When a client walks out of your salon for the first time with perfect lashes, you and they know that their beauty routine won’t be the same anymore. As their trusted lash artist, you will have to educate them about the importance of a dedicated skincare routine and bid them to clean their lashes with sincerity. The predicament here could be understanding your client’s varying skin types, convincing them to change their current beauty products, and recommending them the right products that would enhance their skin and protect their lashes at the same time. As an expert, your client will depend on you to choose an effective aftercare range. Before recommending a suitable aftercare range that wouldn’t damage their eyelash extensions, you need to be aware of some considerations.

Essential Tips for Selecting the Right Lash Aftercare Products

1. Understand your client’s skin type

 Understand your lash client’s skin type

The generally accepted skin types are: normal, oily, dry, sensitive, or combination. Many products are available to address these skin types, but the options narrow down with eyelash extensions because of the ingredients that might damage your lashes. Always start with a consultation with your client. This would be an excellent time to decide if lash extensions are suitable for your client or not. It would be worth noting their medical history or any past allergies. Ask them about their skincare routine and what products they use. If they are oil-based or waterproof, they will have to be changed or used far from the eye as they are not conducive to clean lash lines.

 2. Ask your clients’ needs

Ask your clients’ needs

Most clients who want eyelash extensions are influenced by the beauty and convenience of having ready-to-go lashes; however, sometimes, they do not anticipate the strict aftercare guidelines that come with it. It’s your job to bridge the gap by educating them and understanding their needs. You will need to enlighten them on what entails after they get their lashes done and ask them about what they want to achieve from their beauty routine. For example, some may have a strict cleansing routine, some can’t do without eye serum, and some need their makeup. It would be best to consider all of their needs before recommending an aftercare range to help them achieve their beauty goals.

3. Educate your client

Educate your client

Your client may have been pretty confident in their skincare routine until they have had their eyelash extensions. Now, you will have to step in as the expert, the guide, and the enlightener. Inform them about the glue used to bond each lash and its tendency to deteriorate when constantly exposed to the elements, dirt, sleep, dead skin cells, and other nasties attracted to the eye area and the high chances of build-up along the lash line and lash shedding. You also need to steer them to a list of eyelash-extensions-specific products. It is, however, essential to do your research on the products and their efficacy before the recommendation. Because initiating the right products to your clients is integral to your reputation and building a trusting relationship with your client. 

What is a good aftercare range for eyelash extensions?

Finding products that would help keep lashes clean, rejuvenate and enhance skin without weakening the glue, or makeup products that wouldn’t interfere with lash retention can be a bit of an uphill fight. When doing your product research, you may come across beauty products on the market that claims to be oil-free. However, it would help if you were mindful that most of these products may not address the real concerns of eyelash extensions, and they have not been purpose formulated for use on eyes and eyelash extensions.

Unfortunately, for a long time, lash artists and clients have been trying to find a middle ground for using products that are essential to their beauty routine or altogether forgoing them to salvage the life of their lashes. A good aftercare range addresses the concerns of its clients’ lashes and skin while also giving the lash artist confidence and faith in the products that deliver results.

Prolong Lash aftercare range

Prolong Lash aftercare range

  • Lash Cleanser : Prolong Lash is borne out of concern for lash artists and their clients. When launched, at a time when baby shampoos were used as the only alternative to washing lashes, Prolong Lash’s cleanser took the lash community by storm. Although it was formulated especially for eyelash extensions, it was not just any cleanser to clean lashes, but it guaranteed to extend the lifespan of eyelash extensions. Used by lash artists and clients across 80 countries, it has been a go-to cleanser to provide a deep clean to eyelash extensions and to wash the entire face. Free from oil or any oil-based ingredients, it is pH balanced and gentle on the skin of any type. 


  • Eye serum: For many years, clients have been pleading with their lash artist to allow them to use their eye serum, and lash artists have been relenting to these pleas. Prolong Lash under eye hydrating eye serum addresses the critical need of clients of all ages and lash artists alike. It is formulated with hyaluronic acid, known for its intense hydrating properties. This is a safe product to recommend to your clients irrespective of their skin type because it will not only hydrate their undereye area (and their face) but also not damage their lashes. Recommend using it twice a day, and their skin will stay supple and hydrated.


  • Eyeliner: One of the best parts of having lashes is you wake up looking beautiful and confident. If your client likes to enhance their eyes further, Prolong Lash oil free eyeliner is a perfect companion for their lashes. With its precise felt tip and intense black pigment with a satin finish, they can create the perfect line without the fear of any oil transferring to their lashes. Being water-based makes removing it easy, too, keeping their lashes intact.  


Formulated especially for eyelash extensions and being water-based, Prolong Lash aftercare range is lightweight, making any skin type feel clean and fresh. In addition, Prolong Lash aftercare range has antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, which makes it an excellent aftercare range to recommend to your client irrespective of their skin type and their needs.