Since its inception, Prolong Lash's constant ambition has been to provide every lash artist the best. The best products, customer service, and business mentoring to enable them to build a brand of their own and seek economic independence along the way. We are not just a brand manufacturing eyelash extensions aftercare products; we formulate them because we care about the lash community. We constantly reach out to our lash community, asking them their everyday challenges and how they would like to rise above them. Based on these surveys, we ensure that we formulate products and solutions that ease their lives as lash artists and build trust in their clients.


Our hero product, Prolong Lash Concentrate, is a perfect example of our mission as a brand. We want to support you create your brand and help you gain economic growth. Enlisted are a few ways you can sell your brand of lash baths while utilizing Prolong Lash's outstanding reputation.


What is Prolong Lash Concentrate?

Prolong Lash Cleanser


Prolong Lash Concentrate is an oil-free cleanser formulated from natural ingredients exclusively used to clean lashes and extend the retention of extensions. They come in bottles of 3.4 fl oz and 33.8 fl oz. Using our recommended dilution, you can create foaming bottles of lash baths for your customers and sell them with your label on them or sell them in our original packaging. You can dilute the concentrate into various sizes of lash baths and make significant profits. Check out our handy dilution table on the Prolong Lash Cleanser Concentrate page to see just how far our concentrate can go.

How can Prolong Lash boost your brand?

Prolong Lash products

Being a lash artist without a retail revenue stream is a missed opportunity to boost your income.


Branding is more than just putting your logo and colors on a label. It is about knowing your clients and what they need. It reflects what your business stands for. If your brand stands for resolving your client's problem, providing superior quality service and products, and is exclusively designed for eyelash extensions, you will have to make sure you give that to your clients at every stage of the transaction with them, including lash aftercare.


Prolong Lash thrives by these values, and associating with us will add value and commitment to YOUR brand.


Demonstrating to your clients that you use a tried and trusted product specifically formulated for eyelash extensions gives your clients confidence that you want the best for the health of their eyes and lashes.


How to build an effortless clientele?

Lash artist building a relationship with her clients

So, you already have a loyal clientele who believe your lashing techniques are ace, and they wouldn't go to anyone else. Congratulations! Now you want to venture into retailing your brand of lash baths.


With a plethora of products available on the market, it's a good idea to plan a marketing strategy to create your client base. Mentioning Prolong Lash with your brand will help you overpass that arduous marketing task.


Prolong Lash has a wide reputation for being the most loved lash extension aftercare products globally, with hosts of reseller partners across 80 countries. With a broad base of Prolong Lash users, all you need to do to instill confidence while making a sale is inform your clients that your lash baths are created from Prolong Lash concentrate.


Warn your clients of baby shampoos, makeup removers, or cleansers available in the market that are not created for eyelash extensions; Prolong Lash, on the other hand, is exclusively formulated for lash extensions. It will spare you time to build a clientele to trust and believe in your products as Prolong Lash has a long following of loyal customers.


How to build trust?

Lash artist and client talking

One of the essential characteristics of building a business or brand is the trust of your customers. As critical it is for any business, it doesn't come easy. Associating your product with Prolong Lash will help you establish trust and credibility for your brand. Informing your clients that Prolong Lash is a trusted brand in the eyelash extensions industry across the globe will immediately tell your clients what they can expect from your product. Sharing this information with your clients is a way of investing in your business. Because associating yourself with only the best in the industry also talks abundantly about the quality of your product. With Prolong Lash, whether you are retailing our concentrates in their original packaging or selling them as your brand, one thing that does not change here is the effectiveness and quality of the product.


How to impress clients and employees?

Lash Artist and her client

Good branding provides value not only for your clients but to your employees too. When your employees believe in the usefulness and quality of your product, it boosts their confidence to make a successful sale. Prolong Lash can show effective results, build trust, and draw in new customers.


How to spread the word?

Here are a few tips for sharing our brand with your clients, whether you prefer a quiet nod to the brand or if you are loud and proud.

Keep it subtle

Shout it from the rooftops!

  • Create a video showing how you create your lash bath with Prolong Lash Concentrate and share it on your social media channels
  • Display Prolong Lash products in your salon
  • Give us a mention on your website to show you are a stockist
  • Become a Prolong Lash Partner and have your business featured on our website
  • Show us off in your selfies! Post pictures of yourself or your clients holding Prolong Lash
  • Use official Prolong photography for advertising – all of our Prolong Lash Partners have exclusive access to our photography folder


All of these tips are great ways to show off Prolong Lash, demonstrate to your clients that you use a trusted and loved product, but without overshadowing your brand. You get to keep your style, showcase your brand while taking a ride on the coattails of a well-established reputation.