Lash aftercare is to eyelash extensions, what life is to death. That may come across as a strong statement, but any lash artist will agree on how vital a good aftercare routine is. With the popularity of lash extensions, the proliferation of lash merchandise can be overwhelming because you will struggle to hone your lashing skills if you use cheap products. As a lash artist, you may be curious about which aftercare products you can confidently recommend to your clients for effective lash cleaning and maintenance. Have you tried Prolong Lash aftercare products yet?

Prolong Lash's hero products, Oil Free Foaming Cleanser and Cleanser Concentrate are major assets to stock and retail to your clients. So here's the lowdown on why Prolong Lash Cleanser Concentrates and Foaming Pumps are great ways to build your reputation as a lash artist, position yourself as a trusted expert in your lash circuit, and grow your business with our Reseller Program. Let's discover which of our exceptional products aligns best with your lash venture, paving the way for success.

What is Prolong Lash Cleanser Concentrate?

Prolong Lash Cleanser Concentrate - Available in 100 ml or 1-liter bottle sizes

Prolong Lash oil-free cleanser is meticulously crafted with natural ingredients and designed to effectively clean lashes and extend extensions' lifespan. Available in 100 ml or 1-liter bottle sizes, it's a game-changer for lash artists.

The best part? You can create your own branded lash shampoo using our Concentrate. Simply mix 1 Part Concentrate with 2 Parts distilled water in an empty foaming pump bottle, shake vigorously, and voila! With the 100ml bottle, you can create up to five 60ml lash shampoos, while the 1-liter bottle allows you to create up to 50!

What is the Prolong Lash Cleanser Foaming Pump?

Eyelash Extension Foaming Cleanser Pump I Prolong Lash

Prolong Lash Cleanser Foaming Pumps are formulated from the exact same base natural ingredients as the Concentrate, which does not contain any oil, glycerine, glycerol, parabens, artificial color, ethanol, or synthetic fragrances. They are sold ready to use, with no mixing required, and you can pick them up as individual bottles or as client packs, which contain a 100ml bottle of the foaming pump, mascara wand, cleaning brush, and a 3-step aftercare guide and are packaged in a stylish organza bag.

The Right Product for Creating Your Eyelash Brand: Prolong Lash Cleanser Concentrate

Prolong Lash Cleanser Concentrate helps lash artists to create their own lash brands

If you are a lash artist aiming to invest in your own lash brand, the Concentrate is for you. With this product, you can rebrand and repackage our products and sell them as your own at a higher value against the cost of the whole bottle of Concentrate. To add that professional touch, we also provide official eyelash extension cleanser ingredient labels and 'Powered By Prolong Lash' labels, helping you complete your custom lash cleanser experience! Your profit margin soars up to 65%, making it an excellent investment for retailing, enhancing your client's lash aftercare, and expanding your brand.

If you want to expand your lash business, this could be a golden opportunity to start your own brand sans the painstaking process of creating a product from the ground up. Plus, Prolong Lash is a known name in the lash community, and using our products to create your lash shampoo will help you convince your clients of the high quality of your Cleanser. This is a great way to build your brand as an expert and a trusted advisor to your clients!

The Right Product for Time Saving: Prolong Lash Foaming Pump

The Prolong Lash Foaming Pump is perfect for lash artists who are starting theirr retail space,


If you are unsure if you want to create your own lash brand and are just starting your retail space,  the Prolong Lash Foaming Pump is your best friend. Unlike concentrates, the foaming pump is pre-mixed and ready to use right out of the box, saving you valuable time and effort in preparation. They're a convenient, no-fuss addition to your salon's inventory.

You can sell the pumps as a single product or upsell them with a complimenting cleaning accessory such as our snag-free makeup remover cloth, cleansing brush, or sell them in our client packs. You can also complete your retail space with our eyelash extension-safe eyeliner and eye serum! These premium products, combined with the Prolong Lash Foaming Pump, can help you create a comprehensive and captivating retail experience that keeps your clients coming back for more.


Ultimately, the choice between Prolong Lash Cleanser Concentrate and Foaming Pump depends on your business model, client preferences, and personal preference as a lash artist. If you value a highly customizable solution, want to control the strength of the Cleanser, and prefer a concentrated product that lasts longer, the Cleanser Concentrate might be your best choice. On the other hand, if you prioritize convenience, a gentle yet effective cleanse, and a product ready to use out of the bottle, the Foaming Pump is likely the better fit for your lash business.

Concentrates or foaming pumps, what doesn't change is the practical results of the product. Prolong Lash can help you build your brand, attract more customers, and grow your business as a lash artist. Become a Prolong Lash Partner today!