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Truths and Myths About Eyelashes Extensions

Don't feel like reading? Check out our YouTube Video here.  Who doesn't get bombarded with endless questions from clients? They ask us the most diverse and, sometimes, crazy questions like: "I've heard it's better not to wash the lashes because they will last longer?" or "Do I really need to come back to have my lashes removed? Can't I just remove them at home?" – and the list goes on.  But there is a prominent villain behind this: fake news. Unfortunately, the villain of the century has reached the world of lashes, and that's why many clients feel insecure about having lashes done. And although many of their questions may seem a little silly, it's essential to answer all their questions...

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Eyelash Extensions Trends 2022

We can officially say adios to 2021. Most of us are more than happy that it is finally over, that's for sure. With the onset of the new year, there are many things we look forward to. As a lash artist, you most certainly want to know what will trend in the lash world. Looking at the way lash extensions are trailblazing a golden path, ATM, you can tell it is far from being 'just a fad.' Voted as one of the top beauty trends in 2021, we can be sure that 2022 won't be any different. We have compiled a few eyelash trends for 2022 that you may want to share with your client's. Let's go! A long story...

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Why Prolong Lash Eye Serum should be a part of your client’s skincare routine

Do you prefer to watch a video rather than read this blog? No worries, we got you! Just access our YouTube Video.  While doing lashes on your clients gives you extreme joy, you may be struggling with the way they manage their aftercare. Apart from repeatedly asking them to keep their lashes clean, you may be left in a tight spot when they ask for your advice about using their eye cream or serum. Being a quintessential product for anyone's skincare routine, advising against using them wouldn't be fair. So, all these years, your client and you may have compromised on how to use their serum— applying their oil-based eye creams/serums anyway but using it away from their extensions to keep the...

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Are Eyelash Extensions Safe For Natural Lashes?

   Don't feel like reading? Check out our YouTube Video here. Eyelash extensions are a worldwide sensation, so it's no wonder that we're experiencing such high demand for our skills as lash artists. Lash extensions have been around for a while now, so it's reasonable that expect that most of our clients are knowledgeable about the application process but have you also experienced clients that are iffy about getting them done, blasting off an endless list of questions, and yet are 100 percent of those clients convinced by what you have to say? Eventually, they politely walk away with an "I'll have a think about it and come back to you" attitude. From a client's perspective, it is pretty understandable that...

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Lash Lift Aftercare vs. Eyelash Extension Aftercare

 Don't feel like reading? Check out our Creative Director, Alicia Phoenix, telling us all about Lash Lift After Vs. Eyelash Extension Aftercare Some of your clients may want eyelash extensions, and some may opt for lash lifts. While eyelash extensions are popular worldwide, they certainly aren't for every client. Whatever your clients' choice, to run a successful business as a lash artist, your job is to provide your client with the best lash experience they have ever had, the perfect set of lashes for your client's eyes, and a clear guide to how to look after them. Before we delve into the best practices for eyelash aftercare, let's run through once again how exactly these two techniques of enhancing lashes...

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