Are you looking to wake up with stunning lashes every day? If so, eyelash extensions are the perfect way to do just that! Thanks to the different lash styles available, it's easy for everyone to find a style perfectly suited for them, no matter their eye shape or preference. From natural looks, like Classic and Hybrid to flashy, glamorous ones such as Russian Volume lashes – there's something out there for everybody! So, with all the different lash styles available, you must know what suits you. To make your life easier, we have come up with a list of the lash extension types and styles you need to be mindful of to make an informed decision.

Eyelash Extension Types 

1. Classic lashes  

Classic Lashes - Eyelash Extensions Types

Classic lashes are an excellent option if you want to enhance your eyes with a natural appearance. To achieve this look, one lash extension is attached to each natural lash for a subtle yet stunning length and curl that can take any gaze up a notch. We recommend discussing with your lash artist what kind of result you're looking for - think about the type of curl, thickness, and length. 

2. Russian Volume lashes

Eyelash Extension Type : Russian Volume lashes

If you want to make your eyes the star of any show, Russian Volume lashes could be just what you need! This method uses lightweight, carefully crafted synthetic fans for a lush and fuller look. Your lash artist will either handcraft each fan or use pre-made ones. Remember, though, that Russian Volume lashes may take up to three hours and are usually on the pricey side compared to classics. 

3. Mega Volumes lashes

Eyelash Extension Volumes: Mega Volumes  lashes

Ready to take your lash look up a notch? If you're all about the drama, Mega Volume lashes are for you! Up to 16 single extensions are attached per one of your natural lashes - just imagine how full and stunning that'll make them! 

4. Hybrid lashes

Eyelash Extensions Types: Hybrid  lashes

Hybrid or mixed eyelash sets could be your perfect solution if you want the best of both worlds. Get an expertly customized look that adds subtle touches of classic lashes with a hint of volume, all tailored to you and your desired outcome - beautiful eyes with added definition.

Eyelash Extensions Styles 

1. Doll Eye 

Eyelash Extensions Styles: Doll Eye

If you've got hooded, petite or almond-shaped eyes that need a bit of oomph - doll eyes are the way to go! With longer lashes in the center and shorter ones at each corner, they'll create an alluringly round shape that draws attention to those beautiful middle bits of your face. 

2. Cat Eye  

Eyelash Extension Style: Cat Eye

This is the right style for you if you want to emulate cats' delicate yet ultra-feminine eyes. To create this lash style, your lash artist attaches longer lashes on the outer corner of your eyes and shorter ones in the inner corner. This look gives you an elegant, feminine look. Plus, they're ideal if you have small eyes, helping to make them appear wider! 

3. Natural Eye  

Eyelash Extension Style: Cat Eye

Picture the classic cat eye minus all its drama – that's Natural Eye Style! It's ideal for anyone looking for a natural, subtle look. Plus, its versatile style means it's suitable for any eye shape! It achieves this subtle curve by having longer lashes at your outer corner and following along your lash line from there. 

4. Staggered Eye 

Eyelash Extension Style: Staggered Eye

This style creates an unstructured yet synchronized effect that will grab everyone's attention! To get this look, long and short lashes are attached to create volume and thickness without going full glamor mode. 

5. Coloured Lashes  

Eyelash Extension Style: Coloured Lashes

If you are tired of black and brown lashes, it's time to add some colors! Violets, pinks, blues or greens are all options when going completely coloured with lash extensions. Or take a more subtle approach by adding just an unexpected pop of color on the outer corners of your eyes; you'll be surprised how much this can elevate your look! 

6. Wispy Lashes 

Eyelash Extension Style: Wispy Lashes

Kim and Kylie fans, this one's for you! Get that dreamy look with the on-trend wispy lash style. These delicate-looking yet bold lashes feature a mix of long and short hairs that create an impressive, staggered effect. You can go for Classic, Hybrid, or Volume styles - all sorted to bring out your best eyes ever, whether you want subtle drama or something more striking!

Eyelash Extension Aftercare 

Lash Aftercare is a MUST for your eyelash extensions longevity

Regardless of your lash extensions style and type, you need to take good care of them to make your lashes stand out. Prolong Lash's Aftercare range has got your back! Our specially formulated cleanser has been known and recommended by lash artists in less than 85 countries worldwide for its effectiveness without damaging delicate lashes. On top of this, our oil-free eyeliner will give you a look that perfectly highlights those beautiful eyes – all while being easy to remove using our soft make-up cloth. 

For more tips and tricks about the eyelash extension world, stay tuned to Prolong Lash's Blog!