For years now, lash professionals have struggled with managing client aftercare regarding lash care vs. skincare. It has been a constant battle to choose between extending the life of their beautiful lashes and providing the anti-aging eye care their clients need and want. 

At Prolong Lash, we listened. After much hard work, we formulated an oil-free eye serum that is absolutely  lash extension safe, so you can enjoy the benefits of both stunning lashes and healthy skin! 

As experts in eyelash extensions aftercare products, we know the importance of having a skin professional  tell you about the benefits and effectiveness of our oil-free eye serum. Jacqui Potton, founder and owner of Skin Guru, is an aesthetician/skin therapist with 30 years of experience, and we asked her to look at Prolong Lash Hydrating Under Eye Serum. She shares with us the difficulties faced by clients before we launched our product and how it will be a game-changing product for lash experts to retail to their clients. 

Over to Jacqui…

Why do you need an eye serum?

Woman applying eye serum

Jacqui asserts, "There is no point having great-looking lashes and a dehydrated and dull-looking eye area. Structurally speaking, our eye area is different from the rest of our face. The skin is finer with very few oil glands, so the skin is less flexible and breaks down more easily. Addressing aging around the eye area is best when you take a preventative approach starting in your early 20s is essential. If you DO have lash extensions, it can further limit your choices for skincare as there are few effective oil-free products available on the market, and the products that are available have not been formulated exclusively for use with lash extensions." 

Prolong Lash Hydrating Under Eye Serum 

Prolong Lash oil-free eye serum is a must on every skincare

"In the past, I have chosen to continue using eye care products that were not specifically formulated to be safe for use with eyelash extensions. But thanks to Prolong Lash Hydrating Under Eye Serum, my problem is solved! And the best part is that this eye serum has used a key ingredient called hyaluronic acid, a substance that helps to keep the delicate skin around the eyes hydrated and free from dryness and irritation.  

Prolong Lash oil-free eye serum delivers hyaluronic acid to the under-eye area keeping it supple and plump while protecting eyelash extensions. It’s amazing!” – says Jacqui.  

The big upsell for the Hydrating Under Eye Serum

 Prolong Lash Oil Free Hydrating Eye Serum

We asked Jacquie about how to promote and sell this product to clients. She advises, "For every lash artist, their focus has been to provide the best possible service to their clients. This product will allow their clients to have great, long-lasting lashes. With a lash-specific cleanser and now a serum specially formulated to address the aging of the eye area and is safe for use with lash extensions, they will be able to provide their client with a holistic aftercare regime."  

When asked about sensitivity, Jacquie explains it can be a tricky issue. "Many contributing factors cause sensitivity. From my personal experience, hyaluronic acid-based serums are fantastic for people who have sensitivity issues. It is light, penetrates quickly, and does not have the same problems as a heavier cream sitting on the surface. It also rules out the concern of gradually creeping up to the lash line and getting into the eyes."  

Jacqui emphasizes that it is imperative to instruct and guide clients about using the serum and how they will thoroughly benefit from it. "I would educate my clients to cleanse first, keeping their extensions and eye area clean before applying the serum. Applying serum twice daily will make all the difference in keeping the eye area looking bright and hydrated. During the day, the serum keeps the eye area supple and nourished, while at night, it provides comfort and allows the skin to regenerate and repair. This product will be an effective retail product to sell and increase their profits." 

You can watch our video to understand why your client NEEDS an eye serum: 

At Prolong Lash, we want the best for our lash community. Listening and caring for your needs and concerns has always been our priority. If you wish to grow your retail business and provide your clients with a product they truly need, then discover how to partner with us for your lash salon now.