Have you ever wondered why eyelash extensions are taking over the world and have no intentions of slowing down? This beauty hack may be the best thing to have happened to a lazy girl’s guide to waking up looking fabulous. As a lash artist, you know it is sometimes a hard sell convincing your clients to look after them. From washing their lashes to staying away from oil-based beauty products, every step may be a hard one for you.

What if we told you that there is a clever way to convince your clients to look well-put-together while also using effective and beautifying products without losing their minds over potential lash loss? Not convinced? Have you met Prolong Lash’s oil free eyeliner formulated exclusively for eyelash extensions yet? Here is why and how you can persuade your clients to buy oil free eyeliner when they get their lashes done.

1. It’s an oil-free eyeliner 

When your client comes to visit you, do you notice any makeup on them? If you do, that means offering them an oil-free eyeliner would do them a great favor. Prolong Lash’s oil-free eyeliner is free from damaging oils that otherwise break down the glue that bonds extensions to the natural lashes. Apart from stressing that your clients need to wash their lashes as often as they can to prolong the life of their extensions, you will also need to let them know how important it is to use oil-free makeup products. Despite numerous brands promoting oil-free facewashes and beauty products, they are not essentially suitable for eyelash extensions and certainly haven't been purpose-made for use with extensions. This is because the ingredients used are not prepared to protect the glue for lashes.

Eyelash Extensions need Prolong Lash Oil free eyeliner

However, Prolong Lash understands the importance of keeping your lash extensions clean and beautiful, so it has a range of highly effective aftercare products. From our cleanser to our oil-free eyeliner formulated to make their makeup routine as easy and stress-free as possible. Considering the amount of money your clients will be shelling out to get their extensions, it would be worthwhile to convince them to use the right oil-free products to extend the life of their lashes.  

2. Prolong Lash Eyeliner is Easy to remove

Prolong Lash’s oil free eyeliner is water-soluble, which is why it makes removing your client’s eyeliner a breeze. If your client is a fan of smudge-proof or waterproof eyeliner, it is integral to enlighten them that eyeliners that claim to be oil-free and at the same time are smudge-proof or water resistant can be a tall claim. Wax, oil and other similar ingredients lend extra sheen and make eyeliners waterproof. While they will last well, there is a high chance of the oil transferring onto their lashes if they sweat, cry or wash their face, which will result in weakening the glue.

Prolong Lash Eyeliner is easy to remove

The process of removing waterproof eyeliner is also more intense and may cause damage to their lash health. Your client can rest assured that using our cleanser to wash their lashes while also removing their eyeliner will not damage the glue or make them lose their lashes prematurely. To make it a smooth process, our makeup remover cloth is non-snag which means while wiping their face dry; they will not tug their lashes out. 

3. It complements their lash extension look

Waking up with the perfect-looking eyes is any lash lover's dream. With eyelash extensions, less is more. Encourage your clients to avoid heavy makeup or lathering too many products on their faces. Instead, introduce them to an eyelash extensions-friendly beauty routine. Educate them on washing their lashes, dabbing Prolong Lash oil free eye serum all over their face to keep their skin supple and hydrated, and then winging some eyeliner to complete their look. The eyeliner will enhance their extended lashes making their eyes pop and look fantastic. With Prolong Lash’s products being oil-free exclusively for eyelash extensions, your client can step out looking naturally beautiful without compromising on their everyday beauty practices. 

4. Prolong Lash Eyeliner is easy to apply 

In the past, you have reluctantly advised your eyeliner-addicted client to avoid using liquid eyeliners to decrease damage to their lashes. Prolong Lash’s oil-free eyeliner has an intense black pigment and a precise felt tip, outlining the perfect liquid line to highlight their eyes. If your client likes to apply a thick layer of a non-extension safe liner to darken their eyes this can lead to potential breakage of the glue; Prolong Lash’s oil-free eyeliner saves your client from the horrors of clumping. Oil-based eyeliners can cause blockage of eye glands which leads to red eyes or irritation, but the natural formulation in our liner prevents any mishaps. 

Prolong Lash Eyeliner is Easy to apply

Eyelash extensions are great, and when you have the right products to recommend to your clients to make them not compromise with their daily beauty routine, it is a double reward. You are not only that beauty technician who does amazing lashes but are an expert who recommends equally impressive products to their clients. Prolong Lash’s eyeliner is what your clients need to enhance their dramatic lashes in the safest way ever.