Lash Extension Aftercare FAQ

Can I use the Cleanser Concentrate to wash my face/eyebrows?

Yes! Our Cleanser Concentrate can be used on your entire face as an eyelash extension-safe cleanser alternative. Wet your face with warm water and lather the cleanser in your hands and gently massage onto your face, avoiding your eyes. To wash your eyelash extension, use one of our handy Eyelash Extension Cleansing Brushes to gently wipe away dirt, oil and grime from your lashes.

Does the cleanser need to be rinsed off or can it just be wiped off with a tissue/cloth?

Think of our cleanser like you would a hair shampoo. Lather it up for a deep cleanse and thoroughly wash away with fresh water after cleansing, ensuring no residue remains on the lashes or skin.

How often should you wash lash extensions once they’ve been applied?

Just like your skin, your lashes should be washed regularly, preferably twice a day to remove daily dirt and oils that build up on the lash line.

Can I just use a regular face cleanser?

Regular cleansers are great for your skin but can contain harsh ingredients that aren’t designed for lash extensions and are not Ophthalmologically Tested for use on eyes. To help preserve your beautiful lashes and protect your eyes, it’s best to use a specifically designed eyelash extension cleanser, like our Cleanser Concentrate.

Can I use regular skincare when I have lash extensions?

Feel free to use your regular skincare products, like serums, moisturizes and any treatment products. Be careful when putting on eye cream, so as to not rub excessively against your lashes.

Can I use sunscreen when I have lash extensions?

Yes! We’d recommend using sunscreen every day to help prevent premature aging and protect your skin from harsh UVB and UVA rays. Just be careful if your sweat mixes with the sunscreen and gets into your lashes. Remember to wash your lashes immediately with Prolong Lash Cleanser if this happens.

How long do lash extensions typically last?

Lash extensions can typically last around 4 to 6 weeks. If you wish to maintain them, you wil likely need an infill between 2 to 4 weeks. This is subject to change depending on how you care for your lashes, environmental factors and the application technique.

Is it normal for eyelashes to sting in the shower?

If your lashes are stinging when you’re in the shower, it might be that your skincare routine needs a review. Are you washing your lashes twice a day with a certified lash cleanser? If not, it’s best to use our Cleanser Foaming Pump and eyelash extension cleaning brush to gently but effectively remove any dirt, oil and grime between your natural lashes and the lash extensions.

Is it normal for my lashes to shed after I’ve had them done?

Lash shedding is a natural part of the lashing journey and is expected. As your natural lashes shed, they can cause the applied lash to move away from the lash line. If you are experiencing an abnormal amount – more than five lashes a day – make sure to get in contact with your lash artist or salon to speak about the proper aftercare solution they would recommend.

Does Prolong Lash Cleanser sting the eyes?

Prolong Lash Cleanser is Ophthalmologically tested and approved as safe for eyes, including those with sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. It is NOT usual for stinging to occur when using Prolong Lash Cleanser. If your eyes sting when using Prolong Lash Cleanser Concentrate, over-dilution may have occurred, resulting in the product being too watery, and seeping into the eye.

Please ensure you follow the dilution guidelines of 1/3 cleanser concentrate to 2/3 distilled water. If you need more information on dilution, you can find our dilution table on the Prolong Lash Cleanser Concentrate product page.

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