We've all been confronted with the daunting news - no more servicing clients! 

Whilst we remain optimistic on how long the ban will go on for, it's important to have a backup plan.

It's time to think outside the box!  For many of us, we're often working within the business to make ends meet, and for the times that we do put aside to work on business stuff, what do you know? There's a client that's desperate for a set of lashes, or someone's called in sick and just like that, we're sucked back into the salon vortex!

Doesn't it feel strange not having that noise in the background?  You may be secretly enjoying the downtime, and if you are, good for you, you deserve it!

But for those who are finding themselves bored out of their brains & stressing about keeping their businesses afloat, we have a suggestion for you.

It's time to go ONLINE!

Yes, you're probably already online in some shape or form - Facebook, Instagram, a salon website, etc.  All great ways of connecting with your clients.  It's time now to take a step back and really reflect on your content.  How can you improve?

Here's 3 ways you can grow your lash business online 

Sell your retail products online.

Lash Artist profiting by selling lash retail products

They are sitting all alone in an empty salon & they could be making someone's day!  You may be able to get an e-commerce add-on for your website.  If not, we highly recommend Shopify for beginners as no website design experience is required. Alternatively, we are offering our customers an out the box solution pre-loading with select Prolong Lash Aftercare products to help you grow your retail business with ease. Ask us how to get started today.

Create your own aftercare range and add this to your online store. 

Prolong Lash aftercare range is perfect to add to your online store.

Is the entrepreneur in you wanting to be let out of the cage?  Well, we've made it easy for you to create your own cleanser.  We've got the goods - all you need is your own label with your logo. Are you ready? Important to note though,  If you would like to make and label your own cleanser then that’s ok with us. But, make sure you check-in with your insurance company & local authorities to ensure you have the appropriate level of insurance, and you are complying with your local authority regulations in relation to that practice.

Create your own training content.

Woman creating her own training content for lash artists

 Do you offer lash training at your salon? Why don't you look into how to create a course online? Perhaps you could be offering the theory modules to be available to study online? Let students gain their lash knowledge remotely so they're pumped and ready to go post lockdown.

We hope this has given you some inspiration & food for thought. If you would like some further advice or direction during this difficult time, we'd love to help. Email us at info@prolonglash.com.au - until then, take care & stay safe!