If you are a eyelash extension lover, we are sure you know the importance of a good lash aftercare routine. After all, dirty lashes are known to cause Blepharitis, Styes, Conjunctivitis or even an infestation of lash mites! Yep, you heard it right. Poor lash hygiene can cause overproduction of eyelash mites. This applies to eyes in general, even people who don’t wear eyelash extensions or people who do not wear make-up.

So, let’s explore a little bit about eyelash mites, and see how Prolong Lash can help you to prevent this kind of problem.

What are lash mites?

Prolong Lash explains what are lash mites?

Would you flip out if we told you that multiple microscopic-sized parasite mites live on your lashes? They are not visible to the naked eyes, and in a symbiotic way, they cleanse your dead skin cells and excess oils off your face while you provide them with a space to live and feed. Grossed out? Don’t be; the human body can be complicated and fascinating in how it functions, some lash mites are typical, and they have a job to do to keep your hair follicles clean. The problem comes when your lash mite colony takes over.

What are the symptoms of lash mites?

Itchy Eye can be a symptom of eyelash mites

Have you woken up with itchy brows or eyes in the morning? Or have you noticed a yellowish-green substance clumping around the eyelashes or in the inner corners of your eyes? That would be the eyelash mites trying to enter your lash follicle, looking for darkness to bury themselves, stirring your eyes and making you itch. Whether you have eyelash extensions or not, sometimes lash mites can cause an allergic reaction resulting in swollen eyelids, redness, and itching around your eye area. Sometimes you may have dry eyes or continuous tearing. In the most advanced stage of lash mites infestation, you may feel a burning sensation, have blurry vision, or become sensitive to light.

How is it caused?

When you go to your lash artist to get your lashes done, you will hear them repeatedly urging you to keep them clean. One of the biggest reasons? Lash mites.

Lash mites thrive in darkness. During the day, they head downward into your hair follicle and move out at night; if you do not remove your makeup or wash your face and lashes, the day’s dust, dirt, and oil build-up leaves a feast for mites. They eat the build-up left behind and lay eggs infesting your eye area. The dirtier your eye area, the more lash mites are required to clean it up, so they will keep on reproducing to bring in helpers to get the clean-up job done. That’s right, lash mites are making love on your eyes!

Not to mention that lash mites don’t live forever. If you are not washing your lash line, little lash mite dead bodies are piling up on your eyes, horrifying, right?

This is considered an infestation and will cause your lashes to fall out prematurely and potentially cause various eye infections.

What can you do to prevent lash mites?

Dirty lashes can cause lash mites

Washing your lashes is key to having longer and healthier lashes. First, you must understand eyelash extensions are an expensive beauty treatment compared to others, and you want to have the maximum bang for your buck. Listening to your lash artist’s advice on keeping your lashes clean and using the right products is a good start. When you keep your lash line clean, lash mites are excellent pests to have. Prolong Lash aftercare range is formulated to address common problems with eyelash extensions, including the added difficulty in keeping the lash line clean. Our oil-free products are perfect for use on your skin because they are gentle, do not break down the glue, and clean your lashes thoroughly.

The Prolong Lash Essential Care Pack comes with a foaming pump, cleansing brush, and lash brush. You need to pump some foam onto the cleansing brush, work in a circular motion over the face and lash line to remove makeup and protein build-up. The care pack will prevent dead skin cells and oil from accumulating and lash mites from multiplying. Especially in summer, when your skin will be prone to sweating and releasing excessive oil, washing your lashes with our cleanser will prevent the lash mites from infesting your eye area. They come in beautiful packs and are easy to carry around in your bag.

Despite claims made by various brands, most ‘oil-free’ products may not be the best solution for your eyelash extensions. You may love highlighting your eyes but feel discouraged using eye makeup after getting your lashes done; however, our oil free eyeliner is your friend in creating beautifully defined lines. In addition, it is to remove with our makeup cloth without causing any damage to your lashes. 

You can also incorporate our hydrating under eye serum into your beauty routine. This oil-free eye serum can be used around the eye area and anywhere on the face, dryness and fine lines occur. With hyaluronic acid as its key ingredient, it has many benefits to make your skin glow and reduce signs of aging without worrying about your lash extensions. In winter, your skin reacts to dry weather; our eye serum will keep your skin moisturised and supple without any dry and flaky skin build-up. 

Eyelash mites are living on your lashes for a reason. Looking after your lashes will help them take care of your lash line without having to call in reinforcements. So if you can do ONE thing for your eyes, don’t forget to wash your lashes.