Who doesn't desire beautiful lashes? And very few are born with the luscious lashes of our dreams. However, with eyelash extensions, you can achieve beautiful, fluttery lashes that look natural and saves you the tedious but often necessary routine of making your eyes pop. But like everything fad, eyelash extensions are met with concern by many for the safety of your lashes.

Often you may have felt apprehensive about deciding between having long luscious eyelashes and the rumours you may have heard about lashes in the past. However, knowing the pros and cons of eyelash extensions is essential for you to make an informed decision. So, let's get to the good, bad, and ugly of eyelash extensions.

The Pros of Eyelash Extensions

The Pros of Eyelash Extensions I Prolong Lash
  • Best beauty hack: Wearing falsies take time, even for a seasoned makeup wearer, and if you don't have long lashes, then wearing mascara won't cut it either. Eyelash extensions are your go-to beauty hack because you will always look put together and wake up to naturally long and beautiful lashes every day. On the other hand, suppose you are obsessively and compulsively addicted to your eyeliner. In that case, Prolong Lash's oil-free eyeliner is exclusively formulated for lash extensions, allowing you the added advantage of highlighting your already impeccable lash line without the fear of any allergies, infections, or premature lash fallout.


  • Get ready on the go: Imagine waking up in the morning after a late-night party and just heading out for your day without the trouble of concealing your tired/sleep-deprived eyes. Eyelash extensions give you the upper hand to feel in control and look smashing despite the last night's hangover. However, an oil-free eye serum exclusively designed to spruce up your tired skin without worrying about damaging your lashes can be a blessing in disguise. Here are some advantages of using Prolong Lash's eye serum.


  • Painless procedure:  "Beauty is pain," but not when you are getting your lashes done. Eyelash extensions are a non-invasive beauty treatment, and the results are incredible. If anything, going to get your lashes done means you are going to indulge in some 'me' time; lying in a soft bed, you can have a little nap while your lash artist works her intricate magic on your lashes.


  • Customise or choose: Before your lash appointment commences, most lash artists have a consultation with their clients. This consultation session is an excellent time to understand the expectations from the lash session, any medical history and to map out your face and eye shape to choose what lashes would look perfect on you. Of course, you could also express your desire on what lashes you want; however, being the expert, they would be able to help you choose the right lashes that would enhance your eyes and overall look.


  • Safe procedure: Lash artists pay utmost attention to the safety of their clients. Before undergoing the process, a patch test is often performed to ensure you are not allergic to the glue or uncomfortable during the procedure. A seasoned lash artist will always ensure your utmost comfort during application. They will also advise you on possible irritations or side effects to look out for, and what to do in the unlikely event that you have an adverse reaction. Finally, lash artists will share step-by-step details on how to look after your lashes and the importance of aftercare. The best lash artists will check on you often after the lash session to see if you are doing ok with your lashes.

The Cons of Eyelash Extensions 

The Cons of Eyelash Extensions I Prolong Lash
  • Allergies: Did you know tiny lash mites live on your lashes? Don't feel revolted! They are there for a reason, to feed on the excess oil your face produces and eat away all the dry and dead cells. They are your friends, but here is the real deal. When you do not clean your lashes after a long day and retire to bed with makeup on, dirt and dust settle on your lash line, making the lash mites multiply and infest your eye area, causing red eyes, puffiness, and itchiness. It may have severe repercussions, including eyelash allergies such as Demodex infestations, Blepharitis, Styes, and Conjunctivitis.


  • Aftercare: Eyelash extensions may be a lazy girl's best beauty hack; however, if you are lazy about your aftercare, getting your lashes may be your greatest regret. Keeping your lashes clean with the right lash cleanser is key to continuing to have beautiful lashes. Prolong Lash's lash cleanser is the pioneer, formulating cleansers meant specially for eyelash extensions. While the debate continues that baby shampoos or 'oil-free' cleansers on the market can be used to clean your lashes, the ingredients used in these cleansers may cause more harm than good. Most importantly, they have not been formulated to use on the eyes. Prolong Lash Cleanser is Ophthalmologically tested and approved for use on eyes, which makes it your safest option for eyelash extensions.


  • Prolong Lash's Care pack comes with the essentials to clean your lashes thoroughly, a foaming pump that is handy enough to carry with you anywhere, a cleaning brush to ensure you gently clean your lashes without damaging them, a makeup cloth that is both soft and snag-free for you to cleanse makeup off your face and a lash brush to help your lashes spring back to looking impeccable after a wash.


  • Cost: Eyelash extensions are considered a premium beauty treatment. If you are thinking about getting your lashes done, be prepared to spend between $150 to $300, depending on your desired effect. You will also have to add an extra $80- $150 to do your refills at your desired intervals. However, the upside of getting these extravagant beauties is you wake up feeling confident and beautiful every day. It saves you the trouble of wearing eye makeup, layering your eyes with mascara, or even spending oodles of money on makeup products. Waking up with perfect ready-to-go lashes will be worth the money.


  • Procedure: Lashing sessions are a lengthy process. Each lash session involves 1-4 hours, depending on what kind of lashes you are going for and the speed of the lash artist. Eyelash application consists of adhering a false lash to each of your natural lashes one by one. And during this time, you must keep your eyes closed and lay still. Lying in the lash bed for that long can be unpleasant for some, so make sure you go mentally prepared. Popping in your earphones, listening to a great podcast, or taking a nap can help pass the time. However, most lash beds are comfortable, and there is usually good music playing in the background. Plus, you can always take the opportunity to get to know your lash artist better.


  • Maintenance: Good things don't come easy. With eyelash extensions, your life may not be the same as before you had them. You will have to sacrifice some beauty products to protect the lash adhesive; however, you can replace them with Prolong Lash's bounty of aftercare products that include an oil-free eyeliner and oil-free eye serum to include in your regime. So, whether taking extra care in the summer to clean off sunscreen and sweat, or aftercare in general, you must prioritise lash hygiene. You need to value your lash extensions for what they are worth.

About the lash artist

How to choose the right eyelash extension artist

While you are researching the different lash styles, ensure you pay equal attention to who your lash artist will be. Here are the guidelines for choosing the right one:

  1. Lashing is a skill that is perfected after hours of practice. Enquire with your lash artist as to their lashing experience. If they are new to the lash game, simply check out some photos of their work and be aware that an application with them may take extra time compared to a seasoned artist.
  2. Most lash artists work from home; politely ask them about their certification and permit to work. This will reassure you that they are professionals who know their job.
  3. Look for Google reviews to see what others' experience has been with them. This will give you clarity on the quality of their service.
  4. Hygiene is primary for lash extensions. It would be worth asking your lash artists how they sanitise or sterilise their tools. Look around the salon to see if it is clean and tidy to give you an idea of what you will be diving into.
  5. Don't choose a lash artist based solely on who offers the lowest price. The reason their service is cheap may be because they compromise with inferior products, which may not be certified for use in your country, may feel and look lesser quality, and can increase your chances of an infection, allergy, or premature lash loss.
  6. A good lash artist will educate you about aftercare in detail and provide you with solutions.


Lash extensions are a great way to boost your confidence and make you feel beautiful. Don't be afraid to ask questions and find the perfect set for your eyes!