"Leaders are made, they are not born. They are made by hard effort, which is the price we all have to pay to achieve any goal that is worthwhile." – Vince Lombardi, coach.

Many may think becoming a lash artist is just another job in the beauty business, but what is rarely talked about is the practice, perseverance, and precision the job demands to be successful. As a lash artist, you will discover that the journey may not start as you anticipate. You will learn many traits as you go, and the more passionate you are about lashing, the better you will be able to effectively work your way forward to being the brand you want to be. Here are some skills that an excellent lash artist ought to work towards. 

1. Learn from the best lash artists

As experts say, "An investment in knowledge pays the best interest," it stands true in your quest to be a good lash artist. Many lash institutions and trainers offer courses, but you must ensure that you choose the one that provides a comprehensive program for learning and growing. Ensure the training school is reputed, with an experienced trainer to share their knowledge and wisdom. It would also be worth knowing what is included in the course to ensure you invest in a course right for you. This can prevent you from making mistakes most lash artists do initially.

2. Have Patience

We can't emphasise enough the level of patience you need to practice as a lash artist. Especially if you are a beginner, you may have those moments of despair and hopelessness and wonder if you will ever get to do a perfect set of lashes. Fret not! Practice will make you perfect. Moving forward, each lashing session may take between 1-3 hours; being an intricate job, you must ensure you stay patient, do a good job, and not rush for the next appointment. 

3. Honor your (lash) skills 

Eyelash artists need to have an eye for beauty


As a lash artist, you have to have an eye for beauty. When your clients come to you, they expect you to make them look beautiful and confident. Having a flair and an eye for design to enhance the beauty of your clients will help you create trends and earn a reputation for being an expert in your field. Learn to understand the contours of a face, shape, and colour of the eyes, hairstyle, or just the personality that can be elevated by the lashes you provide.

4. Have a good relationship with your lash clients

A client and an eyelash artist spend much time together and sometimes even become friends. Welcome your clients with a smile and be a good listener; listen attentively to their expectations from the consultation session. If they open up about their personal life to you, listen to them empathetically and respond with compassion. A good relationship with your client will help you gain loyal customers and earn good reviews for your business. 

5. Never stop learning

You may have a growing clientele and do the best lashes in your suburb, but don't stop there. Start by learning the importance of aftercare and educating your clients about it. Commit yourself to learning and upskilling as often as you can. Be on top of trends in discovering new products, tools, and techniques in your industry to provide your clients with the best service possible. Push your boundaries by training, attending conferences, expos and lash shows to learn, widen your realm, inspire, and network.

6. Use the best Eyelash Extension Products 

An excellent lash artist has quality products

As a lash artist, your exceptional lashing skills may fall through if you do not use the right tools and products. You do not want to gain the reputation of an artist whose clients consistently come back with less than ideal lashes because you haven't invested in good quality products. Ensure you create a great experience for your clients to trust and believe in your expertise.

7. Be a critical thinker

A good lash artist is quite prepared for the challenges they will face daily. It could be a client throwing a tantrum, a client coming back with an issue with their lashes, or a day when you have a crisis in your team. Observing, analysing, processing, and foreseeing to solve problems gives you an edge. Hone your skills as a skilled critical thinker.

8. Learn about time management 

You may be a solo lash artist or a lash entrepreneur with a team; being able to manage your time is integral to the success of your business. Strong organisational skills, operational skills, and a substantial discipline exhibit are necessary to multitask and be productive. In addition, finding your work-life balance in your job is essential to bring the best out of you and your team optimally. Therefore, being able to manage your work effectively is a trait you should work toward. 

9. Take care of yourself 

A lash artist needs a good Physical Stamina I Prolong Lash

Considering the demanding precision of your job, as a lash artist, you need to have excellent eyesight and steady hands to do a great job. But you also need to ensure you have the physical capacity to sit through back-to-back sessions. Each lash session would require you to sit between 1-3 hours; your back may likely suffer. Build your stamina by leaving breaks between clients to move around and relieve your back and legs from extensive sitting. Your eyes can grow tired, too; make sure that you see an optometrist and describe the detail of your job to them. They can provide prescription glasses that will be perfect for enhancing your vision and protecting your eyes. Here's a tip: fill your mouth with water and then splash water on your eyes; this exercise helps stimulate the muscles around the eyes and keep them hydrated. 

Make sure you stretch your neck, hands, and arms as well.

You need to rejuvenate yourself between sessions to keep you going.

10. Be on top of your finances 

You are passionate about lashing and are an ace at it, but you can't negate the importance of keeping track of your finances. Having a basic knowledge of how to handle your money is not enough. You have to become savvy at managing earnings to ensure you are making profits. Don't just keep a record of your expenses and income; also, ensure the fee you charge your clients outweighs the effort and time you put into lashing. Invest in practical and good quality products that also help you make good profit margins. Finally, keep a tab on your expenses to ensure you get enough in your tax return. Being money-smart is a skill you will need to sharpen as a lash artist.


Learning is part of growing. It doesn't matter if you do not have all of these traits. Taking a quote from Coco Chanel, "If you were born without wings, do nothing to prevent them from growing," we say, 'Stop at nothing!'