Reseller Program Partner FAQ

How can I sign up for the partner program?

To sign up to become a Prolong Lash partner, simply fill in our expression of interest form to be sent a welcome pack with everything to know about partnering with us.

What’s the benefit of being part of the Partner Program?

There are so many benefits when partnering with us! Along with exclusive discounts and savings across our award-winning eyelash extension aftercare range, you’ll receive unlimited access to ongoing business support, access to assets for your business and much more.

Do I need insurance if I dilute the Prolong Lash Cleanser?

Requirements for this differ from place to place. We strongly recommend that you check with your local council or enforcement agency as to whether you are required to obtain insurance to dilute our product. Prolong Lash recommends that you obtain the necessary insurance to guard against any liability.

Do you offer wholesale pricing?

Yes, we offer wholesale pricing through our Partner Program. Please contact us here to find out more.

Do you have a safety data sheet?

Yes, please refer to the PDF download below:

Cleanser Safety Data Sheet (click to download)

Serum Safety Data Sheet (click to download)

Can I put my own label on the bottles?

Yes, it is strongly advised to include the concentrate ingredients on your bottle.

Can I use Prolong Lash’s ingredients labels?

Yes. Printed labels can be purchased directly from Prolong Lash or you can include the ingredients on your own label.

Do you do interviews/podcasts/present at events?

Yes, we do! Kerry Wood our founder and Jodi Harrison our CEO are always open to sharing their knowledge. Please complete the form on the "Contact Us" Page.

Do you attend/sponsor events, expos, or conferences?

Just try and stop us! If you would like us to attend or sponsor your event, expo or conference, please complete the form on the "Contact Us" Page.

Does the cleanser need to be rinsed off or can it just be wiped off with a tissue/cloth?

Think of our cleanser like you would a hair shampoo. Lather it us for a deep cleanse and thoroughly wash away with fresh water after cleansing, ensuring no residue remains on the lashes or skin.

Does Prolong Lash have a subscription service?

Yes! Our subscription service is a great way to minimize time purchasing your favourite Prolong Lash products. Just simply choose the amount of product and frequency of delivery to subscribe, and you’ll always receive your order on time. No more hassle or forgetting to stock up. To learn more about our subscription service, read more here.

Do I have to be a Prolong Lash Partner to be a part of the subscription service?

Nope! Our subscription program is open to everyone, whether you’re a small business owner or you just want to set and forget your Cleanser Concentrate top-up.

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Our Partner Program provides our committed customers with a means of purchasing our products at discounted prices. The program allows you to take advantage of these discounts when you resell our products to your clients by keeping the difference.

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Quality products. From our shop to your door. 100% vegan, Australian made. Quality products. From our shop to your door. 100% vegan, Australian made. Quality products. From our shop to your door. 100% vegan, Australian made.