An investment in knowledge pays the best interest - Benjamin Franklin. 

The eyelash extensions industry is booming, and if you are considering a career as a lash artist, it would be an excellent time to join the community. However, if you are doing your research on which institute to complete your training from, we are sure you must be feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number of options available. It is essential to ensure that with the money, time, and effort you will be putting in for your eyelash extensions course, you choose the one that helps you take a step closer to achieving your goals. Let's look at some factors you should consider before making the decision.

How to choose the right eyelash extensions course

1. Determine Your Path as a Lash Artist

Have you asked yourself why you want to be a lash artist? Being a lash artist requires immense patience, practice, and perseverance. It is a discipline, and you may struggle in the beginning to isolate and place each lash meticulously. If you aren't quite sure if this journey is for you, an introductory one-day course will be a good starting point. Learning the basics will help you decide if the lash life is for you and will give you good base knowledge without overwhelming you. We mean…if you walk in and someone starts talking about the scientific make up of adhesive on day one, you may be spooked!

2. Select the Ideal Lash Extension Course Duration

Lash artists need to Select the Ideal Lash Extension Course Duration

If you are ready to take the lash world by storm, a 2-3 day course may be an ideal starting point for you. Perhaps even take the plunge into a 4-5 day course. You should gain a lot more knowledge here than just hair growth cycles and how to apply a lash. You need to be able to perform hands-on work on a model with your trainer. Nothing compares to working on a human eye. Practice on fake lashes just doesn't cut it.

3. Master advanced lash skills one step at a time

Some fantastic courses out there solely focus on a single aspect of lashing. If there is one thing that you feel needs the most improving or something that sparks your interest to really up your lash game, enrolling in a focused course is for you. There are courses available for:

  • Mega volume
  • Glue education
  • Mapping
  • Retention
  • Competition lashing
  • Eye lifts
  • Lash business marketing
  • Salon décor

The best way to become the best is to hone your lash skills!

4. Evaluate the Lash Training School's Reputation

Lash artists need to evaluate the Lash Training School's Reputation

A good trainer will let you know precisely what is involved in their course before you have to commit. From safety and sanitation, isolation and application of lashes, lash shaping and styling, face mapping, infills, and removals, to customer care and business strategies.

But the best way to find the trainer for you is through reviews. Do you know someone in the industry? Are you part of an online lash community where you could get some insider knowledge? Or is there a lash artist on Instagram you truly idolize? Ask around and get some advice.

Google Reviews is a great platform to get a feel of what their training is all about. Read the reviews and make your judgment call on whether it sounds like a place you would like to invest your education.

5. Learn with Experienced Lash Trainers

Having experienced trainers is a crucial factor in deciding the institute. While certified, licensed, insured, and knowledgeable instructors are essential, they must also be good teachers. Not all certified trainers are patient and skilled teachers. Try enrolling in a trial class or arrange a chat with your trainer to ensure you make the right decision. A good trainer is not only about teaching curriculum-certified theoretical and practical lessons but also about sharing their knowledge and experience as an eyelash extension artist and how to deal with the challenges. They also need to be across trends and current industry practices. A trainer willing to kindly introduce you to the world of lashes and who can commit to mentoring you post-training is a person you want on your side.

6. Keep an Eye on the Class Sizes

When choosing a lash course, evaluate the size of the class

Often training classes have an overwhelming number of students for each session. Enquiring about the student-teacher ratio before enrolling in a class would be worth it. A large group of students may mean that the trainer cannot provide individual attention to the student's unique needs and queries. Ensure that you are enrolling in a small group for your training session to get good value for your money and effort.

 7. Balance Cost and Quality of the Lash Course

When looking for an eyelash extensions course, looking for reputed training would be more practical than looking for a cost-effective school. Training can cost anywhere from $200 - $10,000, and it's really up to you to decide what type of training will suit your needs.


The beginning is always NOW! Make the right start by choosing training that will show you the path. Eventually, it would be your journey to pursue and become an expert in your field. So, stay determined and focussed, and don't give up, and you will have a flourishing lashing career. Good Luck!

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