When you start your lash business, you want to ensure you are taking the proper steps. First, of course, the standard advice would be to start your business pages on social media platforms to put your word across and reach out to a broader audience. But, while that is one of the most essential steps, the first step should be to start your website. 

You may put the thought of having your business website on the backburner either because you think you are too early on in your business building to have a professional website. Perhaps you already have a large social media following and consider having a website as an additional cost. And sometimes, the idea of managing a website seems complicated and may feel like you will need to acquire a new skill to manage it.

At Prolong Lash, we couldn't impress more with the importance and impact a website can have on your business. Here are a few key points on why you should have your website irrespective of operating from home or having a striving business in a commercial location.

1. A website can increase your lash salon’s visibility

A website can increase your lash salon’s visibility - Prolong Lash

75% of customers start their journey by looking online for a service, so your business needs to be discoverable. Most companies use Google My Business to list their services with all the details to make them visible in search engine results; however, having a website will drive more traffic and increase your chances for potential customers to convert into clients. Maintaining a blog with focussed content and internally linking pages will increase the visitor's time spent on your website, signalling to Google that your website is active and is producing new content. This enables Google to index your website and make it appear in the user's top search results ever so often, which may not be possible without a website. Your business may get buried among many others offering similar services in your area. 

2. It gives your Lash Business Trust and Credibility

When a potential client is looking for a lash artist in their local area, they want to make sure they know what they are opting for. It could be the location of your salon, the services you offer, and the fees you charge. Having this information on your website allows them a seamless experience to choose your services. As a lash artist, having your website will also allow you the freedom to own the content on your page. As opposed to having business pages on social media platforms, you will have autonomy on your website. You will be able to provide information and content that you deem fit to identify with your brand and personality. A website gives you freedom over your content and your client's clarity of information. 

3. A website reinforces your lash salon's brand identity

A website is your non-competitive space where you can be the best version of your brand. Ensure your website reflects your brand, tells your story, and builds trust in your services. Blogs are an excellent way to promote yourself as an expert. Speckle your website with customer reviews and photos to add more credibility to your business. 

Research says customers take as few as 4 seconds to decide after opening the website if they want to continue, so it becomes imperative to have a professional website to build trust in your brand.  

4. It allows you to incorporate an online booking system

a lash salon's website can have an online booking system i prolong lash

We are living in an 'instant age.' Customers find it way easier to book a service online than they would be making an 'arduous' phone call. Having a website with accessible online booking services and a secure payment gateway will make your clients and your life easy. It saves your time as a lash artist and increases your productivity level. You don't have to worry about missing an opportunity to book calls if you miss them. If you aren't too fond of the constant ringing of your phone to book calls, online bookings come to your rescue.

Research says that bookings made online also result in fewer no-shows or cancellations, which helps you defeat the challenge of readjusting your appointment bookings and saving money and time. Additionally, the ease of booking any time and from anywhere and the convenience of choosing the next available time for your customers give them a sense of control without feeling pressured or nudged to accept your service. Ensure you keep the booking process seamless and straightforward. A website helps you build a successful business. 

5. You can have an Online Lash Retail Store

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is that you need a Plan B for your business. As opposed to how popular and sought-after lash extensions are, it did take a hit, and as lash artists, you did have a setback. Having an online retail store can help you continue with a steady income stream. According to research conducted by Commonwealth Bank in 2021,

49% of Australians shopped more from local retailers amidst the pandemic. Considering you already have your loyal clientele, a business reputation, a social media presence, and a website, your retail product line can add value to your business and customer service. The ease of having access to beauty products they need and ordering them whenever they want seems like a better deal. Prolong Lash aftercare products are loved across 80 countries; becoming a Reseller with us will allow you to buy them at unbelievable discounts and earn a 60% profit margin by selling them online. 

Among many other tasks you are doing to grow your business, having a website should be on top of your list. It is never too late. 

Good Luck!