As Lash Artists, our expertise extends beyond the art of lash application to cultivating trusting and loyal relationships with our clients. Beyond mastering lash artistry, we also play a crucial role in guiding clients toward the optimal aftercare routine for maintaining stunning lashes and nurturing their skin.

It's often easy to assume that clients inherently know best practices for aftercare, but my experience as a seasoned Lash Artist has proven otherwise. Recommending the right products and routines isn't just about selling stuff—it's about ensuring your clients' lashes stay put and their skin stays happy and healthy. Plus, when they see how much you care, they'll return for more of your magic!

Adhering to an excellent aftercare routine is often easier said than done. In this blog, I'll give you a step-by-step guide to help you educate your clients and recommend a skincare routine that will have them rocking fabulous skin and lashes.

Explaining the importance of aftercare maintenance

Lash aftercare is very important for the health of your lashes


The first time you tell your clients to wash their lashes, they may not listen to your advice. They're too busy obsessing over the new-found beauty you've bestowed upon them, and they are unaware of the negative implications of not practicing effective aftercare. That's where you come in!

How to Educate your clients

When it comes to eyelash extensions, clients look to us to explain the dos and don'ts of maintenance. Part of helping your clients understand the critical nature of aftercare is presenting some challenges they face in maintaining those beauties.

Recommending an effective lash care solution has some real benefits. Explain that the buildup of debris, dust, and dead skin cells accumulates on their skin, and their eyelashes are tiny traps that collect that griminess. Not eliminating dead cells increases the chance of an infestation of lash mites at the base of the lashes and can lead to severe eye conditions. Washing and maintaining your lashes effectively reduces the risk of premature lash loss as buildup occurs on the lash line. Recommend that they wash their lashes twice daily, which is an excellent strategy to maintain healthy skin and lashes.

Not all clients know that Lash shedding is an everyday occurrence with or without lash extensions. So, it's important to explain the lash growth cycle of The Anagen phase [the active growth phase], the Catagen phase [the transitional phase], and lastly, the Telogen phase [the resting phase]. Keeping your lashes clean is essential in supporting each phase of growth and loss. Clients who love their makeup, have a busy lifestyle, or are not into a beauty routine should be informed about the importance of aftercare because they have a higher risk of falling victim to the repercussions of dirty lashes and neglected skincare.

Building a trustworthy relationship with your clients

Lash Artists need to build a trustworthy relationship with clients

Lash artists share a special bond with their clients. Did you know it takes more effort to gain a new client than to keep one? When clients come to you, they want to believe they have come to an expert who is great at their job and will provide excellent service. When you explain aftercare to first-time clients before retailing products to them, give them your skilled advice on their lash aftercare because that’s a great way to begin to gain their trust. Focus on presenting yourself as the expert you are and as a business that cares for its customers.

Nothing beats the effect of showing the efficacy of a product in real-time. When your clients come for their lash appointments, explain why you use the products you use on them. Wash their lashes with Prolong Lash cleanser and clarify that the cleanser is pH balanced and is ideal to use on the entire face to remove makeup and clean their lashes.

When they see the effectiveness of your products, you’ll have them returning for more. Make sure your salon retail corner sells the displays of the products you're using. Not only is it excellent in-salon aftercare and critical to clients, but it's also a great revenue-generating option for your business.

Having enviable, beautiful lashes is everyone's dream. As a lash artist, you want your clients to be happy about the outcome and come back to you as a regular. With lash aftercare, recommending your clients follow a skincare routine is equally important to ensure their current products do not interfere with their lash retention.

Putting together a skincare routine for your clients can be tricky, but we got your back!

Here is an inclusive skincare routine you can recommend to your clients:

  • Step 1: Recommend a gentle makeup remover cloth to wipe off their makeup, face creams, and the day's dust and grime. The cloth is the perfect partner to the Prolong Lash Cleanser and can be used on the entire face to remove makeup. Wet the cloth and wipe it in a circular motion to lightly exfoliate the dead skin cells around the face and eyes and clean your face. When cleansing close to the lash line, use a soft cleansing brush to work to the base of the lashes for a super clean lash line.


  • Step 2: If your client is an avid makeup wearer, advising a double cleanse of the skin ensures it is thoroughly cleaned. Removing makeup and dead skin cells prevents skin from looking dull and clears away residue that can cause allergies, irritation, or infection. Use a mild yet effective cleanser to ensure no residue is left on the skin. Incorporating Prolong Lash cleanser into their daily skincare routine is a surefire way to achieve glowing results.
  • You may have a client who loves to get every bang for their buck, and lash concentrate can be an attractive product to retail. Every 3.4 fl oz concentrate can be mixed into five 60ml bottles* of foaming cleanser (check our mixing recommendation for exact calculations). However, if your client prefers a more accessible option without the hassle, our foaming cleanser pumps are ready to use, with no mixing required.
  • Alternatively, for their convenience and to support your business brand, you could offer them your own branded foaming pump “powered by Prolong Lash” concentrate and retailed in your salon.


  • Step 3: The skin around the eyes is the thinnest of anywhere on the body, with fewer oil glands. In addition, because of the absence of fats, the eye area is less flexible. As a result, when it is exposed to stressors like UV rays, wind, pollution, blinking, crying, and laughing, it becomes dry and visibly creased over time.
  • Introducing an eye serum to keep the eye area hydrated and nourished from an early stage will ensure the skin around the area is resilient. Prolong Lash Under Eye Serum is specially formulated for eyelash extensions, with hyaluronic acid as its principal ingredient. Being lightweight, it can be used on the entire face, as it quickly penetrates the skin and keeps it supple and soft. Using the serum twice daily in the morning and night can show effective results.
  • Post consultation is the perfect time to showcase the effectiveness of the Under Eye Serum, which can be purchased from Prolong Lash in individual sachets and used as a value-added service at the completion of their lash application. Once your clients see the difference their new lashes and the serum make, that retail product will run out the door.


  • Step 4: A water-based moisturizer would be a fabulous addition to this routine, adding another layer of hydration to the skin. Suggest they use a moisturizer with hyaluronic acid and peptides, which are great moisturizer ingredients. If your client has oily skin or a combination skin type, a water-based moisturizer will help retain moisture in their skin and balance the sebum levels. This will also ensure the opening of their skin's pores, preventing breakouts, pigmentation, or other skin conditions. Apply moisturizer twice a day to keep the skin beautifully hydrated.


  • Step 5: Lastly, UVA and UVB rays can be more detrimental to the skin than one might realize. Therefore, it is essential to wear sunscreen to protect the skin from sun damage, premature aging, and skin cancer. Applying oil-free sunscreen is ideal if your client is prone to acne, discoloration, or sensitive skin. Oil-free sunscreen prevents any oil buildup, and because of its lightweight formulation, it permeates into the skin and reduces inflammation. Advise your clients not to put sunscreen too close to their eyes but rather protect their eye area outdoors by wearing sunglasses.


While these steps provide a blanket skincare routine to encourage your clients to follow, it’s recommended that you monitor your clients and customize products for them accordingly based on your retail offering. The most significant benefit of using Prolong Lash products is that they are formulated from water-based ingredients, which reduces the chances of allergic reactions on any skin type. In addition, being vegan and pH-balanced, they can be recommended for any skin type. By suggesting a skincare routine in addition to their lash aftercare, you are establishing your business as one that considers its customers' wellbeing as its primary goal, thereby making way for yourself as a successful entrepreneur.

Discover the full range of skincare and aftercare products from Prolong Lash and learn how you can sell your own Prolong Lash products by partnering with us today!