When you start your business as a lash artist, most of your focus is acquiring new clients. But did you know, according to a study, acquiring a new customer can cost you five times more than retaining an existing client, and a loyal client can increase your profits by 25-95% as opposed to a new client who will only add to 5- 20%?

While we encourage you to persist in gathering new clients, we also heavily emphasise creating your loyal clientele. As a lash artist, you know the importance of a returning customer. Nothing breaks your heart more than when a client doesn't return to avail of your services again. As a beginner, you may feel shaky about your lashing skills, and as an established entrepreneur, you may overlook that non-returning customer. However, it is essential to constantly review your business through the eyes of your clients to improve and grow. Here are a few reasons to ponder over what mistakes you made as a lash artist and why you are losing your clients:

Poor Customer Service

A business is not only about selling a product or service. It is about offering an experience. Customers need to feel special from the moment they walk into your salon to the point they step out and after. Say one day you woke up on the wrong side of the bed or were feeling under the weather, and you may not have been as interactive or pleasant in your approach to greeting your clients; this could have impacted your client's decision deeply on deciding not to come back. 

  • What could you do? If you wake up feeling ill or have had a bad session with a client, allow yourself to heal. Don't push yourself to work. Instead, look after yourself and get back to business when you are ready to deal with clients. 

Your lash expertise failed to meet expectations

Sometimes clients are sure of what they want, but many rely entirely on your expertise. Either way, you have to ensure you display your skills and knowledge. If you sounded unsure of providing the lashes your clients wanted or showed confusion on what they were referring to, the client might have deemed you not suitable for the lash job they are seeking. Perhaps you did not inspire them.

  • What could you do? Like any other profession, being on top of your game is crucial for self-development. In today's internet world, all clients are empowered by easy access to information and trends. However, you have to have more knowledge than what they find Googling. So, invest in upskilling and learning about new trends. Educate them about their lashes, lash shedding and lash aftercare. Being able to communicate clearly to provide them with a solution to their problems, guidance, and advice to their apprehensions will impress your clients and help them trust your service. 

Lash Salon Experience Didn't Meet Client Expectations

Your Lash Salon Experience needs Meet Client Expectations I Prolong Lash

Imagine going to a restaurant that you have heard raving reviews about. You step in and feel unimpressed by the ambiance. The décor is poorly executed, you wait a long time before your order arrives, and the glassware is stained; however, the food was delicious. Would you go back to that place again to eat? No, right? Look around your salon. Has your client had a similar experience? That could be the reason they never returned.

  • What could you do? Irrespective of the size of your space, consider it a priority to spruce up your place. You don't have to spend a fortune on it. Create a welcoming space. Regularly dust the area and keep it tidy. Decorate with flowers, wall arts, and rugs. Invest in a comfortable lash bed and add a comfy throw and pillows to relax your clients. Use good quality products, and ensure you inform them about how you manage the hygiene of the tools and accessories.

Long Waiting time

Lashing is a time-intensive job. Your customers don't want to spend more time than they need to get their lashes done. If you are running behind schedule because of a late coming client, or poor scheduling, you may have made a client wait beyond their anticipated time. This may have happened on more than one occasion, and you lost your client. 

  • What could you do? You ought to show your clients you value their time as a business. You cannot afford to eat into their appointment time because of a late coming client. Stick to your schedule; to be safe, allow a gap between your appointments to make up for any delays.

No value-added service

With the proliferating number of lash artists, how do you define your point of difference? You may have loyal clients, but if you do not change with the times and provide more than what others offer, the client will look for someone else to give them more than just lashes. 

  • What could you do? It is important to revisit what you offer and what other lash artists provide. You have to identify what you can fork out that others don't. It could be a service, an experience, or your friendship. You also have to learn to listen to your current clients and what they want. Engage with them. Ask them what they would like you to offer. Perhaps they are looking for discounts and loyalty programs or new services. Maybe it's just a super cozy place to have a lash nap or a sweet treat to take home.                     

Lack of Professionalism

Lash artists must be professional

When a client books their appointment with you, remember to give them all your attention. While doing your client's lashes, if you were busy on a call or were engrossed telling your colleague about last night's dinner date, your client may assume you are not paying attention to your job and are not professional. It may irk some clients, and they never turn back to you.

  • What could you do? During the lash session, your time is your client's. Pay attention to them, whether they talk to you or take a nap. Refrain from talking to your colleagues or on the phone. Instead, put your best 'professional' foot forward and fully listen and attend to your clients.  

Neglect Client Follow-Up and Appointment Reminders

Sometimes clients come to you on a whim to get their lashes done and never return, and some clients are so busy that they tend to delay their next lash appointment. Have you been following up with them on their appointments? Have you sent them reminders for their next lashing session? Maybe your clients don't find it convenient to book an appointment on a call, and your website booking is not up-to-date for them to do it online?

What could you do? Update your website and make your booking navigation an easy process. Make it a practice to book your client's next appointment on the spot after their lash session. This way, you ensure that they show up for their next appointment. Charge a non-refundable booking fee. Send them reminders a day before their appointed time. Sending emails with new information on what you offer can also stir your non-returning clients' interest. 

Your Lash Services are too pricey

You may have relocated because your business is flourishing. Quite naturally, you may have upped your lashing fee too. If you notice you are losing clients, a change of location and increased cost may cause them to terminate their partnership with you.

  • What could you do: While the convenience of the location can be a genuine problem for your client, they may not want to pay an extra amount for the same service you have been providing them for a long time. Therefore, you will have to offer them something more, maybe a revised loyalty program or a special discount to keep your loyal clients. 


Remember, your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning. So, while you are lashing, make sure you pay attention to your clients' wants and needs.

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