Some of your clients may want eyelash extensions, and some may opt for a lash lifts. While eyelash extensions are popular worldwide, they certainly aren't for every client. Whatever your clients' choice, to run a successful business as a lash artist, your job is to provide your client with the best lash experience they have ever had, the perfect set of lashes for your client's eyes, and a clear guide to how to look after them. Before we delve into the best practices for eyelash aftercare, let's run through once again how exactly these two techniques of enhancing lashes work.

What are Lash Lifts?

Lash Lift


If your clients have naturally medium to long lashes, lash lifts can be a great option to enhance them. Lash lift is a chemical process where the lashes are lifted and curled using various creams and treatments. As a finishing touch, the lashes can be tinted with a naturally darkened hue resulting in long-looking, dark, and beautiful lashes.

However, the result on short or sparse lashes can be somewhat underwhelming, so it's essential to manage your clients' expectations so that they understand they won't magically be getting voluminous lashes by magically boosting their short eyelashes. If your client has short eyelashes and a lash lift won't do much to highlight their lashes, you best be upfront about it, provide them with alternative solutions, and help them make an informed decision.

What are Lash Extensions?

Eyelash Extensions


While lash lifts work well for clients with medium to long lashes, eyelash extensions make no such discrimination. Anyone who desires to have naturally long or dramatic lashes can achieve them. It's even a popular technique to apply shorter extensions or the same length as your clients' natural lashes; this achieves a full, thick look. Some clients who have naturally long lashes don't actually desire to increase the length. Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent lashes that are attached to your natural lashes with a specially formulated adhesive. One can choose a classic look by having single synthetic lashes glued to each of their natural eyelashes or adding more drama by opting for Russian Volume lashes, which have three or more fans attached to each of the natural lashes. Gorgeous as they may look, you must reiterate during and after the application how to maintain them in pristine condition. You can read our blog How to manage client aftercare .

Aftercare for Lash Lifts

Aftercare for Lash Lift


Maintenance-wise, clients with lash lifts may give you fewer panic attacks. However, it would help if you expressed that they need to adhere strictly to the rules for the first 24 hours. You can print these aftercare instructions and give them to your clients.


  • No water, steam, or moisture: The first 24 hours after your treatment are critical for your lashes to set; therefore, avoid exposing them to extreme steam, moisture, or humidity. Inability to follow these instructions may cause your lashes to droop.
  • Don't fiddle: Your lashes look perfect, we promise you! Try to admire them in front of the mirror without touching them. The oils on your hands can transfer and have adverse effects on your lashes. If you don't want your lashes to fall out prematurely, fiddling with them would be the last thing you want to do.
  • Leave them alone: For the next 24 hours, treat your eye area as the most sacred spot there is. Keep them free of adulterated products like shampoos, conditioners, makeup, moisturizers, serums, or oils from your eyes. Using the above products may interfere with the lash tint to fade and your lift to wilt.
  • Sleep better later: If you love to sleep face down, sprawled in bed, without a care in the world, you aren't alone. But for the next 24 hours, be a bit uncomfortable and sleep on your back. You want your lash lifts to set in, and sleeping your usual way won't help, neither will wearing an eye mask. Your eyelashes deserve one night of sacrifice from you.
  • Keep them conditioned: It is essential to keep your lashes hydrated and nourished all the time. Keep them clean and conditioned. Prolong Lash cleanser, and foaming packs are formulated especially for eyelash extensions and eyelash lifts. They are oil-free, vegan friendly, and are extraordinarily gentle to your skin.


Aftercare for eyelash extensions

Aftercare for Eyelash Extensions


Your clients will be so delighted or obsessed with looking at themselves in the mirror that there is a good chance they won't pay attention to your repeated aftercare instructions. We must take the time to set your clients up for success when it comes to taking care of their new investment.

Here is the list you need to hand them outlining the importance of good lash aftercare:


  • Wash lashes immediately: Gone are those days when washing lashes was a controversial topic. The lash industry has evolved over the years, and so has the quality and formulation of the adhesives used. The key ingredient used in lash adhesives is cyanoacrylate which cures depending on the humidity levels in the air. Therefore, the drying time of the glue depends mainly on the temperature; the warmer the temperature, the quicker it will cure, which means you can wash their lashes immediately! Quite contrary to belief, washing eyelashes thoroughly and immediately reduces the chance of a reaction.
  • Extreme heat: By extreme heat, we don't mean hairdryers; we mean if eyelashes are exposed to open flames, outdoor heaters, hot ovens, cigarette lighters, and their likes. So, if you are a chef, smoker, or dining out on a chilly winter night outdoors, stay away from excessive heat emanating devices.
  • Keep them clean: Washing your lashes is imperative. You want them to stay looking great for as long as you can, as well as protect them from infections like blepharitis lash mite infestations. Prolong Lash Cleanser is specifically formulated to gently cleanse your lashes, keeping your extensions looking great for longer.
  • Be cautious: Unlike standard advice, we say go for a swim, skinny dipping in the wild, or relax in the pool. While the harmful effects of chlorine in water on extensions are not confirmed, sunscreen can have an adverse impact, so ensure you wash your lashes thoroughly. Similarly, if you sleep on your stomach, invest in a satin or silk pillow to avoid your lashes getting yanked. However, we recommend you sleep on your back or side if you want to keep those beauties looking perfect.
  • Avoid: You don't need lash lifts and lash curlers if you have got extensions. Don't abuse your beautifully applied extensions; they can only take so much! And more so, these treatments will cause damage to your lashes.


Remind your clients that, like everything else, their lashes are not forever, and therefore to maintain them, they need to return for their infill on a 2 to 3-week cycle.

Either eyelash lifts or eyelash extensions, it doesn't matter! Focus on giving the best service to your clients and show some TLC by giving them the best advice on prolonging the life of their newly applied lashes. Providing accurate advice to your clients builds trust in your relationships and loyalty toward your business.