Eyelashes are great, and eyelash extensions are even better. So, congratulations! If you have already joined the elite club of exotic lashes or are contemplating them, there couldn’t be a better time to have them. Since their invention, eyelash extension application has truly evolved over the past ten years, and it's no wonder they are becoming increasingly popular as the products, procedures, and prolongation of having them have only become niftier. 

As opposed to theory and floating rumors of “how hard eyelash extensions are to maintain,” we agree to disagree with this statement. Like everything beautiful and expensive, some care is necessary to ensure they remain in shipshape; similarly, when getting your lashes done, you need to be aware of what will keep them in perfect condition to continue looking beautiful. Here is a list of dos and don’ts that you must adhere to. 

1. Do wash your lash extensions   

Girl washing their lash extensions

We are reiterating what your lash artist has already told you— Wash your lashes and keep them clean. Washing twice a day is highly recommended. Makeup and staying all day outdoors can cause your skin and eye area to accumulate dirt and dust, and going to bed without removing your makeup can be detrimental to the safety of your eye health and the longevity of your eyelashes. Cleanse them in the morning to deflect any allergies or irritation that may be caused by dead skin cells and allergens collected on your pillowcase, which can likely transfer to your eye area at night. Make sure to wash your lashes in a circular or downward motion, pat them dry, and brush and fluff them with a lash wand.  

  • Don’t: Don’t go to bed without washing your lashes with an effective face cleanser, irrespective of whether you have makeup on or not, and avoid sleeping on your face.  
  • Don’t: Don’t wear makeup to your lash appointment. If you do, your lash artist will waste precious time cleaning and preparing your lashes instead of concentrating on applying the perfect set of extensions.  

2. Do use the right products  

Prolong Lash Products

Using the right products for your eyelashes is almost as essential as washing your lashes. You may feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of products available; however, buying eyelash extension-safe products is a vital deciding factor. Prolong Lash products are formulated for the exclusive use of eyelash extensions-safe ingredients. They are vegan-friendly, made of natural ingredients, and are ophthalmologically tested. Our iconic cleanser concentrate, oil-free eyeliner, and hydrating eye serum have been formulated to fulfill your beauty needs while prolonging the life of your extensions.  

  • Don’t: Don’t use baby shampoos; they are safe for babies but not your eyes. To know more, read here.  
  • Don’t: Don’t get extensions done without a consultation session with your lash artist and a patch test to feel confident of what your session will entail and the suitability of the products for your skin. 

3. Do use a snag-free cleansing method

Prolong Lash's makeup remover cloth

After washing your lashes, pat dry your face and eye area with a soft cloth that does not tug or snag your lashes. You want to see your lashes on your lash line, not on the surface of your towel, so a soft makeup-removing cloth can make the process smoother and easier.   

  • Don’t: Do not rub your eye or lash line, but if there is an itch you can’t resist, rub your eyelid softly in a circular motion or use your lash wand to brush gently to remove the irritation.  
  • Don’t: Don’t use a towel or wipes made of rough fibers that will cause more damage than assist in cleaning your face. 

4. Do consider different seasons

girl using google on a spray tan session

Different seasons will call for different aftercare of your lashes. Sometimes, you might feel extreme happiness or sorrow and cry your heart out. When the inevitable happens, we encourage you not to stop your emotions,  just ensure you wash your lashes afterwards, as tears discharge oil, skin cells, and salt that may accumulate over your lash line, causing irritation. Similarly, on windy days or for a spray tan session, wear goggles (disposable lash protectors for spray tan are available on the market) to keep dust or spray tan moisture from affecting your eyes. If you are up for a summer swim, wash your lashes afterwards.   

  • Don’t: Do not skip or delay your lash sessions. Keeping up your in-fill appointments are vital to ensure your lashes always look A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. You don’t want them to look scanty or worn out.  

 5. Do keep your skin hydrated

Eyelash Extension Eye Serum

As part of your lash aftercare routine, having a hydrating skincare regime is just as important. It is essential to keep your skin hydrated, so dead skin cells don't settle on your lash line, as they may cause an eye infection. Using an effective eye serum, will help keep your skin clean, supple, and fresh. If you have dry skin or winter weather affects your skin dramatically, keeping your skin clean and hydrated is paramount to ensure your lashes are in great shape too.  

  • Don’t: Do not panic during lash shedding season. It is a natural process and unavoidable.   
  • Don’t: Do not apply moisturizer or serum all over your face. Be diligent while moisturizing your face; gently work around the eye area with a moisturizer without touching the lashes and apply a hydrating eye serum around the delicate eye area avoiding your lash line.  


Having eyelash extensions is the easiest hack to keep your beauty routine on point without spending too much time. All you need is a bit of practice in getting into the habit of following the above instructions, and it will all settle in seamlessly into your everyday routine.  

For more helpful hints and tips, read more from the Prolong Lash blog and learn how to partner with us for your lash salon now.