According to Sproutsocial, customers' prospects of buying from a brand they follow on social media is 57.5%? This statistic can be awakening, especially when running a small business also means you are juggling all aspects of the business, including lashing. Chances are, you are probably following the herd and posting the same social media, almost the same stuff everyone else is. Is it working for you? Are you able to engage your audience and generate revenue? Are you happy about your social media presence?

Too many questions to answer, right? Before diving into this fascinating but labyrinthine world called social media, it is essential to have a roadmap ready. Your content needs to engage and stir desire in your potential clients to build a successful business. You must focus on being unique, engaging, and professional about it. Here is a step-by-step guide on making your lash business stand out and own your social media pages.

How to promote your lash business on social media?


1. Create your demographic

Lash artists need to create their client's demographic I Prolong Lash

Social media is a perfect podium to tell your brand story, attract the right clients and grow your business. But before you set the ball rolling, you have to list down your long and short-term goals as a business. Short-term goals can include creating awareness of your lash salon or getting people to know about your offers, lashing skills, and word-of-mouth referrals. Your long-term goals could be to grow your clientele, build your brand and earn more revenue.

It is also ideal to restrict your audience, so you are targeting real potential clients. Who is your perfect client? What are their interests? Age group? Buying power? Profession?

Once you work the demographic out, it will be easier to create content to attract the right clients to reach you.

Think about what you post and who you are attracting. Are you posting about very technical lash skills and adding hashtags that will spark other Lash Artist's interests? This may be ideal for getting followers, but it won't necessarily get you, clients. Whereas creating posts that show you're a part of the local community, for example, posting a selfie at a local café, tagging the venue, and introducing yourself, may actually show potential clients that you are local and accessible. 

2. Create your Lash Brand

It would be helpful to be introspective about how you want your business to be branded. Consistency is the key. Choose the colours you want your brand to represent. Create a logo that reflects your brand. Your motto or vision of your company should be consistently reflected in your posts and stories. Canva is a graphic design platform that can come in handy to build your brand. You could use the free version or get access to the brand kit in the paid version; either way, it will help you create templates and maintain uniformity in your designs.

3. Create Eyelash Extension Content

Lash artists need to Create Eyelash Extension Content I Prolong Lash

There is a reason influencers are running a fab show and making money with only their social media pages. If they can, so can you! Consider your social media pages as an inexpensive website that can even be MORE effective. You need to plan your content to make it fun informative, and make your content work for you. Ensure that your photos are top quality, well-lit, and aesthetically pleasing. Thanks to the availability of great camera phones, it's so easy to take amazing photos without tonnes of equipment. Invest in a recently released phone and use it to capture your work. Some of the topics you can create content around are:

  • Before and After photos: This is a great way to display your talent and the difference you can make to your client's face. Ensure you take aesthetically pleasing angles (no up-the-nose shots), with good lighting and minimal use of filters.

Tip: Make it a ritual to take a photo before and after you finish your client's lashes, with their permission, of course. Play around with different angles and poses. Plan this mandatory photo shoot with every single client. 

  • Lash products: This could be a great way to lay ground to sell your retail products. Pick a product and talk about the benefits and the impact it can have on their lashes. 

Tip: Prolong Lash aftercare products are specially formulated for eyelash extensions, resellers in over 80 countries swear by the quality and effectiveness of our products. From oil-free eye serums to lash cleansers to oil-free eyeliners, as a Reseller, you get access to a catalogue of excellent quality images that you can use for your social media and terrific discounts on products.

  • Testimonials: Establish your credibility with potential clients by posting testimonials. It may seem like a hassle, but testimonials are pure marketing gold, so it's important to request your satisfied clients to write a review for you.

Tip: Set up a tripod in a corner and ask your client's permission to record a video of theirs telling them about your service. This saves you the time of following up with them in sending you through their review. You can be more in control of gathering the accolades you earned.

  • Informational: This content can be helpful to someone who would be considering getting eyelash extensions, or it could also be a great way to provide tips to manage their extensions.

Tip: Create videos on washing lashes or hacks to use face products to keep lashes from damage. Share news on celebrities donning different lashes, lash trends, or blog posts. Log notes on your clients' concerns about lash extensions and translate them into content with solutions.

  • Currency: Keep in line with all global and local events. Create posts that align with your business and brand. Some may not suit you, but a quick search and you will find heaps of social media holiday calendars available that can be a perfect way to promote your business.

Tip: Promote special offers and discounts that you would offer over Christmas. A Mother-daughter/son duo discount on Mother's Day. Or create limited edition offers to urge clients to book before time runs out.

4. Use hashtags when promoting your lash business

Consider hashtags like postal addresses.; without them, your posts may not reach the right customers. Every time you post your content on social media, ensure you use hashtags. Every hashtag used increases engagement by 12%. Incorporating a hashtag makes your business discoverable to your chosen target audience. They will expand your reach and encourage more engagement. Some of the trending hashtags for lash extensions 2022 are:

 #lashdoll #megavolumelashes #lashesonlashes #lashesonpoint #lashextension #lashesfordays #classiclashes #naturallashes #volumelashes #lashed. Add your area to it to make it more specific and targeted. You can use up to 30 hashtags per post. 

5. Interact with your lash clients on Social Media  

Lash artists need to interact with your lash clients on Social Media I Prolong Lash

Staying connected with your followers is one of the most crucial aspects of social media. Reply to every comment, respond to every reaction, and answer every query your audience asks. Strike up conversations and encourage discussions on your posts. The more engaged you are, the more connected your potential clients feel.

Last but not least, choose early morning, lunchtime, or a time after 5 pm to schedule your posts, as the chances of more people seeing your posts are higher during these times. Ensure you also monitor what timing and which posts and stories are performing well. This will give you great insight into replicating what your audience enjoys engaging with. Finally, play around with stories, Facebook Live, Instagram Reels, and TikTok and populate them with content.

Encourage your clients to tag you or create your business hashtag they can use when they post on their socials. This is another way to leverage your business.

Try these steps, bring the best of your social skills out, and widen your social media reach as far as you can. Let us know how you go!

Best of luck!