limitless!

4. Have your Lash Business listed on our website

In today's digital age, having a strong online presence is a non-negotiable for success. That's why we're excited to offer you a prime spot on our high-ranking website with your very own Partnership Business Listing. This isn't just about boosting your visibility; it's about providing potential clients with a reliable and trusted platform where they can effortlessly find and engage with your business.

5. Cross-Promotions Opportunities


At Prolong Lash, we're on a quest to discover exciting cross-promotional opportunities with our valued partners. Joining the Prolong Lash Partner Program gives you the chance to open up new opportunities and join forces with fellow beauty professionals, salons, or influencers, unlocking new horizons for your business broadening your clientele, and increasing your profitability. These collaborative ventures are a powerful way to elevate your brand and establish invaluable connections within the industry.

6. Open Communication

In the world of successful partnerships, effective communication is the foundation. At Prolong Lash, we place a premium on maintaining open and transparent lines of communication with our partners. Whether you're brimming with questions, eager to share feedback, or bursting with innovative ideas, our channels are perpetually open and ready to receive your input. We hold your insights in high regard, firmly believing that cultivating a culture of open communication is the driving force behind our collective growth.

7. Join the Lash Aftercare Revolution

Prolong Lash has earned worldwide acclaim as the "most loved eyelash extension cleanser" with a vast network of reseller partners and stockists across 90+ countries. We proudly lead the industry as the first to have developed and distributed our eyelash extension cleanser concentrate. This groundbreaking innovation serves not only lash professionals but also their loyal clientele and it revolutionized the way we care for and maintain eyelash extensions.

Prolong Lash's pioneering work in the development of eyelash extension solution, and its success has inspired others to follow suit. When you become a Prolong Lash Partner, you become an essential contributor to a forward-thinking movement that has transformed the way we care for and maintain eyelash extensions and natural lashes. This initiative has empowered countless lash professionals to establish their own retail brands and achieve significant success in the industry.

8. Increase your Lash Business Revenue

Did we mention increased revenue potential? Well, just so we're clear, Prolong Lash is passionate about helping lash professionals build their own retail brand of aftercare. As a Prolong Lash Partner, you can earn a substantial income while doing what you love. It's a win-win scenario!

9. Have Access to Superior Eyelash Extension Aftercare Products

When you partner with Prolong Lash, you gain exclusive access to access at wholesale prices to premium lash aftercare products both the cleanser concentrate and the premixed foaming pumps are designed to prolong the life of eyelash extensions. So, you can confidently offer your clients the best and "most loved" cleanser on the market.


So, whether you're an enthusiastic newcomer embarking on your eyelash extension journey, an experienced Lash Artist, or an aspiring entrepreneur, the Prolong Lash Partner Program offers a world of exciting opportunities for both you and your business. If you are determined to take your business to new heights, then the Prolong Lash Partnership Program is absolutely for you.