If you’ve ever wondered about the pros and cons of using mascara on your eyelash extensions, then as an experienced Lash Artist who’s seen it all, I’m here to break it down for you.

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The Impact of Mascara on Lash Extensions 

The Impact of Mascara on Lash Extensions I Prolong Lash

As a general rule, when you have lash extensions, mascara should become redundant, but if you’re a lash enthusiast, then you’ve probably been tempted to slap on a coat of mascara when you’re between refills either because your extensions are looking a wee bit sparse or, you want to maximize their drama as you head out to that special event.

Now, not to be too melodramatic, but if you love the relationship you have with your Lash Extension Artist and you’d be sad to see that relationship take a dramatic downturn, then here’s a word of warning: if you happen to show up for your refill with mascara or mascara residue on your lashes, I can tell you that is a Lash Artist's worst nightmare! Because the mascara can cause your lashes and extensions to clump together. Now, while that may not sound like a dramatic issue, particularly when you’re in your refill appointment. You’re probably thinking that your Lash Artists will fix that problem; after all, that's why you’re there, right?

Well, the answer is yes and no!

Understanding The Lash Cycle

Consider for a moment that your lashes are like hair strands, which they are! Your hair has a growth and shedding cycle, as do your lashes, so when your lashes are clumped together from mascara, their growth and shedding phases are compromised. Lash growth and shedding is a natural, three-stage growth cycle referred to as the Anagen phase (the active growth phase), the Catagen phase (the transitional phase), and lastly, the Telogen phase (the resting phase).

Challenges for Lash Artists 

In order to maintain your natural lash health and support your Lash extension retention it’s critically important that individual lashes have the freedom to grow and shed on their own unique cycle. Their inability to do so will result in lash damage and can increase the risk of hair follicle infection, thinning of your natural lashes, and, in the worst cases, permanent lash follicle damage.   

As a Lash Artist, not only is the health of our client's natural lash a priority, but when performing a refill, the clean-up process is extremely challenging, to say the least. Your Lash Artist must remove all residue, affected lashes, and damaged or outgrown extensions before the new application can even begin. This removal and clean-up process can take anywhere between 15mins to 30mins depending on the extent of damage and that time’s additional to the normal application time.

Alternatives to Mascara 

Alternatives to Mascara I Prolong Lash Oil Free Eyeliner

If I haven’t managed to scare you off mascara on extensions completely, let’s look at what we CAN do when that understandable urge to apply mascara kicks in between appointments. It’s important to note that eyelash extension fibers are more porous than natural lashes. Lash Extension fibers tend to trap oil, dirt, and debris, so that being the case, mascara clings like a magnet to those tiny fibers, making it almost impossible to completely remove.

1. Choose the Right Mascara for Extensions

So, my lash-loving friends if you must! The best way to satisfy your mascara cravings without risking the wrath of clumpy lashes and an upset Lash Artist is to opt for a mascara specifically formulated for use with eyelash extensions. Please completely avoid water-proof mascara; instead, opt for a water-based formula which will be slightly easier to remove.

2. Use an Eyeliner to Enhance Your Lash Line

Another great option to give you that dark lash line, without the damage, is Prolong Lash Oil Free Eyeliner. With our purpose-formulated liquid eyeliner, you can create an alluring and precise black line on the eyelid that helps to give the illusion of a much full set of extensions. Perfect for creating a signature look for a night out, or giving that lash line a boost close to refill time. And I can promise that this eyeliner will clean off perfectly with Prolong Lash cleanser so your lash artist will have no reason to be rolling their eyes.

3. ALWAYS Clean your Lash Extensions

I’d also recommend that you step up your lash aftercare routine and use a Lash Extension safe cleanser like Prolong Lash cleanser and your favorite cleansing brush to gently work all the way to the base of your lashes. A double cleanse is also advisable to ensure you’ve eliminated as much mascara as possible. Once your lashes are dry, gently brush them with a soft eyelash brush to take them back to their best condition.

4. Have a Consultation with Your Lash Artist

If you find yourself reaching for that mascara wand far too often then maybe speak to your favorite Lash Artist at your next refill about perhaps increasing the number or lengths of lashes you’re wearing.  Think of it as a lash makeover that leaves you feeling fabulous and mascara-free.


In the end, the choice is yours – but remember, with great lashes comes great responsibility. So, whether you're team mascara or team mascara-free, just be sure to prioritize the health and longevity of your beloved extensions. After all, a happy lash line is a beautiful lash line!



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