From busy professionals to stay-at-home mums, eyelash extensions are every woman’s quick solution to a hassle-free beauty treatment. Despite being a lifesaver beauty hack, some people are still apprehensive about it due to negative feedback. One of the most infamous complaints is, “every time I shower, my eyelashes sting, I think eyelash extensions don’t suit me, or maybe the job wasn’t done well.” 

First, eyelash extensions are a non-invasive and safe beauty treatment that will garner plenty of compliments in your social circle and will be life-changing to your beauty routine. They make your life easier, not difficult if cared for the right way. If washing your lashes is causing your eyes to sting, it is good to understand the reason and find a solution. Let’s dive deep into the problem and find the answer.

The common theory 

 There is a reason why your lashes are stinging in the shower I Prolong lash

Let’s consider a hypothetical situation. You carefully researched and chose your lash artist based on their qualification and reputation on Google Reviews. You had your first consultation outlining your expectations from the session and your lash artist’s capacity to achieve them. After the lash session, you were thrilled by how the results enhance your looks. Your lash artist also gave you a lash aftercare kit and instructions on looking after them to ensure they last you well until your next infill session. While you practice the routine for a few days, you soon begin to slack off, and then you notice that your lashes are falling out or sting in the shower, and you are developing unexplained allergies. You quickly conclude that it may have been the glue or the synthetic lashes causing this. You either return to your lash artist complaining or vow never to get them again.

The real reason why your lashes are stinging in the shower 

It is essential to understand when the lash adhesive cures, it binds to the lashes and turns into a hardened polymer (plastic) that is non-reactive and cannot dissolve in water, which means the adhesive is not the reason for your allergy. However, it would be worth asking yourself if you have been sleeping without removing your makeup before going to bed or if you have been washing your lashes every day. 

When you get your lashes done, a gap of 1mm is maintained between your lash line and natural lashes, giving it more room for dirt to settle. Typically, our skin produces oils daily, while  the face products we use all leave residues that likely settle on our lash line; if not appropriately cleaned every day with an effective cleanser, chances are the cause of stinging is a build-up of oils and residue on the skin’s surface that trickle down and enter your eyes when you go in the shower. 

It is imperative to wash your lashes thoroughly as often as you can. If you have oily skin, extra caution must be taken to ensure you wash your lashes as often as possible, especially in warm and humid climates, with Prolong Lash’s cleanser kit. Remove your makeup with a soft snag-free cloth so your skin is free from dirt and grime. Following a good aftercare routine is vital to having beautiful lashes. 

The perfect lash aftercare routine 

A good lash aftercare routine is essential I Prolong Lash

Anatomically speaking, eyelashes are our natural filters to stop dirt and dead cells from entering our eyes, so if you have been sidestepping your aftercare routine, it is likely the oil and makeup residue build-up is causing your eye area to burn and irritate while showering. Aftercare is an essential component of healthy lash extensions.  

Prolong Lash aftercare products are exclusively formulated for lash extensions and are highly effective in keeping your lashes clean. They are vegan-friendly and made from natural ingredients, making them lightweight, ideal for any skin type, and preventing allergies. The Prolong Lash aftercare range includes an eyeliner, eye serum, and cleanser kits with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, making your skin feel fresh and clean after every use. 

Because of their quick absorbent, lightweight nature,, our aftercare  products settle on the skin effortlessly and do not block pores or cause breakouts. Prolong Lash’s aftercare range is worth your investment as they are created especially for eyelash extensions and are preferred and recommended by lash artists worldwide in over 80 countries. 

Your eyelashes are your best friend; like any relationship, you will reap the best results if you are committed. Washing your lashes and cleaning your face daily will ensure you have lasting lashes and enjoy them without feeling ‘stung.’ 


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