Eyelash extensions are all the rage; by the looks of it, this trend is not slowing down. Imagine waking up to beautiful long lashes every day without any beauty hacks. It seems too good to be true. Lash extensions are a great addition to your beauty regime despite their upkeep. So, you are on the right track if you are considering getting those beauties. However, with all the different lash styles available, you must know what suits you. Here are some of the lash extension types and styles you need to be mindful of to make an informed decision. 

Eyelash Extension types 

Russian Volume Lashes

Eyelash Extension types - Russian Volume Lashes I Prolong Lash

Russian Volume may be suitable for you if you want your eyes to do the talking. Two or more synthetic lashes crafted into a fan are attached to each of your natural lashes. Although you will have more lashes at the end of the session, you won’t feel the weight because the attached lashes are lightweight. The process includes either your lash artist creating a handmade fan from single extensions or using fans that have been pre-made, giving the lash line a fuller and lusher look. However, they lean a bit on the pricier side compared to classics and may require you to book at least a 3-hour session. If you have sparse lashes, they can be a great option to make your eyes pop; however, if you are blessed with long and thick lashes, volume lashes can give you an exaggerated appearance. 

Mega Volume Lashes

Eyelash Extension types - Mega Volume Lashes I Prolong Lash

If Russian Volume is not dramatic enough for you, Mega Volumes is the way forward. 6 to 16 lashes are attached to a single lash in this process! Imagine how full and beautiful your lashes will look. However, you have to be mindful that if your natural lashes cannot hold the weight of the extensions, you will end up damaging your natural lashes. Therefore, it will be worth asking your lash artist about the health of your lashes before opting for this style. A highly skilled lash artist is required to attach these lashes, so ensure you ask your lash artist about their experience. 

Hybrid Lashes

Eyelash Extension types - Hybrid Lashes I Prolong Lash

If you want to take the middle ground, hybrid lashes or mixed sets can fulfil your desire to have gorgeous eyes sans the dramatic look. The process includes the subtle touch of classic lashes and a hint of fuller volume lashes. The result: beautiful and noticeable eyes. Based on your lash density, eye and face shape, and desired look, your eyelash artist will customise the size, volume, thickness, and curls to enhance your look. If you have had classic lashes before, the next natural step would be to move on to hybrid lashes, as they are understated yet defining. 

Classic Lashes

Eyelash Extension types - Classic Lashes I Prolong Lash

If you want lashes that look natural, classic lashes can be a great way to enhance your eyes. A single lash extension is attached to each of your natural lashes. While it may not add a lot of thickness to your lashes, it will add length and an effortless curl. At the consultation time, your lash artist will help you to choose the type of curl, length, and thickness you want to use.


There is a range of curls to choose from, and all have their purpose, based on how natural or dramatic you want your lashes to look and what will compliment your eye shape and style you are going for.

Relaxed Curls – J, B, and C

These curls are excellent for close-set eyes or people with slimmer, oval, or oblong face shapes. These curls are not ideal for straight or downward-facing natural lashes.

Tight Curls – CC, D, L, L+, V, and M

These are tighter curls and create a more prominent lift. They are ideal for people with wider set eyes and those with a round face shape. L and L+ are excellent choices for hooded eyes, where much of the eyelid cannot be seen when the eyes are open because these curls extend from beneath the hood and create the appearance of a more open eye. In the image bellow you can see an example of L Curl: 

 Eyelash Extension Curl - L Curl I Prolong Lash


The length of the extensions generally varies from 5mm to 15mm, though they can be longer or shorter than this. It is important to note that the weight of the lash length you choose should be able to be held by your natural lashes. Your lash artist should measure your natural lash. We recommend that the extension is no longer than 1/3 longer than the natural lash. This means that 2/3 of the extension is supported by the natural lash. Remember, you should have multiple sizes applied with each set. Anywhere from 4-10 different lengths is expected. This is how your lash artist will create the right shape and style for your eyes and face.


The thickness of the lash extension your lash artist selects will depend on the type of set you get as well as the strength of your natural lashes. The thickness of extensions ranges from 0.03 to 0.25. generally, thicknesses from 0.03-0.07 are used for Russian and Mega volume sets, and 0.10-0.15 are used for classic.

Eyelash extensions styles

Doll eye

Eyelash Extension Style - Doll Eye I Prolong Lash

If you have small, hooded, or almond-shaped eyes, doll eyes can help your eyes pop. The longer lashes are attached in the centre of your lash line, while shorter lashes are attached to the corners, giving your eyes a rounded effect, drawing attention to the middle, and making your eyes look wide. 


Eyelash Extension Style - Cat Eye I Prolong Lash

Cat eye style will create that effect if you want to emulate cats’ delicate yet ultra-feminine eyes. Longer lashes are attached to the outer corner of your eyes, and shorter ones are fixed in the inner corner, creating elegant eyes. If you have small eyes, it adds length to your eyes, making them look wider. 

Natural eye

Eyelash Extension Style - Natural Eye Shape I Prolong Lash

As the name suggests, if you want a natural look, natural eyes will help you achieve it. It has similarities to the cat-eye shape but is much less dramatic. These extensions are suitable for any eye shape, which makes them a versatile option. The lashes attached on the outer corner are a little longer, and the rest of the lashes are attached following your natural lash line shape, giving it a subtle curve towards the outer corner. 

Staggered eye

Eyelash Extension Style - Staggered Eye I Prolong Lash

As the name suggests, it gives a staggered look making your lashes look thick and plump. Long and short lashes are attached alternately to create beautiful eyes in an unstructured yet synchronised way. If you don’t want your eyes to look dramatic with Russian volumes yet want a bit of thickness and drama, staggered lash style can fulfill that criteria.

Coloured Lashes

Eyelash Extension Style - Coloured lashes I Prolong Lash

Don’t feel too overwhelmed by the word ‘coloured’ lashes. They add a playful touch to your eyes. If you are feeling experimental, go completely coloured with your lash extensions, from underplaying with neutral shades of dark browns and mahogany to going utterly wild with brighter shades of violet, pinks, blues, and greens. If you want to play with colours but also want to tone them down, highlighting your eyes with a few lashes of colour can create an understated chic look. Colour lashes with fans attached to your lash line’s outer corners can give your eyes a cool and stylish vibe. 

Wispy Lashes

Eyelash Extension Style - Wispy Lashes I Prolong Lash

Imitating staggered lashes, wispy lashes use a mix of long and short lashes, but they are not evenly distributed. They create a staggered effect but in a wispy fashion. If you are a Kim Kardashian or Kylie Jenner fan, these are the lashes you should go for. They make your eyes look dreamy and full. You could go for classic, hybrid, or Volume, depending on how dramatic or subtle you want your eyes to look.

Eyelash Extension Aftercare

While eyelash extensions are a great way to enhance your looks, they may not last long if you do not look after them. Lash aftercare is as essential as the lashes themselves. You will hear your lash artist emphasising the importance of keeping your lashes clean, and if you don’t look after them, unlike other beauty treatments, you will see the poor outcome very quickly. Staying away from oil-free products is essential, and the beauty products on the market claiming to be oil-free may not work effortlessly for expensive beauty treatments like lash extensions. Using the right products for lashes is highly important. Prolong lash’s aftercare range has been formulated to look after your delicate lashes. Washing your lashes with an effective cleanser that doesn’t damage your lashes is imperative. Known for its effectiveness, our cleanser is recommended by lash artists across 85 countries. If you want to highlight your beautiful eyes, Prolong Lash’s oil-free eyeliner can be your most trusted beauty product because its purpose-formulated ingredients do not damage lash adhesive, and it is easy to remove with a soft make-up cloth. 

Lashes are great and will give you a heightened level of confidence; however, look after your lashes well and seek knowledge on the myths of lash extensions to be well informed and make the right decision.