Welcome to our comprehensive guide to the meticulous care of your eyelash extensions. As a seasoned lash artist, I’ll cover the pitfalls that can compromise these eye-transforming wonders. This blog is your portal to answering your burning questions and ensuring the overall health and allure of your lashes.

We'll uncover the truths surrounding habits and practices that may lead to lash loss and potential damage to your extensions and natural lashes. With a focus on solutions and effective lash aftercare practices, our mission is to equip you with the knowledge for safeguarding and prolonging the life of your eyelash extensions.

Let’s navigate through the minefield of common mistakes and bad habits that threaten your lashes' well-being, from the hazards of eye-rubbing to the consequences of improper cleansing techniques. Join me as we explore the impact of sleeping habits, the importance of regular maintenance, and myth-bust the commonly asked question about using mascara on your extensions.

The 7 worst things you can do to your lash extensions

1. Not Cleansing Your Lashes Properly

I know we are all busy and constantly looking for quick fixes in this fast-paced world, but there's an undeniable need for swift and efficient solutions to make it through our hectic days. However, when it comes to preserving the longevity of our eyelash extensions, there are some non-negotiable care steps.

While makeup wipes offer a convenient way to rid our lashes of surface makeup and debris, they are not the best choice when it comes to eyelash extension care. The issue lies in their inability to reach the base of the extensions so they are not effectively cleaning the lash line. Another thing to note is that the fibbers of lash extensions are inherently more porous than natural lashes, therefore, more easily trap dead skin cells, oils, and debris at the lash line's base. The fibbers of the makeup wipe fabric can also snag on the extension, leaving behind fabric residue, or worse, accidentally pulling out the lash.

To achieve a deep and thorough clean of your lashes, use a lash extension-appropriate aftercare cleansing product such as Prolong Lash Foaming Cleanser, accompanied by a cleansing brush working all the way to the base of the lashes to effectively dislodge and eliminate build-up that may compromise your lash health and lead to premature extension shedding and natural lash damage. To ensure the well-being and longevity of your lashes, it is recommended to cleanse twice daily.

2. Drying Your Lash Extensions Too Harshly

Who is using a hairdryer for a quick way to dry, detangle, and fluff up your eyelash extensions after a shower? Yep! Me too. Butt, harsh drying techniques can lead to issues with your lash extensions. Vigorous rubbing with a towel or using a hairdryer on a high fan with heat can cause friction and weaken the extension's bond to the natural lashes. Instead, try patting your face gently with a soft towel and either use a gentle cool fan to speed up the drying process or, if you’re not in a rush, just let your lashes air-dry naturally to minimize stress on the natural lashes.

3. Getting Too Close To Heat

Are you an avid cook? Someone who enjoys an outdoor winter catch-up? A camping enthusiast? Or a smoker? If you answered yes to any of these, your eyelash extensions are at risk.

Eyelash extensions are susceptible to heat. I’ve seen the damage more times than I can count in my salons after a client has spent a little bit too long, standing a little bit too close to an outdoor gas heater chatting with friends. Or clients who have opened their oven door and put their face a bit too close to peek inside as the burning hot air came rushing out.

What happens when you expose your extensions to this kind of heat is that the tips of the lashes can actually melt and the result is that they look bent and synged. When I disaster like this occurs, unfortunately, the only solution is a full removal and replacement of your extensions. This a time and monetary cost you really want to avoid. So next time you see a flame, keep your lashes far from the fire.

4. Rubbing and Picking Your Lashes

Rubbing or pricking at your lashes can cause them to twist, lift, or lose shape. What's worse is if you pull out your extensions, you are more than likely pulling out your natural lash with it. This will cause gaps to form in your natural lash line, and if there is no natural lash there, your lash artist cannot stick an extension there. Although less common, it's also possible to cause trauma to the hair follicle by pulling out your natural lashes before they are ready, this can mean that the lash may not grow back. Think back on those super thin 90’s brows that were so in fashion, and now it feels impossible to thicken up those brow lines again.

However tempting picking at your lashes when nearing your scheduled refill may be, it’s advisable to avoid touching your eyes and, instead, head off to your lash artist, who'll freshen those babies up for you and keep your lashes looking and feeling great.

5. Using Mascara on Top of Your Eyelash Extensions

Using Mascara on Top of Your Eyelash Extensions Can damagethem

Generally, when you have lash extensions, mascara becomes redundant, but if you want to maximize the drama of your lash extensions, you've probably considered using it. Extensions are like built-in mascara, offering volume and length. In fact, applying mascara to extensions can be counterproductive, as it can close up Russian Volume Fans, clump extensions together, and damage or weaken the extensions, potentially leading to a shorter lifespan for your lashes.

The urge is understandable when you're between appointments, heading out, and noticing gaps in your lash line. The most tempting way to fix the problem is to reach for the mascara. Just be aware that the porous extension fibers make mascara challenging to remove from the extensions, even with an excellent lash aftercare cleanser. But if you must, then choose a water-based formula, use it sparingly on the tips of your extension, and make sure you make the extra effort to deep clean when you're done for the evening.

6. Exposing Eyelash Extensions To Extreme Weather Conditions

Whatever the weather, it's important to keep your eye area safe. Not only is the skin around the eye the most delicate on your body, but lash extensions can succumb to the extremes.

When the sun is shining it’s more than tempting to get out and absorb that hit of vitamin D. Wearing UV protection-rated sunglasses creates a barrier that shields your lashes from the sun's direct impact, helping to preserve your extensions and protecting the skin around your eyes. When you have physical protection over your eyes the need for sunscreen directly on the eye area reduces. This means you can apply your liquid UV protection around the bone structure of the face and not directly on the eyelid or into the lash line.

When the wintery winds start blowing it's not the time to let down your guard, icy outdoor air and dry indoor heating can wreak havoc on your lashes, this is because the delicate natural hair fibers holding your extensions in place can become brittle and stressed. Of course, this is where your sunglasses come to the rescue again for the outdoor elements. But when it comes to drying indoor heating, don’t forget that well-hydrated hair follicles will keep your lashes healthy, so invest in a lash extension-safe hydrating serum, such as Prolong Lash Hydrating Under Eye Serum.

7. Poor Sleeping Habits

Sleeping in a face-down position pose can damage your lash extensions

For those of us sparking envy with our stunning eyelash extensions, the significance of adopting appropriate sleeping positions cannot be overstated, as it directly impacts the longevity and integrity of the lash extensions. Let's explore the optimal and suboptimal sleeping practices for eyelash extensions wearers:

Sleeping in a face-down position poses an issue for your extensions, as it introduces increased friction that may damage lash extensions. This position also puts increased pressure on the lashes, increasing the likelihood of catching, pulling, and bending the extensions.

On the flip side, back sleeping is the preferred position for those with eyelash extensions. This choice minimizes friction between your lashes and the pillow, reducing the risk of lash damage or premature shedding. Beyond preservation, back sleeping actively contributes to maintaining your extensions' desired shape and curl.

Admittedly, it’s a big call to ask wearers to change their long-established sleeping habits overnight, so to help increase your lash extension lifespan, you could consider investing in a silk or satin pillowcase. This choice can extend tangible benefits to lash extension wearers. These smooth fabrics reduce friction compared to cotton, facilitating a seamless glide for your lashes and reducing the chances of tangling or damage during the night.

For those who wear an eye mask for enhanced sleep quality, exercise caution. Ensure the mask doesn't press against your lash extensions, which could lead to bending or breakage. Thoughtfully position the mask to leave ample space for your lashes, or, even better, consider a sleep mask specifically designed for eyelash extension wearers; this way, you’ll combine better sleep with preserving your eyelash extensions.


As your dedicated lash artist, we've navigated the intricate world of caring for your lashes, and shed light on the critical aspects that influence their health and longevity.

From the pitfalls of rubbing and improper cleansing techniques to careful considerations post-shower, we've explored the common mistakes and bad habits that could compromise the well-being of your lash extensions.

By incorporating these recommendations into your daily routine, you will be armed with the knowledge to nurture and safeguard your lash extensions. Here's to your continued journey with luscious and long-lasting lashes!