Have you considered calling yourself a lash tech or a lash artist? Have you felt offended when addressed as a lash tech instead of a lash artist? Rumour has it that a lash artist is way more knowledgeable and creative than a lash tech. So, do you identify yourself as a lash artist or a lash tech? We can tell you there isn't any difference between the two. Lash artists and lash techs are basically two peas of the same pod, and this aptly answers the question, 'What's the difference between a lash tech and a lash artist?'! 

Despite all the content distinguishing a lash tech from a lash artist, what separates a good lash artist from a bad one is their passion, dedication, qualification, and experience in lashing. So, let's investigate the misconception of the meaning of the two titles and the fundamental qualities a lash tech/artist ought to have to make them an expert.

The Misconception of Lash Techs VS Lash Artists  

Eyelash Artist lashing

1. Lash tech:

  • A lash technician is someone who has a basic qualification in lashing. 
  • Works as a lash tech as a side hustle. 
  • A lash tech has a "one-style-fits-all" approach without understanding the difference in their client's lash requirements. 
  • They do not work with finesse. 
  • Is not knowledgeable and has minimal experience. 
  • Has a handful of clients. 
  • Low prices. 

2. Lash artist: 

  • Very knowledgeable and well-trained.
  • Works full-time and may manage or own a salon. 
  • Understands their clients and their lash requirements. 
  • Offers clients more than just beautiful lashes. 
  • Has many clients and is super popular
  • Competitive or high pricing. 


The Real Difference 

Eyelash Artist or Lash Tech... the name doesn't matter!

The above categorization of lash techs from a lash artist is a myth, and Prolong Lash, one of the industry's experts, wants to assure you that the real difference between the two is: NONE. Whether you identify as a lash artist or a lash tech, possessing technical skills, artistic ability, and excellent customer service skills alone makes you great at your job.  

1. Technical Skills

As a lash tech/artist, you ought to stay on top of your game. Aside from having multiple lash qualifications and training under your belt, keeping up with the latest trends in the lash industry is highly recommended. Being an ever-evolving beauty treatment, it is constantly changing, and it is almost essential for you to ensure you know what is changing and how you can integrate it into your skillset. 

Lash mapping is a complicated and vast sphere you ought to learn constantly. Suppose you are struggling with lash isolation or lash mapping. In that case, it is an indication to step up and do another training course to ensure you understand the anatomy of the face to recommend suitable lash extension types, styles, and lengths to establish yourself as an authority. 

2. Attention To Detail

As a lash tech/artist, you must pay attention to the intricate details of lashing because small mistakes can have significant impacts. Ensuring proper lash isolation, considering the shape of the client's eyes, natural lash line, angle, distance, and direction when attaching the lashes define your eye for perfection. Having consultations with your clients before a formal lash session also reflects your intention to do a perfect job on them. Using high-quality products like Prolong Lash's aftercare products recommended by lash artists in over 85 countries, will help the retention of your client's lashes and benefit you in building the quality of your work and your reputation. 

3. Professionalism

Despite the title, a lash tech/artist is passionate about lashing. If you love what you do and want to give the best to your clients, you don't have to worry about being called a technician or an artist. You set the right expectations for your clients, educate them about lash shedding, keep all client conversations confidential, and have a clean, hygienic, and organized workspace where clients feel delighted and confident visiting. 

Applying a beautiful set of lashes on your client is what you take pride in always and forever. You schedule enough time for each lash session daily to ensure each client has your attention, and you have done a great job. You are punctual, do not keep your clients waiting, and do not rush your lashing sessions. 

4. Customer service

In any business, excellent customer service skills rule supreme. If you are confident of your exceptional lash skills, it is also essential you exhibit them to your clients. Listening to your client's concerns, answering their questions, and recommending bespoke solutions to their needs are the best ways to connect with them and build their trust in you. To grow as a lash professional, you must also learn to take feedback, accept criticism, strive to improve, and grow. Ensure you set yourself apart from your competitors by offering clients the best value for money with exceptional services. 

5. Education

As a lash tech/artist, you need to know your worth. Lash extensions are a luxury, and you must commit to bettering yourself. Never stop listening to your clients and learning from your experience because that's where the goldmine of your ongoing growth lies. Get inspired by lash experts and learn about the latest trends and developments. 

You must be dedicated to the art because of the time and commitment involved, making you an excellent lash tech/artist. There may be days when a bad client review may make you question your skills but remember to value yourself because you are more than one bad client review. You are the authority in your industry. Listen, Learn, and grow— should be the mantra of your lash journey.   


Are you everything we mentioned here? If you think you are as passionate and dedicated to your lash career, then you don't have to fuss over a 'title' because you are as great a lash technician as you are an expert lash artist. Don't let word semantics get you down!  

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