Today we are going to discuss how you are a lash artist, but you are also an entrepreneur! 

Whether you are running your business from home, loved by the locals, or a successful salon in an affluent area, it makes no difference to the professionalism you should operate with. The key to any sustainable business is not where you are located but the quality of services you offer. By having a retail corner dedicated to your aftercare products, you create the impression to your clients that you are an expert in your business and have the skills to educate them to look after their eyelashes in the right way by using your suggested products.  

Being an artist like yourself, you would know the effects an aesthetic display of products will have on your customers.  It builds trust in your clients as well as a recurring stream of revenue for your business. A carefully thought-out creative corner would add to the beauty of your salon and help you provide continued service to your clients. 

Let's look at some product display ideas you can spruce up your retail space in your salon.

How to display beauty products in your lash salon?

1. Plan the area

Prolong Lash's Resellers Product Display

Choosing the wrong place to display your products may be a deal-breaker. Treat this space as your 'other' business, which can generate a fair amount of  profit for your business. You will need to spend a considerable amount of time thinking through which area of your salon will be the focal point for exhibiting your aftercare products.  It could be either at the entrance of your salon or next to the reception counter, somewhere that grabs the client's attention when they walk in. It’s all about first impressions. As a lash technician, your clients will trust your recommendations and advice on aftercare products. So, make sure your area is clearly in their vision and easily accessible, because you sell these products, and have them on display, to encourage an “on-the-spot", spontaneous purchase.

2. Beautify the space

Lash Artists need to Beautify their Retail Space

As shallow as it may sound, outward appearance makes a big difference to one's buying habits. It is so important that you create an irresistible and inviting area to display your products. Keep the products dust-free and well stocked up; this can give the impression that your products are popular, and sales are regular. Always ensure your expiry dates are relevant and if you have an excess of one product, take half away so the customer’s perception is not that this one may not be a good selection. 

Work around a color theme, add fun elements to your décor, a lush plant or a quirky portrait on the wall, or interactive displays to help your customers peruse through the products without your assistance. The key is to create a pleasant shopping experience for them and one that has a “self-serve’ feel if it’s positioned in a waiting area.

3. Stack and Stock 'em up

Lash artists need to always stock their retail products

As the saying goes, eye level is buy level. Transparently put, keeping your products at eye level makes for a successful strategy to get your products sold. When your clients can get a touch and feel of the product that's closest to their eye level, chances are they are more likely to feel drawn to buy them. Keep testers and information flyers ready for them to try before they are 100% sure of their purchase. You may also want to reshuffle products regularly to lend your display a sense of freshness. Psychologically speaking, anything new tends to attract the human brain instantly. Changing the arrangement of your display is a great way to have your clients' attention. 

Sometimes a plethora of products on the shelves can be pretty overwhelming for clients. They may feel excited but also lost by the end of it. To make their search more manageable, sort products together. You may try combining the cleansers and cleanser packs together or the accessories together to assist them in making quicker buying decisions for the exact products they are interested in. 

4. Label them well

Label your lash products well

Every client is different and while you may encounter those who love asking questions about everything, others prefer to lie low and browse and observe at their own pace. Having attractively designed instructional notes or labels against each product provides both you and your customer with a sense of independence. While you are busy tending to one customer, it helps other prospective customers to understand the product’s benefits and decide if they need or want it. You may be able to guide them after they have wandered around and help with a little nudge by offering your expertise and knowledge to help them make that final commitment.

5. Special price displays 

All lash products need a price tag

Anything that is discounted or that has a special offer is always considered a bonus and provides the customer with a sense of value for money with your business. Carefully plan the discounts you want to offer so that it is strategic and doesn’t make the area look like a bargain basement! There are four kinds of psychological pricing- limited time to the offer, charm pricing (read $1.99, $39.99), innumeracy (buy one get one free, buy one get 50% off on the next, etc.) and font of the price (read $25 instead of $25.00). Experts say that these types of pricing work on the psychology of consumers. Giving them an effective product at a value they can't refuse for a good sales strategy. It also means that customers know how much everything is without having to ask, which can help with quicker decision-making.


Please ensure while you are amping up that retail space in your salon, you are careful not to be too pushy or aggressive. There is a real fine line between helpful and annoying, and we have all  experienced this feeling!  You want to build your client's trust and build a relationship to encourage them to become your lifetime loyal clients. Charm them, educate them, show them that you care and that the advice you are providing is helping them to take care of their lash investment. Eventually, this extension of your services will develop into the positive outcomes for your business that you have always desired.  

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