The holiday season is all about warmth, happiness, and the spirit of giving. As a lash artist, now is the perfect opportunity to demonstrate your gratitude and appreciation to your clients who have trusted you with enhancing their beauty and confidence throughout the year. The relationships you have with your clients should go beyond their beauty transformations; they should also be about the deep connections you make with them.

When you go above and beyond to give your customers a small token of appreciation, it demonstrates your professionalism and makes an excellent impression, strengthening your bond with loyal clients. With this in mind, we have curated a selection of heartwarming Christmas gift ideas that are sure to be cherished by your clients and contribute to enhancing your relationship with them!

Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Lash Clients

1. A customized silk eye mask

Christmas Gift Ideas: silk eye mask I Prolong Lash

A lovely Christmas present for your clients might be a silk, luxurious eye mask personalized with a cute phrase or illustration about eyelashes. Not only is it a thoughtful gesture, but it also encourages your customers to take care of their lashes while getting a good night's rest. Silk is incredibly smooth and soft, therefore, it's gentle on eyelash extensions. The fibers in the silk are less likely to catch or pull on lashes, minimizing the risk of damaging your clients’ beautiful lashes. A silk eye mask can also assist in retaining the curl and arrangement of lashes, preventing them from flattening or becoming misshapen while you sleep. Giving your customers a silk eye mask as a present will not only protect their investment in eyelash extensions but will also make them feel more comfortable and rested by adding a touch of luxury to their bedtime routine.

2. An Eyelash Extension Aftercare Kit

Christmas Gift Ideas: lash aftercare kit I Prolong Lash

A lash care package is one gift that you can guarantee will be useful to both you and your client. You can include a lash cleanser, cleansing brush, mascara wand, and a cute, personalized cleansing guide. Prolong Lash's Foaming Pump Client Pack is perfect for this, including everything you need to gift your client the perfect lash care kit. By doing this, you not only encourage proper eyelash hygiene but also demonstrate to your client that you truly care about the longevity of their eyelash extensions. Going the extra mile to provide your clients with the information and tools they require to maintain their lash extensions builds loyalty and trust. Your clients are more inclined to book further appointments with you since they will recognize and appreciate the time and effort you put into their experience.

3. Handwritten notes

Christmas Gift Ideas: Handwritten notes  I Prolong Lash

A handwritten note is an easy but effective approach to show them your appreciation on a personal level. Handwritten notes allow you to communicate your sincere gratitude for your client and show that you have taken the time to write a special note that was made especially for them. It reinforces the idea that you truly appreciate their continued support, loyalty, and trust in your business. Additionally, your client is more likely to remember and talk about the special note they received, which can help generate positive word-of-mouth advertising. By taking the time to express your gratitude in a meaningful way, you’re demonstrating your professionalism and leaving a positive, long-lasting impression.

4. Eyelash Extension-Friendly Makeup

Christmas Gift Ideas: Eyelash Extension-Friendly Makeup I Prolong Lash

Offering lash-friendly makeup as a gift to your clients can be a thoughtful gesture that is beneficial to both you and your client. For instance, Prolong Lash offers an eyeliner that is safe for use with eyelash extensions, which is a perfect gift to give your customers as it is designed to enhance their lashes without compromising their quality or longevity.  By Gifting your client’s makeup that is gentle on their lashes it enables them to improve their appearance without being concerned about damaging their lashes.

You can encourage your clients to book more visits with you by providing them with lash-friendly makeup. They'll connect your salon with high-quality eyelash extensions in addition to extra benefits that enhance their whole beauty regimen. Additionally, customers value the convenience of readily accessible products that are compatible with their eyelash extensions because it can make their beauty routine easier and more enjoyable.

5. A relaxation and pampering set

Christmas Gift Ideas: A relaxation and pampering set I Prolong Lash

Giving your customers a relaxation and pampering package is such a considerate gift to go above and beyond the standard beauty services you offer. It will not only encourage self-care among your clients but also show them that you genuinely care about their well-being. A pampering pack that includes scented candles, bath salts, lash-friendly skincare products like Prolong Lash's Hydrating Undereye Serum, and lash-friendly face masks will help you create a luxurious experience. The items in the set will help your clients relax and unwind, which will enhance their overall appearance and lash health. Additionally, customers frequently post about their self-care and beauty experiences on social media. A carefully designed relaxation set could encourage your clients to post aesthetically pleasing posts that showcase your thoughtful gifts and promote your business to a wider audience.


As the holiday season approaches, there is no better way as a lash artist to showcase your gratitude for your clients than through thoughtful gifts. Beyond the aesthetic transformations you create for your clients, these gifts offer an opportunity to connect on a deeper level and establish relationships that go well beyond your lash salon. Giving a present to your customers as a Christmas gift is more than just a token of gratitude; it shows how much you value their loyalty and trust over the course of the year.

Each present has the potential to leave a lasting impression, whether it's a lash care package to ensure the longevity of their extensions, a handwritten message that warms their heart, or a relaxation kit that encourages them to unwind. Additionally, your clients will associate your brand with the thoughtful gesture, and this positive memory can encourage your clients to refer friends, leave positive reviews, and become loyal, repeat clients.


Here at Prolong Lash, we wish you a very happy and safe holidays! We hope this blog gave you some inspiration on what to gift your clients. Discover more helpful tips and tricks through our blogs here.