What is your worst nightmare as an eyelash artist? The typical answer is usually "dirty lashes." Yep, we feel your pain. Nothing breaks our hearts more than repeatedly explaining to clients how essential lash aftercare is and noticing that our efforts have gone to waste.

It can be a challenging job, but you must ensure that your clients are looking after their lashes. After all, it's better for you and them when they come back with extensions still on. And now is the tricky part: how can you make them take eyelash aftercare seriously? Sometimes recommendations aren't enough, so you need to offer them aftercare kits.

Surprisingly, many lash artists don't realise how aftercare kits can be a BIG ally. Their benefits go beyond eliminating retention issues. You can actually make more money since clients will pay for the lash services AND the kit. So basically, it's a win-win for you. You can increase your income and will be able to do refills faster since you will have less clean-up to do. That means you can do more sets per day!

"But how will I sell a lash aftercare kit to my clients if they don't even listen to my aftercare recommendations?" – you may ask us. Well, the truth is that you need to create irresistible lash aftercare kits for them. They need to feel special. Customers love to feel loved and notice when you pay attention to their individuality.

Talk to your clients during their appointment. By the end of the first set, you've spent enough time with them to assess what kind of person they are. Based on that, you can custom-make their aftercare kits. So, you're not just giving out the same pack as every other salon. Do you want some ideas? We got your back:  

Have different elements ready to create an unique Lash Aftercare Kit 

Have a trolley with different elements ready to create an unique Lash Aftercare Kit

You can set up a little trolley that has drawers in it. In each drawer, you can add different elements, like chocolates, treats, sample nail polish, makeup idea cards… even essential oils! The more variety, the more your chances are to please your client. People are different, and you may be surprised to discover how their tastes can vary. But one thing is sure: your client will absolutely love to see you have little personalised souvenirs for them. You can retail Prolong Lash's essential pack and add these gifts to the bag for free as a courtesy. Don't stress about buying expensive add-ons; you can find inexpensive, cute, and useful things on eBay. Just buy bulk, and voila!

However, if you prefer to have your aftercare kits ready to go, you should also consider your client's personality.

5 Lash Aftercare Kit Ideas for Every Type of Eyelash Extension Client

1. The Environmentally-Friendly Lash Client

To please this type of client, you can give them a Cleanser Concentrate Pack because they can refill their bottle repeatedly. Trust us; they will love you for offering them a lash cleanser that cares about the planet! Make sure to ban any plastics from this customer's kit and try to add a bamboo mascara wand. What about giving them a seed packet as a gift? They will never forget you or their beautiful lashes when they see the plant they've grown.

2. The Lash Client that is Fanatic for Makeup 

Your makeup lover client will love an eyeliner that is safe for eyelash extensions

You know that this client is really into their makeup if they've come with makeup on. It seems obvious, but you need to pay attention to your customers to please them. Usually, these clients look for a distinct look to enhance their eyes with their lashes rather than a full-on cliché look. So your makeup-loving client would love to have an eyelash extension safe eyeliner included in their aftercare pack. This is the perfect opportunity to upsell them with an additional product you know they'll use and love. You can also include a little sample nail polish or makeup idea cards.

3. The Sweet Tooth Lash Client

There is nothing better than a treat for sugar lovers! You can give them our Cleanser Foaming Pump Client Pack and add chocolate or any other sweet treat to the pack. Pretty simple, right? But always effective!

4. The Lash Client that likes Holistic Elements

What about that customer that loves rituals, crystals, and essential oils? You can add a small crystal into their eyelash cleansers. Another idea is to give them a candle as a courtesy. It can be the same candle you burn in your salon so that they can remember you at home.

5. The Skincare-Obsessed Lash Client

The skincare devotee client will love a lash aftercare kit with an eye serum that is safe to use with eyelash extensions

These clients can give you a headache if they use oil-based skincare products. It can be challenging to make them understand they will have to leave some skincare products behind for the sake of their lashes (and money). Always take extra care when talking about lash aftercare with this client. If you need to, repeat 1, 2, or 4 times!

But we have an even better solution for you. Instead of telling them what they will have to give up in their skincare routine, you can add some safe eyelash extensions products to their kits! They would love to see an Oil-Free Cleanser that is suitable for lashes and makeup removal, and an Under Eye Serum, entirely safe for lash extensions!

To sum up... be creative when creating your lash aftercare kits!

You got our point, right? The sky is the limit when we talk about different types of people. Discover your client's tastes, hobbies, and beliefs to create a fun and exclusive lash aftercare kit for them.

But hey, you don't need to limit yourself to our client's taste. You can create a kit that YOU would like to receive as well! For example, if you like astrology, why don't you create a different aftercare pack for every zodiac sign? Even if some clients are not that into this, they will certainly like your creativity.

Trust us; your clients will notice the details. They will feel very special with your dedication to creating a unique lash aftercare kit for them, and this will motivate them to wash their lashes and make your job easier. Plus, you may be known as the lash artist with the best eyelash extension aftercare kit. Cool, right?

Offer the best products, services, and experience to your clients. Make sure to get Prolong Lash's aftercare kit and exclusive products formulated for eyelash extensions. As a Prolong Lash retailer, you can rest assured that your aftercare kits will be unique and create a lot of buzz among your clients regarding their effectiveness and ease of use.

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