In our fast-moving world, new technologies evolve so quickly that something cutting-edge just last week is no longer even relevant; the wave of innovation did not skip the beauty world. Every beauty treatment under the sun seems to have gotten some high-tech revamp recently, and eyelash extensions are no exception!

In this article, we'll look at the innovative eyelash technology of Ultraviolet light lashes (UV Lashes). We'll go into the details about what they actually are, how the technology behind them works, and how to do it right so you can potentially add UV lashes to your list of services to keep up with your competitors.

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What Are UV Lashes?

UV lashes refer to a specific technique of applying eyelash extensions.

The basics are all pretty much the same – you'll map out the extension style as you’d typically do, dip them into the adhesive, and place them on individual natural lashes. The one key difference from traditional lashes is that the adhesive can't dry on its own – it requires a UV light to set the adhesive.

Some noted benefits of UV lash extensions are that the application and curing process is fast and painless. As experienced lash artists, we’re aware that traditional eyelash glues produce fumes that are problematic for clients with sensitive eyes and skin as they can trigger allergic reactions, UV lashes eliminate this problem. The UV bonding process also results in a firmer, instantly cured lash extension.

How Do UV Eyelash Extensions Work?

How Do UV Eyelash Extensions Work?

The concept of a UV adhesive isn't all that new – it's been used so far to weld plastic and other materials. In the beauty world, it has had its applications in creating nail sets – anyone who's ever gotten their nails done will have experienced putting their hand into a UV lamp.

The technology is very similar here. This adhesive isn't an adhesive per se but a polymer. This means it will not cure until exposed to UV light, so there's no risk of premature curing, giving the extension exceptional bonding to the natural lash.

The UV light wavelengths cause a photochemical reaction, which then causes a change in the polymer's chemical properties. This means the polymers harden almost instantly, and the adhesive is set in no time.

Noted Considerations about UV Lashes

While the jury is still out on this technology for eyelash extensions, I’m not qualified to comment on the possible concerns raised by industry professionals. However, I would recommend that you do your research and consult your healthcare professional before you consider taking the plunge into UV lash technology for your salon.

What we do know is that the eye area is sensitive, and the skin around the eye is delicate and requires delicate treatment during all beauty procedures and daily maintenance routines. If you’d like some light reading, this article from “Medical News Today” overviews UV technology uses and cautions might be worth a read.

Where to Buy UV Lashes

For top-quality UV lashes, we highly recommend Lash Plus, the number one company for UV lash extensions. Lash Plus offers a wide range of products specifically designed for UV lash applications, ensuring you have the best tools and materials to deliver outstanding results. Visit Lash Plus to explore their selection and elevate your lash services today.

Lash Plus in particular have done some great research into the effects their product has on the eye area and have concluded that during a 1 hour lash service the client is exposed to a total level of UV equivalent to that of spending 7 seconds in the sun. 

How to Apply UV Lash Extensions

Applying UV lash extensions will yield the same results as a traditional set of extensions in terms of what the set will look like. The difference will be in an added step – using the light.

So, after dipping an extension into your adhesive and placing it where it needs to go, turn on your UV lamp for a few seconds. The duration will depend on the specific lamp you get, so carefully read the instructions from the supplier.

Remember that the lamps you can currently find on the market are limited since this technology is very new. You can choose between a handheld device resembling a flashlight and a standing lamp aimed at your client's face.

Both have advantages and disadvantages, so this is up to personal preference. The handheld lamp gives you more control but requires you to pause your work, while the standing lamp is more convenient and expensive.

Lash Aftercare for UV Lashes

Lash Aftercare for UV Lashes

The aftercare for UV lashes is the same as for traditional eyelash extensions. To keep lashes clean and looking their bestadvice your clients to use Prolong Lash Cleanser twice per day. This routine helps maintain the cleanliness and longevity of their lash extensions, ensuring they continue to look fabulous and last as long as possible!

Removing UV Lashes

When it's time to remove the lashes, there are specialized UV Lash removers available on the market that will make the process super-fast and straightforward. Just apply the lash remover as you would with a traditional set of eyelash extensions and complete the process by thoroughly cleaning the eye area and moisturizing the delicate skin around the eyes.

Added Benefits of UV Lash Extensions

  1. The application process, while similar, is not the same, the strength of the adhesive is greater with UV tech, and there's less mess involved. Since the glue dries instantly, there is no need for additional drying time.
  2. There's also a reduced risk of allergic reactions since no fumes are involved in curing UV polymers.
  3. You and your clients will benefit from shorter application times as the UV glue dries almost instantly, your Lash Artist can reduce their overall application time.


Understanding the technological advancements in the lash application and staying ahead of your game means embracing innovations like Ultraviolet light lashes (UV Lashes).

These extensions offer a fusion of traditional techniques with UV adhesive technology, promising fast, painless application and enhanced durability. The process is akin to setting gel nails under UV light, which ensures instant curing for a firm bond, minimizing risks of premature curing and allergic reactions associated with traditional glues.

While concerns linger, particularly regarding UV exposure, diligent research and consultation with healthcare professionals are encouraged. Despite nascent availability and considerations, UV lashes present a promising avenue for lash artists and clients alike, offering expedited application times, superior adhesion, and reduced allergic risks.

As with any emerging trend, cautious exploration and informed decision-making are a must, ensuring both safety and satisfaction in the pursuit of beauty innovation. So, ensure you do your research, get the right equipment, and put enough time into practice to deliver outstanding results. Good luck!

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