The busiest season of the year is here! Your clients probably have already planned holiday getaways or have event after event booked, and even more likely, are heading home to spend time with their family. But all this means they may be away between appointments for longer than the norm. 

They could be headed to balmy beaches, ice-capped mountains, or if they are lucky, both. But here is the catch, with their fresh set of eyelash extensions done for the holiday season, there is a little bit more planning they will need to do to keep their lashes totally on point. 

You may have told your clients a million times, but the seriousness of abiding by lash aftercare cannot be overstated to prolong eyelash extensions. It is critical that they wash them and keep them clean in the sun, sand, or snow. So here are some tips for you to urge them to follow to look after their beautiful lashes.

 Eyelash Extension Care For Warm Weather 

Your Lash Extensions need extra care during the warm weather I Prolong Lash


  • Swim: If your client's holiday plans include going to a warmer place and enjoying the sun, their eyelash extensions will add oodles of oomph to their Instagram-worthy photos. To beat the sun's rays, recommend they apply sunscreen but not directly on the eye area, and wear sunglasses to protect the sensitive skin around the eyes. To ensure they preserve their extensions as best as possible, advise them to wash their lashes after every swim with Prolong Lash Foaming pump cleanser. Our Eyelash Extension cleanser Pump pack is highly effective and the perfect size to include in your client’s luggage. It is specially formulated to clean lash extensions and does not break down the glue.   


  • Parties: Party season means… makeup, and why not? Who doesn't enjoy a bit of a glow-up? However, the more eye makeup your clients pile onto their lids, the more pressure you put on the delicate skin around the eyes and the hair follicles. Constantly applying and removing makeup can mean more tugging at lashes and more risk of pulling them out prematurely. 


Reassure your clients their extensions don't need mascara; however, Prolong Lash's oil-free eyeliner  can be their go-to eyewear to help them enhance their eye looks,  safe in the knowledge they are using a purpose-made product designed to be used with extensions and formulated to be removed with ease using Prolong Lash cleanser. Tell them not to head off to bed without removing their makeup; makeup residue can cause more damage than they think, including increased lash mite populations.  

Tip: Advise your clients to get shorter lashes if they go to a warm destination. This will mean they won’t be as noticeable when they grow out and if your clients are going away for over three weeks, a shorter length will help them  maintain them easily.

Eyelash Extension Care For Cold Weather 

Protect your lash extensions during the cold weather I Prolong Lash


  • Wanderlust: If your client has decided to go skiing, mountaineering, or on segway rides, you may have to inform them of the effects of cold weather on their skin and lashes. Wearing ski goggles or sunglasses will protect their lashes from the wind and snow. You could ask them to bring in their goggles/sunglasses to their lash appointment to check if their current lash length may be touching the lenses. It might be an idea to move down a lash size if there will be a lot of goggles/sunglasses wearing during the trip. 


  • Steams and saunas: Holidays are all about relaxing, and cold weather means treating yourself to a hot bathtub or a sauna. While we would never want to deprive you of enjoying any holiday rituals, it's excellent practice to cleanse extensions as soon as possible after a trip to a hot and steamy environment to keep them clean and clump-free. 


  • Dryness: Ask your clients about their beauty routine and the products they can and cannot do without. Cold weather can mean they need products to keep their skin soft and hydrated. Prolong Lash's oil-free eye serum can be a great addition to keep their eye area and the rest of the face hydrated. No one wants flakey skin, especially around their beautifully crafted lashes. Washing their lashes will assist with keeping extensions looking their best for as long as possible, but with regular lash cleansing, it will be more important than ever to keep their skin moisturized. 


  • Lash shedding: Educating your clients aboutlash shedding is imperative because you don't want an upset client coming to you and complaining about their lash extensions shedding prematurely. Reassure your clients that sometimes with environmental changes, they may see an increase in lash shedding. However, shedding is normal and healthy. 


In fact, it's a great sign for their natural lashes to shed when they are ready, as this means the natural lash growth is continuing, and their original lashes remain healthy. Maintaining a good cleansing routine will assist the natural lash to shed when it's ready by keeping the lash line clean and healthy and ensuring shedding isn't impeded by build-up. 

Tip: Ask your client to use the Prolong Lash care pack, which includes a lash wand, and give lashes a gentle comb after drying to help them look fluffy and ready to go.

General Lash Extension Holiday Care

General Lash Extension Holiday Care I Prolong Lash

While the tips above are essentials for keeping your clients' lashes healthy for longer while on vacation over the holidays, we’ve also highlighted a range of well-being tips to ensure your clients stay well and thriving.


  • Healthy diet: The holidays  is the perfect time to indulge in good food and a few holiday beverages. If your clients are skipping the fruit and veg, it may be a good idea to remind them to include vitamin supplements while away to keep their lashes, hair, nails, and skin healthy. 


  • For emergencies: Educate your clients on when to raise the red flag on their lash extensions. Losing 2-6 lashes per day is natural. However, anything more than that may be the result of skipping one of the instructions mentioned above. If their eyes feel itchy or have turned red and teary, they may have been neglecting their cleansing routine, or it could mean they have had an allergic reaction, and heading to a doctor is the best option. On rare occasions, they may have unnatural shedding leading to an emergency refill session; it would be worth asking them to get in touch with you before heading to another lash artist. 


Creating lash care kits based on your client's requirements and retailing them can be a great way to save them the trouble of buying the products elsewhere. The Prolong Lash Partner Program gives you the opportunity to purchase products and package them accordingly. Our care packs can be bundled with our hydrating under eye serum or eyeliner, which has always had great results. Don't be afraid to provide your clients with honest advice and customized solutions. It develops trust and builds a relationship that will help establish your business that offers fabulous lashes and care for your customers. 

Discover more lash business and marketing tips from Prolong Lash US and learn more about how to market your lash products to clients to keep their lashes happy and healthy this holiday season.