Who doesn't get bombarded with endless questions from clients? They ask us the most diverse and, sometimes, crazy questions like: "I've heard it's better not to wash the lashes because they will last longer?" or "Do I really need to come back to have my lashes removed? Can't I just remove them at home?" – and the list goes on. 

With so many avenues for news and information out there, it’s no wonder that clients can feel confused or even insecure about having their lashes done.  And although many of their questions may seem a little silly, it's essential to answer all their questions informatively and respectfully. 

In this article, we’re  sharing some of the most common myths and truths about eyelash extensions so you can stay on top of all possible doubts your clients may have. Let's start!

1. Eyelash Extensions should not get wet – Myth.

Eyelash extensions not only can, but MUST be washed daily to prevent the spread of bacteria and lash mites that can cause inflammation and infections, reduce the build-up of sleep and dead skin cells, and also increase the durability of the extensions.

Golden tip: for beautiful and healthy lashes, use Prolong Lash Cleanser Concentrate on your entire face twice daily! It will help remove makeup AND keep your lashes free from oil build-up. Watch this video to understand how you should wash your lashes:


2. Wearing lash extensions harms natural eyelashes – Myth.

No, eyelash extensions do not harm the natural lashes as long as the procedure is performed by a competent and trained professional and with quality materials. In addition to, of course, proper post-application care.

 Eyelash Extensions are safe for natural lashes

3. The fibbers used for eyelash extensions are natural – Usually, myth.

It depends. The definition of natural is something that is found in nature. Very few professionals work with natural lashes, mainly because the natural ones used on the market are animal hair such as mink. This makes it challenging to achieve the desired effect in the procedure, as the lashes' length, weight, and thickness are often inconsistent. Plus, there are environmental issues involved in the exploitation of animals. Make sure to consult with your lash technician if you are concerned about the use of natural fibers.


4. Removal should only be performed by a professional – Truth.

Never remove extensions by pulling them out, cutting them, or using home remedies, as this can damage your natural lashes! A professional lash artist has the appropriate technical knowledge and the materials needed to remove extensions safely, without any damage.


Eyelash Extensions being removed by a lash artist.



5. It is necessary to brush the extensions – Truth.

Many people believe that you shouldn't brush the extensions because it can cause them to fall out; however, brushing them is vital to assist in keeping each extension separate from its neighbouring lash, helping to remove minor build-up in the lash line, and keeping them neat.


Girl brushing her eyelash extensions I Prolong Lash


6. You can't go swimming - Myth.

We've all heard of the no-swimming rule! It's often touted that you cannot swim with eyelash extensions because it will decrease their durability, but this is a myth. Seawater, pool water, or even excess perspiration are considered enemies of eyelash extensions. However, water and moisture alone won't ravage your extensions. Often outdoor and summer activities mean that you are using highly oil-based products on the skin, such as sunscreen, which can spread into the lash line once wet. Saltwater and tears can cause clumping and Russian volume fans to close but this is also easily remedied through proper care and brushing. Natural oils from sweat can cause some glue breakdown but every one of these issues has a simple solution. Wash your lashes immediately after swimming with the Prolong Lash cleanser!


Woman with eyelash extensions at the pool


7. You cannot use the sauna – Truth.

Yes, using a sauna is likely to reduce the durability of your lash extensions, as the sweat-inducing steam and heat are opening up the opportunity for oils to coat your eyelash extensions.

It would be best to avoid saunas to guarantee better eyelash extension retention; however, if you are a lover of "sweating it out", make sure you wash your lashes immediately after your sauna.


woman using sauna


8. You should not use eye makeup remover - Truth.

Most makeup removers available on the market are packed with oils. Oils are super helpful for removing eye makeup, especially the waterproof kind. However, your lashes won't thank you for it. When wearing eyelash extensions, the best thing you can do is wear oil-free eye makeup that is safe for use with extensions such as Prolong Lash Oil Free Eyeliner. Remove makeup with something specifically formulated to clean lashes, such as the foaming cleanser or the make-up remover cloth.

Prolong Lash Make Up Remover Cloth

9. Eyelash extensions look fake – Myth.

The objective of a well-done cosmetic procedure should be to highlight the clients' beauty traits and harmonize the face. The goal is not that eyelashes draw attention to themselves but to draw attention to the beauty of each person individually. So modern well-done procedures can undoubtedly result in a highly natural effect as if the eyelashes already belonged to the person. But of course, any lash artist worth their salt can create any kind of look a client wants, from super subtle, to sky-high drama.


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