The holiday season is here, bringing along its festive charm and a whirlwind of activities! As you gear up for gatherings, parties, and endless photo opportunities, it's only natural to want your lash extensions to be as flawless as your holiday spirit. After all, your lashes are the frame to your captivating eyes, and maintaining their allure amidst the holiday hustle is a goal worth pursuing!

With that in mind, the Prolong Lash team gathered five expert tips to help you enjoy long-lasting lash extensions throughout the joyous season. So let's get started:

1. Pre-Holiday Prep for Lash Extensions

Pre-Holiday Prep for Lash Extensions I Prolong Lash

Just like any successful holiday plan starts with preparation, maintaining stunning lash extensions begins with pre-holiday care. Ensure that you're kicking off the season with lashes that are already in great shape. Pay special attention to proper cleaning and grooming routines in the days leading up to your festive events. Using our gentle, oil-free cleanser will help remove any makeup or debris, ensuring your lash extensions are pristine and ready to impress!

2. Choose Lash-Friendly Makeup

always use Lash-Friendly Makeup I prolong lash

It's no secret that makeup plays a significant role in holiday glam. However, being picky about your makeup products can make all the difference when it comes to lash extensions. Opt for makeup compatible with lash extensions – specifically, products that have been formulated for use with eyelash extensions. These choices prevent damage and premature loss of lash extensions, allowing your extensions to remain intact and beautiful for longer.

Consider the Prolong Lash Oil-Free Eyeliner for a seamless blend of beauty and lash care. Our eyeliner is oil-free and lash extension safe and vegan-friendly, making it a smart choice for maintaining your stunning holiday look. Its water-resistant formula ensures that your festive makeup stays put, allowing you to enjoy the holidays without worrying about smudges or smears.

When it's time to remove your makeup, do so gently to avoid tugging or pulling on your lashes. We recommend using the Prolong Lash Cleanser Foaming Pump and an eco-friendly Makeup Remover Cloth. These cloths are perfect for removing all traces of makeup from your face while being gentle on your eyelash extensions. What's more, these cleansing cloths won't affect the pH balance of your skin, making them the perfect addition to your lash aftercare routine!

3. Take Extra Care of your Lashes during Winter

Take Extra Care of your Lashes during Winter

The winter season brings its own set of challenges, including cold air and dry indoor heating. These conditions can impact your eyelashes, making them more vulnerable to brittleness and breakage. To counteract this, consider using a humidifier in your living space. The added moisture will help prevent excessive dryness and maintain moisture in your skin and hair follicles. Additionally, when braving the outdoors this winter, shield your lashes from harsh winds and cold air with sunglasses. And, of course, don't forget to wash your lashes daily to keep them clean and clump-free.

However, while washing your lashes contributes to their longevity, maintaining well-moisturized skin is now more essential than ever. Dry skin and beautiful lashes don't go well together! Prolong Lash's oil-free eye serum can help keep your skin soft and healthy, ensuring that your eye area and entire face remain wonderfully hydrated.

4. Proper Post-Holiday lash Aftercare

Take Extra Care of your Lashes during Winter

We can't stress this enough: as the holiday festivities wind down, don't neglect your lash extensions in the aftermath of the celebrations. Gentle cleansing is key to removing any residual makeup, dirt, or debris accumulated during the joyous events. Using a lash cleanser, carefully cleanse your lashes to ensure they're clean and free from any potentially damaging elements.

5. Be mindful of Certain Holiday Activities

Be mindful of Certain Holiday Activities

Planning a sun-soaked trip to escape the cold? While holiday activities are abundant and fun, some may pose a risk to your lash extensions. Activities like swimming and saunas should be followed by a comprehensive lash cleansing session. While there is no reason to believe that swimming affects lash retention, swimming goes hand in hand with extra eye touching/rubbing, sunscreen wearing and sweat, moisturizer and other dirt and debris washing down into the lash line.


To further safeguard your extensions, consider using a silk or satin pillowcase. The smooth texture minimizes friction, allowing your lashes to glide rather than tangle during your beauty sleep. Additionally, schedule infill appointments strategically to ensure your lash extensions remain in top form throughout the season! For more details about lash aftercare during the holiday seasons, make sure to read our blog How To Take Care Of Your Eyelash Extensions During Winter and The Ultimate Summer Lash Aftercare Tips.

As we become wrapped up in the holiday season's festive magic, there's no reason your lash extensions shouldn't be part of the celebration. By following our expert tips, you can enjoy the beauty of long-lasting lash extensions that shine through every event, gathering, and photo opportunity. Embrace the holiday spirit with the confidence that your stunning lashes will be a highlight of your joyful season.

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