While doing lashes on your clients gives you extreme joy, you may be struggling with the way they manage their aftercare. Apart from repeatedly asking them to keep their lashes clean, you may be left in a tight spot when they ask for your advice about using their eye cream or serum.

Being a quintessential product for anyone's skincare routine, advising against using them wouldn't be fair. So, all these years, your client and you may have compromised on how to use their serum— applying their oil-based eye creams/serums anyway but using it away from their extensions to keep the oils from interfering with their lash retention. A struggle, nonetheless.

Prolong Lash has been closely listening to all your woes and the forever battle between lash retention and using their eye serum. What if we told you that after years of research, we finally bring you the Prolong Lash Oil-Free Hydrating Eye Serum specially formulated for eyelash extensions? You can jump with utter joy or do a twirl, if you may because this product is not only the best solution to your clients' problem but will also be one of your bestselling products to retail. To help you be the best at selling this product, we give you some reasons to convince your clients that this eye serum is NOT what they WANT but is what they NEED in their lives.

All about your eyes

All about the eyes I prolong lash

You may have young clients who aren't very fussed about forgoing their eye serum or aren't using any at all. For such clients, you find yourself having to educate them about the need to introduce a carefully thought-out skincare routine. Skin experts reveal one should start actively looking after their skin from as early as their 20s. Going by the axiom, 'prevention is better than cure,' an eye serum can provide the under eye's necessary hydration to prevent premature skin aging. Since the skin around our eyes has fewer oil glands than the rest of our faces, constant blinking, squinting, smiling, and crying add to the overuse of that area.

With time, the structure around our eyes weakens, loses elasticity, and wrinkles begin to appear. Not to forget, external factors such as winds, UV rays, and pollution also tend to affect this area further. Just using a moisturizer is not enough to keep the eye area hydrated; it is essential to use a serum created to treat your delicate eye area that needs an extra bit of TLC because of how it is structured. Using our Oil-Free Eye Serum while wearing eyelash extensions will be the best move your clients could make to treat that delicate eye area and face without worrying about lash retention.

Sensitive Skin

People with sensitive skin should use an eye serum

Some of us are lucky to have normal skin, and trying anything new doesn't bother us. But someone with susceptible skin will tell you how wary they are of stepping out of their usual routine to try anything on their skin. You may have clients belonging to the latter category. The best thing about Prolong Lash Oil-Free Hydrating Eye Serum is that the hero ingredient of our product is hyaluronic acid. Apart from its innumerable benefits, hyaluronic acid is also naturally produced by our bodies, thereby reducing the chances of an allergic reaction.

Studies have shown that hyaluronic acid helps heal inflammation and repair tissues. It also aids in retaining moisture, keeping skin supple, and delaying wrinkles. Using a heavy moisturizing cream around that delicate eye area may cause a condition called milia, where white bumps appear containing hardened keratin. Our eye serum is water-based, which can be a win-win for someone with ultra-sensitive skin and lash extensions.


Oily skin

Oil can be a problem for skin and lash extensions

If your clients have oily skin, it must be a constant conundrum for them to fight their overworked oil glands. With not many water-based products in the market, their quest to find the perfect product is for real. Prolong Lash Oil-Free Hydrating Eye Serum will provide them with the moisture they need, keep their pores from getting further clogged, and therefore eliminate the occurrence of breakouts.

Our Oil-Free eye serum can be used around the eye area and on the entire face without having to worry about adding unnecessary greasy sheen to their face. Our product is entirely devoid of oils or any oily ingredients, which may cause redness and itchiness. However, considering the skin naturally produces oil, washing their lashes with a Lash Bath made from Prolong Lash Concentrate whenever they get too sweaty should become a crucial part of their everyday lash care routine. You can and should retail these two great products together to your clients.


Not open to changes

You may have clients who are not open-minded about trying new products only because they love their brands or are generally not open to change. However, as a lash artist, you can see that their obstinance is affecting their lashes. It can be hard to convince them to change their eye serum because you don't want to lose a client by trying to appear as trying hard to sell them a product. You will have to take it slow.

Start with taking before-after photos of their lashes. Show them the photos when they come back for their infills and when they notice their lashes have had considerable damage due to their oil-based serum, they will be able to make a wiser decision. As your clients start using Prolong Lash Hydrating Eye Serum, they will become aware of the product's benefits on their lashes and skin.

Prolong Lash can solve your clients skincare problems


As a lash artist, you would be doing your clients a favour by retailing the Prolong Lash Hydrating Eye Serum to them. Just like our Concentrate and lash bath pumps, our products are of superior quality and designed entirely to increase the longevity of your lashes. We deeply care about the lash community and its clients. This product will help you grow your retail business with excellent customer service and elevate your reputation with your clients as a trusted expert.