Imagine waking up every day to naturally long lashes or not having to worry about applying layers of mascara to make your eyes pop before you head out. If you have had your eyelash extensions done recently, you can get one thing checked off your bucket list— you finally have the long, beautiful, and natural-looking lashes you have always desired.

But are your lashes falling out? Are you afraid your lash extensions are causing your lashes to shed? We can assure you lash extensions are safe. Still, it is also essential to remember that lashes require you to play your part in their longevity, unlike some other beauty treatments. They need more awareness, care, and commitment to make them your best beauty investment. Therefore, it is essential to be aware of what is causing your lashes to come off and how you can prevent them. In this article, we’re sharing our top seven reasons why your lashes might be falling out and how you can take care of them for the better!

Lash artist

Your lash artist can be the reason why your eyelash extensions are falling out I Prolong Lash

Choosing a lash artist can be overwhelming, especially with the growing number of lash artists available. Therefore, it is essential to thoroughly research who will provide you with their service. Ensure they are certified, suss them out on Google Reviews, have a chat with them over the phone, or even book a consultation session and ask them the right questions on what products and tools they will use, what the session will entail, and how they will support you after the session. A good lash artist will provide detailed information and not charge any hidden costs. If they charge you less than the average cost, it could be a red flag that they are compromising on their service or the products used, which may cause your lashes to shed.

Lash shedding

Lash shedding can be the cause why your Eyelash Extensions are Falling Out I Prolong Lash USA

It is a lash artist's job to educate you about the stages of lash cycle and lash shedding. Before having extensions, you may have noticed isolated fallen natural lashes, but the lash shedding process may have become more apparent with extensions. Remember, extensions are thicker, longer, and darker than natural lashes. It will be very easy to spot one that has naturally been shed from the lash line.

Like many other animals, humans also undergo the 3-stages of growing and shedding hair. Shocking, isn't it? The growth stage is called Anagen, where the old hair follicles push the new ones, which can cause lash fall. This stage lasts between 4-6 weeks. The transition stage, Catagen, makes the hair follicles shrink and slow growth, so you may not notice any shedding at this stage which lasts for 2-3 weeks. The last phase, Telogen, is the resting stage, where the lashes stay rested, waiting to be pushed out by a new hair follicle. Half of your hair follicles will undergo this process over 12-16 weeks.

These stages happen across seasons, so if you notice lashes falling out in spring, this is a sign your body is preparing for the warmer weather. However, if you see an increase in lashes shedding in fall, this is likely a result of a lack of sunlight that causes hair to become brittle and easily breakable. So, you can rest easy if you fit into the normal process of lash shedding. To support the natural process of shedding, you must ensure you clean your lashes and wash them regularly. It's also super important not to inhibit the natural shedding process. Lashes that cannot shed when ready due to poor application or insufficient home care rot in the hair follicle and are more likely to cause infections.

Neglecting lash aftercare

Prolong Lash Aftercare products will prevent your eyelash extensions from falling out

Did your lash artist hand you an aftercare kit? Have you been sidestepping your aftercare routine? Well, that could be one of the main reasons why your lashes are shedding. Aftercare  and cleaning your eyelash extensions properly are critical aspects of lash extension longevity. Eyelashes work as filters; their natural function is to stop dirt and dead skin cells from entering your eyes. However, if they are not kept clean, they will cause a build-up of these dirt particles causing irritation around the eye area and blocking hair follicles and oil glands. This may cause your lashes to shed prematurely.

Sometimes lashes stuck to a neighbouring lash could pull at one another as their growth rates differ. This can cause discomfort and inflammation and potentially cause one lash to pull another out of the follicle before it's ready, leaving a gap, or causing a dead lash to remain lodged in the follicle, which can cause infection.

Prolong Lash products are exclusively formulated for lash extensions to help clean and preserve your delicate lashes. They are highly effective and are used by lash artists and their clients across 80 countries worldwide. They are oil-free, vegan friendly, and made from natural ingredients, making them ideal for skin types and reducing the chances of allergies.

Beauty routine

Your beauty routine can be the reason why your eyelash extensions are falling out I Prolong Lash

You love your new lashes but you also love using your favourite beauty products. Many products not purpose-made for use with eyelash extensions can actually cause damage and premature lash loss when applied to and closely around the eye area. Never fear; you don't necessarily have to ditch your favourite eye makeup look; just look for oil-free products! Prolong Lash's oil-free eyeliner will help to enhance your eyes, while the world's first eye serum formulated especially for lash extensions will help to keep your eye area hydrated and supple without interfering with your lashes.

If you have naturally oily skin, spend long hours in the gym or sauna, or are prone to build-up of eye debris when you sleep, you must take extra caution to avoid premature lash fallout. Your lash artist needs to be aware of this so they can take extra care and wash your lashes thoroughly before the lash session. You must also keep them clean and follow a strict aftercare routine.


Your lifestyle can affect your eyelash extensions retention

If you like to go for a dip in the pool but don't wash your lashes immediately, it may compromise your lash retention. While there is no evidence to suggest that chlorine or salt water affects lash extensions, it's fairly common for people to go for a dip wearing sunscreen or oil-based skin care products that easily spread down to the lash line once you dunk your head under water. Something that is commonly noticed is that salt water from swimming or even tears can cause lash clumping or for volume fans to close. This is easily remedied by giving the lashes a good cleanse as soon as possible after any activity that involves wetting extensions with salty water.

If you have had a rigorous physical training session, the sweat may spread to your lash line. Again, this can cause some clumping and volume fans to close. Summer can be a month of ultra-caution for you to keep washing your lashes with an easy-to-carry cleanser everywhere. Prolong Lash's foaming pump can be a handy tool to carry with you to quickly wipe your face and keep eyelashes clean anywhere you go.

Missed an appointment?

Missed lash appointments can be the cause of eyelash extensions poor retention

Lash extensions require commitment and care. If you have looked after your lashes as per your lash tech’s instructions yet you are losing lashes; chances are your infill session is due. Sometimes your lashes may shed earlier than usual, possibly because your lashes are undergoing the lash shedding cycle, and you may require an earlier appointment.

Ideally, you should keep up to date with appointments to ensure you have an ongoing full set of beautiful lashes. If you leave too much time between each appointment, your lash artist will meet the challenge of having to fill more lashes in a timeframe that is simply too short. If you do this every infill, you will find your infills more and more sparse and eventually will need to opt for a full set. So save yourself time and money in the long run, and schedule your infills to suit your own lash cycle.

Medical condition

For better lash retention, it is good to share any medical conditions with your eyelash artist

If you have any of these medical conditions— eye allergies, blepharitis, skin cancer, alopecia, diabetes, trichotillomania or are on medications, they may have side effects relating to lash loss. It would help to inform your eyelash artist to schedule shorter in-between infill durations.

Eyelash extensions can be one of the best beauty hacks for people with a busy schedule. Without worrying about putting on makeup, they make you feel fabulous from the moment you open your eyes in the morning. However, all good things come with a price: your dedication to washing your lashes. 

But surely those extraordinary lashes make up for the effort you will put in to care for them. Don't forget, that you are not only caring for your extensions but also the longevity of your natural lashes and your overall eye health. If you haven't been washing your lashes yet, never fear; it's not too late to start, and you will be amazed by how much better your eyes feel when they are clean. Discover the range of Prolong Lash cleanser concentrate and foaming cleanser products to perfect your aftercare routine online now.