In a perfect world, every one of your clients is the ideal client for you and has simple lashes to work on. But in a more realistic world, you are a lash artist dealing with a mix of amazing clients, yet they are not perfect, their problems aren't regular, and sometimes they do put you on the spot. As an artist and an entrepreneur, you will regularly deal with different client issues, find solutions, and put them behind you like a pro. But a little heads-up never hurts; here, we have come up with a list of client issues that every (almost all) lash artist is confronted with and how you can deal with them.

Dirty lash extensions

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One of the oldest struggles in the lash book, many clients refuse to acknowledge the importance of lash aftercare despite repeated instructions and warnings. Instead, they come back to you with dirty and neglected lashes with hope and confidence that you will fix them. They sheepishly admit they can't do without their make-up or heavy eye creams and serums, or they nonchalantly confess they were too busy or lazy to wash their lashes every day. You know it isn't an easy job, so you must tell them about the repercussions of dirty lashes. Take photos and show them how it will affect their eyes and eye area. It may be a subtle form of a warning, but most often, it works, and they will be more careful about their eye hygiene in the future.

Allergic reactions and irritation

Allergic reactions are a common client issue in the lash world I Prolong Lash

Lashing involves using lash-specific cyanoacrylate-based glue. These glues are designed to adhere lash extensions to a natural lash. Still, some clients may have extra-sensitive skin and the potential for an allergic reaction It is essential to understand the difference between irritation and allergic reaction. Eye irritation can be caused by things such as prolonged hours of lashing, glue fumes penetrating the eye area, and incorrectly placed eyepads/tape. It is most often temporary and causes redness, itchiness, or tearing. It's important to note that even minor irritations can be avoided by ensuring that the client knows to advise you if anything feels uncomfortable during the service, using the right products, and ensuring the application technique is correct.

However, an allergic reaction can be a severe problem. If your client continues to have red or swollen eyes for a prolonged time, ask them to seek medical treatment. You may even have to remove their extensions. To avoid a situation like that, it is best to ask them about any allergic reactions or medical history. Do a patch test before continuing with the service. Ensure you have your client sign an agreement form before the treatment to protect you from any legal issues.

Fidgety clients

Fidgety clients can be a problem for lash artists I Prolong Lash

Lashing can mean a few hours of the client laying down while you do the labour-intensive job of isolating each lash and attaching each specifically chosen extension. It is no mean feat. Imagine having an extremely restless client; doesn't it make your job harder? The first step would be to ensure the client's comfort. Always invest in a bed that has enough cushioning and is comfortable. Use a fluffy and warm blanket to keep them snuggly and a firm pillow to rest their head. Before starting the session, ask them if they are comfortable and let them know the importance of staying still. When making their appointment be clear about how much time they will need to put aside before they book so they are not becoming frustrated or restless about getting to their next activity for the day. Chatty clients can cause excessive flickering of the eyelids, which may not be ideal for you to work on, so encourage them to take a nap and relax while you quietly get on with your job.

Lash shedding

Lash shedding I Prolong Lash

Lash shedding is an entirely natural process, yet many are unaware of it. As a lash artist, you need to educate your clients about the process and how it can become more visible when they get their extensions, to avoid worried clients rushing to you with complaints of expected lash fallout. You could make personal notes on your client's lash shedding cycles, which vary from person to person or even season to season, and book their appointments accordingly. Encourage them to stay away from excess products on the eye area and keep their lashes clean. Prolong Lash aftercare products are formulated especially for eyelash extensions. They are oil-free and clean lashes thoroughly and are proven to extend extensions' lifespan.

Late coming clients

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When your appointment book is choc-a-bloc, the last thing you need is a client caught in a traffic jam. However, a client who constantly runs late for their lash appointment is a real problem. It affects your other clients' time and often results in a less satisfactory job for the latecomers set. Some ideas to help you discourage this unwanted behaviour are that if your client is late every single time, you may always need to book a longer appointment for them; this also makes it a more expensive appointment for them. Perhaps you can introduce a policy where you charge an extra fee for every 10 minutes a client is late, along with a shortened lashing session. Or you may even have a hard line cut off where you simply will not go ahead with the appointment once a specified late time has been reached. This may discourage your clients from showing up late at their appointments. It also protects your business from incurring any losses.

Every business has its ups and downs; if you have client issues, you also have clients who adore you for your fantastic job. So, enjoy the adulation and stand up to the challenges one day at a time. Learning and growing is the best way to grow your business.