Are you a lash artist just starting out, or are you someone who has been in the lash industry for a while, but is struggling to capitalize clients? Either way, the next logical progression you would seek is increasing your clientele and building your lash brand. Tricky question and an exhausting one at that, nevertheless we have mapped out a plan for you to be on the right path to your career growth.

1. Start with Word of Mouth

Word of Mouth is one of the best ways to get eyelash extension clients

You have taken the right step if you love what you do as a lash artist. At this stage, you may not be inundated by clients, but the quality of your work is what will build your reputation. Your clientele may include family and friends, but ensure they spread the word around. Nothing equates to the effects of word-of-mouth marketing. This traditional review form builds trust and is exponential in building, not only your clientele but  your brand, as talking creates buzz and social awareness for your skills and quality of work.. 

2. Quality of Work 

Quality of work makes a difference to eyelash extension clients

Lashing requires precision,  is hard work and an expensive beauty treatment. Ensure that your clients are getting their money's worth. Invest in high-quality products because you want to show your worth to a recurring client. In your bid to gain more clients, don't lower your fee. Introspectively speaking, slashing your price may work adversely for your business. With the effort and money you invest, you wouldn't want to be underpaid and stunt your growth. 

3. Online Presence is Key

Lash artists need an online presence

In a world where social media and digital footprint are everything, you can't afford to stay behind. Start with opening a Facebook and Instagram account and a business website. Join a lash community/communities on social media to find support. A Google My Business profile will help you show up in Google searches for services near me. You can ask your clients to leave reviews online as a favor so that if you are showing up on Google search, those reviews will impress clients. Research says that 97% of customers rely on reviews online before using that service. Populate your social media pages with your work photos, lash quotes or similar relatable content. Try to reach people organically rather than jumping immediately to paid social media tactics. Just like in real life, be a good listener when your clients comment on your post and respond to each one of them. 

4. Promotions 

While we discourage price dumping, promoting your services by referral programs or offering clients incentives for leaving reviews is a great way to increase your footfall. Referral programs ask a happy and loyal customer to recommend you to another friend, and in return, you offer both specific amounts of discounts. This is similar to word-of-mouth marketing but in exchange for benefits. You can also offer a first-time customer a discount or a gift as a token of appreciation. 

Cross-promotion is another excellent way to promote your business. If you can exchange flyers with your local salons (hair, nail, or beauty) that are not your direct competitors in exchange for theirs to nudge potential customers, you can help each other make profits. 

5. Décor 

decorated lash salon space are very important to lash artists

Irrespective of the size of your salon, it is essential to make it a comfortable and cozy space. No one wants to step into an unattractive and dull-looking place. It could be the garage, shed, or a small-sized room, but tastefully designing your work area is integral to your business. Choose comfortable beds, create a feature wall that reflects your personality, and accentuate the space with conversational artifacts, plants and flowers. Don't neglect cleanliness. It is not just about keeping your workspace tidy but also using disposables where you can like a bedroll, eye pads, glue holders, and lash brushes. Informing your clients of cleanliness practices while doing their lashes makes them confident of your work ethic. 

6. Communication 

When a client comes to you to do their lashes, you inevitably spend a good two hours with them. Conversations you make during this time will go a long way to building long-term relationships. Some clients consider their lash time their nap time, which is ok, but this is an excellent time to bond with them if they are awake. Imagine going to a doctor. If the doctor is uptight and means only business, you probably won't go back to them. Being a friendly, empathetic, and welcoming lash artist will help you win a returning customer. 

7. Think smart  

Thinking ahead is thinking smart. Having a sustainable business needs a bit of planning ahead. When your clients step in, make sure that you prod them to book their next appointment so that you are creating a habit for them to return to you. Having a retail corner can also add to the profitability of your business. Stocking the right products is essential. Ensure that you believe in the quality and need of the products for your clients. Don't hard sell them because your client can tell if you are just making a sale rather than helping them achieve something through the product. Prolong Lash products are popular among lash artists and lash lovers alike. With Prolong Lash, you can build your own brand or use our products at highly discounted rates to make huge profits. 

8. Brand Building 

What part of your job are you most proud of? If you answered the question, you know how to build your brand. Your business may grow but staying consistent in upholding your values is what your brand will be all about. Excellent customer service, friendly and helpful staff, and being an expert in your area of trade are some of the aspects you can build your brand on. 

Stay on top of your knowledge of lashes, and ensure that when your clients ask you questions or come to you for help and advice, you can provide them with an empathetic listening ear and an excellent solution to their problem. You may not build your brand overnight but work towards your goal as you start out as a lash artist. Let your brand reflect your personality and your values. 

Building your clientele and your brand may take a while, but hard work, consistency, and absolute passion for your work will eventually lead you the way you want to go. Just keep at it!

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