As the eyelash extension industry continues to evolve, new techniques and products emerge to enhance efficiency and profitability for lash artists. One such innovation is premade fans. These ready-made lash extension fans have come with their share of controversy but have genuinely revolutionized the lashing process. They provide significant time-saving benefits, enabling lash artists to accommodate more clients in a day, reducing the need to meticulously create their own fans, and ultimately increasing revenue. In this blog, we will explore everything you need to know about premade fans, highlighting their time-saving advantages and potential to boost your business.

Understanding Premade Fans 

 Premade fans I Prolong Lash

Premade fans are pre-fanned lash bundles, beautifully fanned out and attached at the base. They are available in various volumes, curl types, lengths, and thicknesses, catering to diverse client preferences and eye shapes. Each fan typically comprises 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D, or more lashes, offering instant volume and dramatic effects without the need for intricate fanning techniques. 


Benefits of Premade Fans 

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  • Increased Efficiency: Premade fans significantly reduce application time compared to manually creating volume fans from individual lashes. By eliminating the time-consuming process of fanning each lash, ash artists can work more efficiently, accommodating more clients in a day. 


  • Streamlined Application: Premade fans allow artists to pick up a fan and apply it directly to the natural lash. This simplified process eliminates the need for fiddly fan creation and ensures consistent results throughout the lash line.  


  • Consistency: Premade lash fans are carefully crafted to ensure uniformity in curl, length, and thickness. They create consistent results across the lash line, providing a symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing look. 


  • Volume and Dramatic Effects: For clients looking for a dramatic effect from their lash extensions, premade fans allow lash artists to effortlessly create voluminous looks. Thanks to their various densities, lash fans make it easier to achieve the desired level of volume without the need for painstaking fanning techniques. 


  • Reduced Strain: Since premade lashes are already fanned and require less manipulation during the application process, they can help reduce strain on your hands, wrists, and fingers. 


  • Revenue Generation: By increasing the number of clients you can serve daily, your revenue potential grows significantly. More appointments translate to increased income, allowing you to achieve your financial goals and invest in further professional development or expanding your lash business. 

Considerations for Optimal Results 

Premade fans can give amazing lash results I Prolong Lash

While premade fans offer undeniable benefits, it's essential to consider the following factors and potential cons to ensure you make the right choice for  optimal results: 


  • Preparation & Isolation: Proper isolation of natural lashes is crucial to ensure a clean and seamless application. Thoroughly cleanse the lashes with Prolong Lash Cleanser to remove any residue or oils before starting the process. 


  • Adhesive Compatibility: Ensure your adhesive is suitable for premade fans, guaranteeing secure bonding and longevity. 


  • Proper Placement and Technique: Accurate placement of premade fans is crucial to achieving a natural and seamless look. Each fan should be attached to an individual natural lash, avoiding clumping or sticking multiple natural lashes together. 


  • Client Consultation: Consult and discuss your client's desired look, lash health, and specific concerns. Educate them about the characteristics and benefits of premade fans, ensuring their satisfaction and understanding of the process. 


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